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How To Automatically Segment Your Subscribers For Targeted Web Push Notifications


Now you can automatically segment your subscribers in PushEngage, and then send them targeted notifications. Targeted Push Notifications lead to higher Click Through Rates, and low unsubscribe rates, and are a good experience for your website visitor. We wrote earlier…
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How To Implement Web Push Notifications Using PushEngage on Magento Sites


If you would like to Install PushEngage on a Magento site, please go ahead and follow the steps below. For HTTP websites:  Log on the administrator panel of your Magento Dashboard. From the side menu. Select STORES>Configuration 3. In the…
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Web Push Notifications for Content Sites: What, Why & How


If you run a content site, you might be looking to increase the traffic to your website. Current algorithm changes with Facebook have impacted the organic traffic from social channels, and the ad blockers have impacted the ad revenue for…
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