Push Notification Examples

75 Epic Push Notification Examples You Can Steal Right Now

Looking for push notification examples to get your audience hooked on your content?

Smart thinking!

The only problem is… it’s hard to find great ideas for push notification campaigns because they’re mentioned by marketing blogs as often as email marketing.

But anyone who’s used push notifications before knows for a fact that push notifications have way better click rates and open rates than email campaigns.

So, we thought we’d bring this problem to an end.

Here’s a list of 75+ push notification examples that you can rip off even if…

  • you’re starting out with push notifications and you haven’t launched a campaign yet
  • you’ve tried using push notification campaigns before and it simply didn’t work out for you
  • you’re a push campaign expert and you’re simply running out of ideas for your next campaign

PushEngage is one of the best push notification tools in the market. So, we have exclusive access to some of the most creative high-performing push notification examples out there.

Let’s dive in!

Push Notification Examples for News Sites and Publishers

As a regular content publisher, you can get a lot out of the sheer flexibility of push notifications. It’s perfect for news sites and publishers. There are so many actions you can use for your push notification campaigns.

Let’s take a look at some of the best push notification examples for news sites and publishers and what you can achieve in a few simple steps!

#1. Nudge Push Subscribers To Become Newsletter Subscribers

Using push notifications doesn’t mean that your email marketing becomes obsolete. 

In fact, you can use push notifications to get email opt-ins directly. Most automated email campaigns are based on list opt-in links. So, you can directly send opt-in links using push notifications.

Here’s a great example of this idea by Hearst:

Get Email Subscribers

If you click on ‘Subscribe,’ you get subscribed to their email newsletter.

Very nice!

#2. Get Even More Traffic With FOMO Notifications

You can generate more subscribers using the PushEngage Javascript API

One simple way is to integrate your social media accounts and create personalized notifications for your subscribers. 

Here’s an example: Your friends just read this news article. Have you seen it yet?

The idea is pretty simple. If one of your subscribers has a friend who just read an article, you let your subscriber know about it. This introduces a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) in your subscriber. And it’s a great way to generate more traffic quickly

#3. Delight Them With Real-time Updates

If you’re familiar with HubSpot’s flywheel, you’ll know that it’s not enough to attract, engage and convert. You also need to keep delighting your subscribers. 

Realtime push notification examples

Yes, this is used more often by news sites. But publishers can use it for their live events to great effect.

You don’t even have to be a massive authority site for this to be effective. Check out Tara’s healthy eats as they send out invites to a live event using push notifications:

Live Event Push Notification Example

#4. Use Browse Abandonment To Get Readers To Resume Reading

Browse abandonment campaigns can be used to ask readers to resume reading. You can tell readers who dropped off midway to read the full article and not miss out. 

Browse abandonment push notifications are awesome for news sites and publishers. The biggest challenge every news site and publisher needs to solve is audience engagement.

Article Browse Abandonment

Check out this article on browse abandonment email examples for some more inspiration.

#5. Send Content Recommendations

You can segment subs using URLs browsed to send personalized content recommendations.

Segmenting users means grouping subscribers together by their interest. With PushEngage, you can dynamically segment your subscribers and send them content that’s highly relevant to their interests.

Audience Segmentation for Personalized Push Notifications

For instance, you can automatically create a sales segment to send offers to subscribers who checked out your product pages. 

And then create a separate lead nurturing segment for subscribers browsing your blog content.

#6. Reactivate Dormant Subscribers

With PE, you can delete dormant subscribers to save money and resources. 

But before that, you can try to send out a personalized push notification to reactivate them before cleaning up the dormant subscribers. 

For many news sites and publishers, ad revenue from traffic is the primary source of revenue. If that’s you, reactivating your dormant subscribers can generate a lot of extra revenue in a very short time.

Content Recommendations

Pro-Tip: It’s never a good idea to depend on only one source of income from your content. If you’re relying heavily on ad revenue, check out this article on Google AdSense alternatives that can make you more money.

#7. Send Drip Campaigns To Sell Official Merch

Many news outlets, especially modern media outlets often have official merch. Of course, it’s probably not official merchandise for any of the news shows. Most likely, you want to sell merch from a popular series from a channel owned by your media network.

For instance, NBC sells Dunder Mifflin “World’s Best Boss” mugs on their official store:

Dunder Mifflin Merchandise

Sending out a simple drip push campaign, you can generate sales to support the business.

This is what it would look like:

Merchandise Push Notification example

You’re welcome, NBC!

For publishers, there’s almost always official merchandise and goodies for hardcore fans. This is especially true if they’re known to host summits, podcasts, and industry events. 

Search Engine Journal sends out email blasts pretty regularly to all their subscribers. One thing that they do a lot of is webinars and podcasts. Of course, they have their own merchandise as well, but here’s a push notification example for a podcast evite:

Webinar Push Notification Examples

You’re welcome too, SEJ! 

Maybe consider using PushEngage to send drip push notification campaigns?

#8. Send Drip Campaigns To Become Premium Members

For many news platforms, especially with websites that offer industry news, their primary source of income is advertising spots. But way too many readers use ad blockers. So, platforms such as Fox News have premium memberships.

Drip Campaigns To Get Premium Members

Very cool!

#9. Send Drip Campaigns To Get Donations

Many journalistic platforms aren’t funded by giant corporations or political parties. So, these platforms run on independent donations. In fact, this is valid for a non-profit publishing site such as Wikipedia as well.

In the US alone, Movember saw a 220% increase in donations on Android, and a 374% increase in donations on iOS:

Drip Campaigns To Get Donations

So, you can use push notifications to get donations to run the site.

#10. Send Out Third-party Promos To Subscribers

For publishers, affiliate offers are an important source of revenue. You can run push campaigns for affiliate products with ease.

Many news sites promote books, courses, and products. 

These promos aren’t necessarily affiliate links. Even so, how well these promos work add to the site’s authority and push notifications can generate a lot of interest to the original article.

#11. Win Back Unsubscribers

Anyone who has done email marketing in the past knows that unsubscribes are a real challenge. In fact, companies like HubSpot that thrive on email marketing suffer from unsubscribes enough to create win back campaigns. 

Using push notifications, you can send out a simple campaign to try and win back unsubscribers. Basically, it’s the exact opposite of a welcome push notification.

Even better, you can actually enable smart re-subscription for your PushEngage account.

This feature automatically resubscribes people who unsubscribed from your push notifications but are still visiting your content.

#12. Send Out Ebooks and Courses to Improve Engagement

More often than not, readers don’t want to subscribe to the email newsletter. 

In such cases, push notifications that offer ebooks and other lead magnets can help increase the audience engagement without them needing to give up their email addresses. 

Send Out Ebooks and Courses

At a later stage, when the subscriber is more deeply engaged, you can send them push notifications that convince them to opt in for the newsletter.

For many independent publishers, courses are a great way to boost revenue and engagement. Sometimes, publishers will even launch free ebooks and courses to improve their audience engagement and authority.

Push Notification Examples for eCommerce Sites

Most eCommerce sites struggle to get off the ground because there are LOADS of marketing challenges.

You’ll be dealing with:

  • Browse abandonment;
  • Cart abandonment;
  • Getting product reviews;
  • Increasing order values;
  • Low engagement rates;

And more.

Thankfully, eCommerce push notifications can help you automate most of these processes.

Let’s take a look at how that works.

#1. Get More Sales With Social Proof

Adding social proof to your messages can result in a lot more sales.

One great use is to get people to buy products on their wishlist.

Take a look at this example right here:

Social Proof With Push Notifications

This simple notification can again trigger the FOMO in your customers and push them to buy a product that they already want.

#2. Welcome Offers and Discounts

Take a look at this really cool welcome offer by Korner.space:

Welcome Offer Push Notification Campaign

The welcome offer is your first interaction with your customers outside your own website. So, make it a good one with a nice offer that makes your customers feel valued.

#3. Browse Abandonment to Get More Products Added to Cart

Browse abandonment is when your customers browsed a product or category, but didn’t actually buy anything. They didn’t even add anything to their cart.

Where others say challenge, we say opportunity. Check out this cool browse abandonment campaign by Brightdeal:

Browse Abandonment to Sell More Products

The push notification gives customers an incentive to buy something that they already like in the first place.

#4. Cart Abandonment Campaigns for More Sales

Cart abandonment is a serious problem for almost every eCommerce site under the sun. A quick notification can often nudge customers to buy something that they added to their cart and forgot about completely.

Cart Abandonment Push Notification Examples

If you’re suffering from cart abandonment too, this article on ways to reduce cart abandonment

Trust us when we say it, cart abandonment campaigns can improve your sales by a huge margin. In fact, WickedWeasel makes $2,000-4,000 a week from their cart abandonment campaigns.

#5. Personalized Shopping Recommendations Using Segmentation

One of the best things about using push notifications for marketing campaigns is the level of personalization you can use. PushEngage allows you to create focused campaigns through interest-based customer segments.

Take a look at this example by Todaydeal:

Personalized Shopping Recommendations Using Segmentation

Very cool… Especially if you’re interested in mobile phones.

#6. Price Drop/Inventory Alert Campaigns

A while back, we created a resource on some of the most high-converting push notification campaigns ever. Check out the campaign templates if you haven’t already.

Spoiler Alert: One of the most powerful campaigns across all our customers are price drop campaigns and inventory alert campaigns.

Like this one:

Price Drop Alert Push Notification Example

If you’re new to eCommerce push notification campaigns, you should definitely check out this article on how to create price drop alerts

It’s a real life saver.

While you’re at it, you should also check out how to create an inventory alert to notify your customers that their favorite product is going out of stock.

#7. Recurring Notifications and Habit Loops for Weekend Sales

Ever wonder why newsletters are weekly or monthly?

Ideally, a company should only send out a newsletter when it has… you know, NEWS to share.

But that’s not what happens. Instead, they get you addicted to habit loops. Habit loops are exactly what they sound like: It’s a recurring event that you’ve formed a habit of expecting.

Like a newsletter.

Check out this incredible notification:

Recurring Notifications and Habit Loops for Weekend Sales

By itself, it’s just a sale. But if that’s a weekend sale that comes on every weekend with a different offer, that’s exciting.

And you can create your own weekend sale pretty easily using PushEngage’s push notification scheduling.

#8. Personalized Push Notifications for More Clicks

You’ve already seen examples of personalized messaging through audience segmentation. Now, it’s time to take a giant leap forward.

Check out this notification:

Abandoned Cart Notification Concept

Notice the name in there? It’s not a random notification sent out in bulk. No, it’s addressed directly to Julie.

Very cool, right? You can do this too using the PushEngage Javascript API.

#9. Cross-Sell Using Trigger Campaigns

Cross-selling is one of the easiest ways to increase the order value for any customer. Cross-selling is when you ask a customer to buy a related product to the one they’re already buying. 

Typically, the original product and the suggested product are within the same price range.

Of course, you can trigger a cross-selling campaign like Gadgetsdeal does:

Cross-Selling Push Notification Example

Everytime someone adds a mobile phone to their cart, Gadgetsdeal cross-sells a power bank with an additional discount. It’s a great deal for the customer and Gadgetsdeal instantly makes more money with a single notification!

#10. Gamifying the Experience with User Achievements

This is where things get really fancy.

Here’s something cool: You can customize your campaigns to any extent using our API.

Check out this epic idea by Jabong:

Gamifying the Experience with User Achievements

They’re sending out notifications for different levels of customer engagement. It’s essentially a rewards-based loyalty program… but gamified!

So, while the customer spends big bucks at Jabong, it feels like they’re participating in a game. 

And yes, the rewards are typically discounts or cashbacks. But the average consumer just wants somewhere to belong. Unlocking a new level makes them feel like a champion in their own life.

Very slick!

#11. Send Out Group Offers and Coupons

Groupon holds a record for the fastest company to become a unicorn startup.

And they did it by simply offering group offers.

FortyEightEast is doing it:

Group Offer Push Notification

What’s stopping you?

#12. Run Limited-Time-Only Contests and Offers

Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned contest.

Take a look at this one in action:

Run Limited-Time-Only Contests and Offers

Of course, this one’s pretty basic. But you can do a lot more if you like. We suggest using RafflePress to create your own giveaways and contests. RafflePress is the #1 WordPress contest marketing plugin.

So, get creative and don’t forget to use your push notifications to let people know about it!

#13. Create Holiday Campaigns

“Chocolate balls and chicken curry…

Ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!

Bring the next plate Santa, hurry…

Ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!”

If you’re not sure what just happened, that was a Christmas carol by Scooby Doo and Shaggy!

While it’s not a beloved childhood memory, Xstokt does a pretty good job with their Christmas sale push notification here:

Create Holiday Campaigns


And yes, you can create holiday campaigns for internet holidays too.

#14. Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

Listening to customer feedback will save your bacon more times than you know.

Peachmode does this pretty nicely:

Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

That’s such a cute notification… 

With the tiny lady waiting to hear from you and everything!

Check out this article if you’d like to get product reviews for your eCommerce store.

Push Notification Examples for Agencies

It’s not just product companies who can benefit from push notification campaigns. Agencies need an easy way to create campaigns for their clients and if that’s you, this next section is going to be epic.

#1. Recover Leads with Form Abandon Reminders

Every agency lives on signup forms. And if that’s you, we highly recommend checking out WPForms to create advanced forms that don’t get hacked and don’t break down.

Oh, and since we have you right here, check out this form abandonment reminder by Casper (the mattress company, not the friendly ghost):

Casper Abandoned Cart

A form abandonment campaign gets triggered when a subscriber stopped halfway through filling up any form. This could be an email opt-in or in this case, a purchase order.

Nice, right?

#2. Nurture Your Website Visitors Into Becoming Viable Leads

One of the most important tasks that all agencies must do is collect leads. And then, convert them into customers.

Using PushEngage, you can create segments to follow up with prospects and convert them into paying customers over time:

Nurture Your Website Visitors

The best part is that you can personalize your follow-up notifications at scale so that it doesn’t sound sales-y or templated.

#3. Send Out Drip Campaigns to Close Prospects

Speaking of follow ups, you can even send out a sequence of automated push notifications called drip notifications.

Drip Campaigns to Close Prospects

It’s just like an automated email campaign, but for push notifications.

If you’ve never set up automatic drip campaigns before, you should check out this article on automated campaigns that make money while you sleep.

#4. Create Drip Campaigns to Onboard New Clients

A really common way to use drip campaigns is to create onboarding sequences for new clients. 

Here’s an example of onboarding campaigns for a banking app:

Drip Campaigns to Onboard New Clients

Of course, this example is for an app push notification and not a web push notification. But you get the idea. You can even do the same thing for your own clients.

By setting clear expectations early on, you can get a lot done without any useless meetings.

The best part is that it’s completely automated.

#5. Send Loyalty Rewards and Offers

We’ve already seen a similar concept for eCommerce sites. 

But hey, you can do the same thing for your clients or even your own agency.

It rarely matters what industry you’re in. Every customer appreciates being appreciated. Just take a look at this example by Rosetta Coffee:

Loyalty Rewards and Offers

Now imagine that you’re a boutique marketing agency. How cool would it be if you could send out notifications like this to your clients? Or even for your clients?

#6. Invite Prospects and Clients to Webinars and Live Events

Webinars are pretty common for most agencies. They help set expectations, pitch new ideas, and even ask for referrals.

A simple way to conduct your webinars or live events is to create an invite link and send it out using your push notifications. In fact, this is exactly what got Charlton Athletic Football Club hooked to push notifications.

So, what’s stopping you?

#7. Send Periodic Meeting Reminders

The beauty of push notifications is that it’s a tool that automates boring things that you have to do every day.

Chances are you already use Google Calendar or some other calendar tool to manage your meetings:

Send Periodic Meeting Reminders

But we all know how easy it is to miss those notifications. 

Maybe you hit the snooze button by accident and now you’re not getting the notifications anymore. Or worse, you’re using a browser like Brave that requires you to explicitly accept push notifications every time you restart your PC.

A better way may be to create app push notifications for your meetings.

#8. Send Status Updates for Maintenance and Support Tickets

Oooh, this one’s super important.

If you’ve ever used any maintenance or support software, you probably remember some ticket that needed urgent attention… But absolutely no one was on call.

So, enabling push notifications for high-priority tickets can be the difference between losing a customer and retaining them for another year.

#9. Birthday, Anniversary, and Other Milestone Offers

While most agencies think of birthdays and anniversaries as HR-related stuff, the truth is that you can really use these dates to pitch something new.

Milestones are a great time to reward people with:

  • Gifts
  • Coupons
  • Reward points
  • Loyalty points
  • Bonuses

And more.

It’s also a great time to send out winning sales promotion offers.

The best part is that you can completely automate this process for all your clients and employees using push notifications.

#10. Send Renewal Payment Reminders

If you’re running an agency of any kind, you know how awkward it is to keep asking your clients for renewals every month. And this is going to happen no matter what kind of agency you run. You’ll always have clients who are late on their invoices.

So, what can you do?

You can hook your CRM up with custom push notifications that send out renewal reminders every month to all your clients. Just like this one:

Billing Reminder Push Notification

Simple, right? 

In fact, this is something that all SaaS companies use as well. So, most of your clients will be very familiar with this sort of message.

#11. Spread Some Holiday Cheer to Your Clients

Again, we’ve already seen how Christmas offers work for eCommerce sites. You can use the same principle for your agency clients.

The idea is simple: Everyone spends a lot during the holiday season. If you can hit your clients with a nice offer, it’s highly likely that they’ll buy something from you.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to have an offer. You can just create something nice for the holiday season and remind your clients why they chose you in the first place.

Here’s an example by RAPP Worldwide:

RAPP Holiday Card 2019

It’s a video holiday card. But it’s so cool! And you can actually send this out using iOS app push notifications.

Push Notification Examples for Travel Portals

Travel portals and curators are huge right now and if you’re running one, kudos to you!

There are so many reasons why we love travel portals. One of the biggest reasons is that travel portals always put the customer’s experience first.

And that’s a really healthy attitude to have for all your push notifications.

So, let’s take a look at the different push notification ideas you can use for your travel portal.

#1. Send Booking Reminders

Booking reminders are a great way to stay in touch with your customers without being annoying.

Take a look at this example:

Booking Reminder Push Notification

Sure, this example is a text message, but you can do the exact same thing using push notifications as well.

#2. Welcome Offers and Discounts

You probably get a ton of new signups and bookings every day.

In such a scenario, it can be pretty difficult to offer a personal touch…

Unless you’re using an automated welcome offer like Airbnb does:

AirBnb Push Notification Example

And it’s so easy to create a welcome offer using push notifications.

So, go ahead and give it a whirl!

#3. Browse Abandonment to Get Browsers to Book a Tour

We’ve already talked about browse abandonment as a way to sell more products. So, why shouldn’t you use it to sell travel packages?

Here’s one by Virgin Trains:

Browse Abandonment to Get Browsers to Book a Tour

Very cool!

#4. Cart Abandonment Campaigns to Sell More Travel Packages

Of course, travel is not a quick, impulsive decision for most people.

And there are probably hundreds of people who look into a bunch of travel packages, add it to their cart, and never buy the package. So, naturally, there will be abandoned carts in every travel portal.

If you’re running a travel portal, check out this cart abandonment email by TAP Portugal:

Cart Abandonment Campaigns to Sell More Travel Packages

And as always, you can use push notifications to do the same thing. In fact, this email is structured pretty much like a push notification. So, you can pretty much steal this template!

#5. Personalized Travel Recommendations

There are so many layers to personalized push notifications.

For travel portals, it can be anything from personalizing your travel experience to sending out reminders of your itinerary. This can even be geolocation-based push notifications such as this one:

Personalized Travel Recommendations

Very cool!

#6. Increased Prices and Remaining Tickets Alert

Ever seen flight tickets alerts?

You know, with atrocious prices for the last remaining ticket?

Increased Prices and Remaining Tickets Alert

Yeah, you can send push notifications like that too.

#7. Send Out Group Offers and Coupons

Road trip!

Yes, yes, with friends (or family, or your significant other). 

Like this one by Groupon Getaways:

Send Out Group Offers and Coupons

And it’s really so simple to send out a push notification promoting your trending packages.

Groupon doesn’t seem to be doing it yet, but they really should. 

How about you?

#8. Run Limited-Time-Only Offers

Boom! Instant offer for your travel portal:

Run Limited-Time-Only Offers

OK, that’s a popup. In fact, that’s a countdown timer popup if we’re being technical. And if you’re running a travel portal, you should be running those too. Countdown timer popups convert really well and you can set one up pretty easily.

Check out this article on some of the best popup examples for more inspiration.

Then, create a push notification out of this as well

It’s really simple to do. You can even create a drip push notification campaign to follow up with your subscribers until the campaign expires.

#9. Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the life-blood of the entire hospitality industry.

One bad review can crash a booming business overnight if you don’t handle it well. What’s even worse for a travel portal is a location with absolutely no reviews.

Good news: There’s a very simple way to change this. You can send out customer feedback push notification campaigns.

Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

Check out this article on ways to get more reviews from your customers. The ideas in this article will definitely help your travel portal get more business and love from customers.

#10. Send Loyalty Rewards and Offers

Expedia does a great job of rewarding its customers for using their service.

Send Travel Loyalty Rewards and Offers

A cool way to make the rewards feel even more real is to use push notifications for milestones achieved. Seeing the notification makes users want to take action immediately or redeem the points soon so that they don’t expire.

#11. Birthday, Anniversary, and Other Milestone Offers

Speaking of milestones, you should also reward your customers with birthday offers.

Sure, you can get away with an email greeting, but take a look at this:

Birthday, Anniversary, and Other Milestone Offers

Wouldn’t you want to see this on your birthday?

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a travel package. You could even give your customers free company swag or even offer a discount on other merchandise.

It could even be an Amazon gift coupon!

And you can create triggered notifications to automatically send birthday presents to all your customers.

#12. Drip Campaigns to Get Holiday Bookings Ahead of Time

Holiday season = Lots of stress.

There’s always way too much to do and you can bet that there will be mistakes with your campaigns. And the more channels you use to bring in traffic and sales, the more pressure you will be under.

The most stressful part is getting to your customers before your competitors can.

So, one of the simplest ways to deal with the holiday season is to get everything done well ahead of time. You can actually schedule your drip campaigns well ahead of time.

#13. Nearby Places to Explore Based On Geolocations

We’ve already spoken about personalized notifications. Now, you can take it one step further by offering nearby places to visit based on your customer’s geolocation.

Here’s one by the food app Ritual:

Nearby Places to Explore Based On Geolocations

You can actually promote a lot of partners and premium vendors using this idea.

Very cool!

#14. Trigger Campaigns for Increased Engagement

Trigger campaigns are super flexible push notifications that get triggered when your subscribers take a specific action.

For instance, Sephora sends out this amazing notification when their subscribers step into an airport (or out of one):

Trigger Campaigns for Increased Engagement

Of course, it’s incredibly engaging. Wouldn’t you like you users to be that engaged?

Speaking of which, you should also check out this article on gaining daily active users on your site using push notifications. And then, use the ideas to create your own engagement campaigns.

#15. Gamifying the Experience with User Achievements

Peachmode created a campaign with a leaderboard for their top buyers. And they turned it into a complete contest. 

Take a look:

Peachmode Engagement Campaign

The best part was how many sales this one campaign generated.

Can you think of a way to use the same idea for travel portals?

#16. Reactivate Dormant Subscribers

We’ve already discussed how important it is to keep your customers engaged. You also need to keep your subscribers interested in your content.

Perhaps something like this will help:

Reactivate Dormant Subscribers

And if it sounds interesting, you should also check out this article on automated push notifications that sell while you sleep.

#17. Sending Journey Prompts On Mobile Devices

One of the best examples of journey prompts is probably by Google Maps:

Sending Journey Prompts On Mobile Devices

Of course, when you’re stuck in traffic, this is the most helpful kind of notification. But you can send custom notifications about nearby places to visit as well.

#18. Last Minute Ticket Deals for Nearby Events and Activities

Imagine getting last minute deals for a Taylor Swift concert when you’re on a London tour. 

Feels great, right?

Of course, you don’t have to necessarily offer such incredible deals for your customers. But it would certainly be a nice touch.

An alternative is to send a push notification like this one:

Last Minute Ticket Deals for Nearby Events and Activities

Still hung up on the Taylor Swift concert? You should go with that one, then!

#19. Send A Weather Forecast and Tips

The worst possible feeling is to run into bad weather when you’re pumped up for a trip. You spent ages working up to that two-week vacation from work, you saved up for months for the dream trip to Goa, and you end up getting soaked in the rains.

Not cool.

That’s where a push notification like this one becomes super-memorable:

Send A Weather Forecast and Tips

And you can set up campaigns like this one using real-time trigger notifications.

Push Notification Examples for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies need engaged users like…

Well, like they need our push notifications. Frankly, we’ve seen incredible growth in subscribers from SaaS startups.

And you don’t have to be hip, trendy, and cool to do it either.

Let’s check out some epic push notification examples.

#1. Get More Sales With Social Proof

Nothing beats social validation before making a purchase.

Swarm does this really well with their push notification:

Get More Sales With Social Proof

And if this idea seems interesting, you should also check out this article for more examples of social proof you can use.

#2. SaaS Welcome Offers and Discounts

Everyone loves to be welcome at the club. You can offer the same experience to your customers using welcome offers and discounts like this one:

SaaS Welcome Offers and Discounts

Of course, you can use the same idea for SaaS products.

#3. Browse Abandonment to Get Browsers to Book a Demo Call

Typically, eCommerce sites use browse abandonment campaigns to sell their products. For instance, here’s an example by Smartwool:


This notification got triggered when the customer searched for something on their site search and then bounced away. It’s a very nicely done campaign.

Here’s the trick: You can set up browse abandonment campaigns for SaaS products as well.

Whenever a subscriber visits your product or feature pages, but doesn’t check out your pricing page, it’s pretty likely that they didn’t really understand the product fully or how it can help them. You can send them a notification and try to get them on a demo call.

And if you need some inspiration, check out these browse abandonment examples that you can rip off today.

#4. Send Content Recommendations

Content recommendations are a great way to engage with your subscribers and eventually turn them into paying customers. In several cases, you can also use content recommendations to help users see why they should upgrade their account.

Platforms such as Spotify send content recommendations pretty much every day:

Spotify Send Content Recommendations

But you don’t have to necessarily be Spotify to send content recommendations.

Foursquare has a great example for you to follow:

Foursquare Send Content Recommendations

Start creating customer segments and send out personalized content recommendations today.

#5. Reactivate Dormant SaaS Subscribers

And we are back to talking about how important it is to get ALL your subscribers engaged. Tinder does a great job of managing this problem. People strike out on Tinder all the time. So, when they send you this notification:

Reactivate Dormant Subscribers

It’s a great nudge for you to get back in the game.

Again, this is just an idea. You don’t necessarily have to run a dating app to be able to re-engage your inactive subscribers.

Pro-Tip: If you’re really struggling with inactive subscribers, you can always delete them from your list and focus only on the people who enjoy your content.

#6. Focus On Offering A Great User Onboarding Experience

User onboarding is the biggest problem that all UI/UX designers are trying to solve nowadays.

  • How do we make things interesting?
  • How do we make onboarding easy?
  • Is it too boring?
  • Is it too confusing?

Here’s the thing: We learned that user onboarding is a matter of follow through with very specific steps.

So, we created this little template for SaaS onboarding:

template for SaaS onboarding

You’re welcome!

#7. Set Up Weekend Sales

Ever heard of the tripwire?

Ryan Diess, the legendary marketing coach, came up with this idea of a tripwire in marketing.

Let’s say your product is a $500 product. That’s a big commitment for any customer. But then again, a $500 product will likely solve a pretty big problem for the customer.

So, is there a smaller problem you can solve for them? 

Something that’s worth $10? Or $75?

You should lead with that. That’s your tripwire. 

Once your customers see that the $75 product was definitely worth it, they’ll be happy to invest $500 with you.

And that’s where weekend sales come into the picture.

You can set up a weekend sale for your tripwire and rack up some sales on the side while nurturing your customers to buy something bigger down the line.

The best part? You can automate it completely using push notification scheduling.

#8. Automate Black Friday and Other Holiday Sales

This is an extension of the last idea. Yes, you can automate selling your tripwires every weekend. But why stop there?

You can automate the biggest sales every year using push notifications.

Think: Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Even Valentine’s week!

Check out this example by Astra:

Automate Black Friday and Other Holiday Sales

And it’s so easy to create an entire push notification campaign around this.

What’s stopping you?

#9. Cart Abandonment Campaigns to Sell More

By now, you already know that cart abandonment is a pretty common problem. And setting up cart abandonment campaigns can help you sell a ton more.

The only roadblock is a nice example. So, here’s one for you right now:

Cart Abandonment Campaigns to Sell More

Set up your own cart abandonment push notification campaign today.

#10. Trigger Campaigns for Increased Engagement

You can automatically trigger push notifications and increase your audience engagement.

The best part? If you do it right, it’ll never feel like  some boilerplate mass messaging campaign. Netflix does this really well and everyone loves their notifications:

Push Notification Examples that Work

Very cool!

#11. Send Out Limited Time Offers

Let’s make this fun. Of course, you can send out deals and discounts as limited time offers. But you don’t necessarily have to.

Here, check this out:

Send Out Limited Time Offers

It’s still a limited time offer. For one month, you can tune in to this epic curated list of musical singles. And iHeartRadio didn’t even have to dish out a discount. It’s not even a purchase. But they sure got a lot of clicks for that one!

#12. Send Out Ebooks and Courses to Improve Engagement

Digital products are a really safe choice. There’s very little investment in creating one. You could probably give them away in exchange for email addresses.

Here’s a cool example:

Send Out Ebooks and Courses to Improve Engagement

Naturally, you’ll want to send your customers something that’s relevant to your industry. But you get the gist.

#13. Send Renewal Reminder Notifications

Most SaaS products operate on either monthly or yearly billing cycles.

So, automating the billing process with reminders can be super helpful.

Pay a little extra attention to the call-to-action buttons here. You can even get permission to remind the customer later. This way, it’s not annoying and fewer people will ignore the notification altogether.

#14. Generate Reviews and Customer Feedback

The SaaS industry is one of the fastest growing segments anywhere in the world. The reason for that is customer feedback. Unlike other consumer segments, you can actually implement your customer feedback very quickly in most cases.

So, listening to what the users want is really important.

If you’re not getting a lot of feedback organically, just ask:

Reviews and Customer Feedback

Again, offering the option to click on ‘Later’ is a cool idea. It saves your notification from getting right-swiped.

#15. Nudge Push Subscribers To Become Newsletter Subscribers

It constantly surprises us how few people actually think of combining email marketing and push notifications. It’s not a “one or the other” kind of deal.

You should absolutely use both channels to communicate.

Fox news creates exclusive content for each channel. You should too. That gives your customers a reason to subscribe to email, push notifications, and maybe even your YouTube channel.

#16. Send Status Updates for Maintenance and Support Tickets

We’ve already spoken about managing customer support tickets using prioritized push notifications. In fact, that’s something you can achieve using app push notifications.

App push notifications for Android use a method of creating Channels to group different types of notifications. For instance, you can use different channels to send transactional, promotional, and sponsored notifications. This way, if a customer disables promotional notifications, they can still receive transactional notifications that are super important.

You can use the same idea for prioritizing support tickets as well.

#17. Win Back Unsubscribers

A while back, we launched an epic new feature.

Let’s say someone unsubscribes from your push notifications but they still visit your site to look at your content. That’s a clear indication that they like your content. But they don’t really like the push notifications you keep sending them.

If you’re a PushEngage customer, then those readers will get automatically resubscribed to your push notifications

Just make sure to send them more relevant content next time, eh? Try segmenting your subscribers by interest. That always works like a charm.

Or, you can create a win-back campaign like this one:

Win Back Unsubscribers

Very cool.

#18. Create Drip Automations to Sell Clubbed Offers

Lots of SaaS startups have multiple products. A really smart way to sell a bunch of those products is to create clubbed offers.

It’s very simple. Just create a combo offer on your website (or app) and promote the combo using push notifications instead of a single product.

You see this pretty often on eCommerce sites:

BOGO Push Notification Examples

Why not use it for a SaaS product combo instead?

#19. Send Drip Campaigns To Sell Official Merch

Everyone loves swag.

ShoutMeLoud used push notifications to push their own swag:

Send Drip Campaigns To Sell Official Merch

Where’s yours?

Wrapping Up

That’s all for this one, folks.

You just went through a lot of incredible ideas. Now, it’s time to start creating your own campaigns.

You should start creating your own push notification campaigns using PushEngage. PushEngage is the #1 push notification software in the world. Every idea you saw in this article, you can recreate using PushEngage.

Heck, you could even come up with your own ideas.

So, if you haven’t already, get started with PushEngage today!

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22 comments on “75 Epic Push Notification Examples You Can Steal Right Now

  1. Wow! My head is exploding from excitement. First, I now know what these little popups I started getting asked about on some site actually are, and second, I am overwhelmed by the potential here!!! I love that it is not just the same old boring email subscribe popup over and over. With these ideas, it can always be something fresh and different for my site visitors. Thank you!

  2. Great article.
    I had a preconception on the subject but in reality, if done well, it can be very effective. Thank you !

    1. That’s a really good question, Elijah. Push notifications don’t help you bring in new traffic. Push notifications help you solve a very different problem. The longer you work on a site, the more you realize that the bulk of your visitors only use your site one time (unless you’re running a subscription business). Push campaigns help you engage with your existing audience and increase your repeat traffic. Most visitors rarely buy anything on the first visit. And even if they do, it’s hard to keep in touch with them to cross-sell or upsell other offers. With push campaigns, you can engage and sell to your repeat traffic on autopilot. It’s the same principle as growing an email list.

      If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend running a giveaway. Or, use a survey to figure out what kind of content your audience actually loves. If you’re just starting out, the survey route is way more effective than analytics software.

    1. I can understand that, Elijah. The reality is that push notifications are still super underused by most businesses. That’s what makes them awesome because your competitors likely aren’t using them. I don’t recommend creating all the campaigns mentioned in this article all at once. Instead, a better method would be to select a single campaign and use the ideas in the article to come up with a good offer. Maybe try creating a welcome push campaign? It’s super easy to create and there are so many different offers you can create to get some quick success.

  3. Those are some really great ideas of using push notifications on the site. Would really lovee to explore them.

  4. While I appreciate the time it went into making this article I would consider making a matching video at the top of the article. The article has great ideas but a bit overwhelming when you first land on the page.

    1. Thanks, Daniel. That’s really good feedback. I’ll see what I can do about it. The article is meant to help you come up with campaign and offer ideas of your own. If you’re creating push campaigns for the first time, it can be difficult to find inspiration for your own campaigns. I’d recommend starting with a single campaign type and trying different offer ideas to find out what works the best with your audience. Hope that helps!

  5. Wow. This is the never ending menu of ways to use push notifications. I don’t see them very often. Dumb question: like popups, can you control carefully who sees them?

  6. I started using push notifications on my website along with a countdown timer and it’s helped a lot with conversions for things I’m promoting!

  7. Wonderful article! I had some initial assumptions about this topic, but it turns out that if executed properly, giveaways or contests can be highly effective. Thank you for shedding light on this

  8. Frankly It was unrealistic to finish the list ^^ 75 is just too many examples.
    But I did find what I needed 🙂 so that’s what matters.

  9. Thanks for the link to this great article! I didn’t know that there are so many possible ways to notify and keep in the loop! I’ll definitely keep these ideas in mind!

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