Getting Started#


PushEngage is a push notification platform for websites. This API documentation provides instructions on how to use Rest APIs and JavaScript APIs.
There are only two requirements for using the PushEngage APIs.

  • You need to have a PushEngage account.
  • You need the PushEngage Javascript installed on your website.

Pre Requirement for Rest APIs

The PushEngage REST APIs is very easy to use, and you will need two things to get started:

  • Your PushEngage API Key, which is located on the PushEngage dashboard under Settings → Get API Key.
  • A computer to make curl calls.

API Key#

API key allows you to access PushEngage service. When you sign up for PushEngage service, you will be provided with a unique API key, that can be found under Settings in PushEngage dashboard.


Sample API Key : "hdjhjxI3V5H4FVSFme1UlHN1d1OK59tQbcjh".

Supported Browsers#

PushEngage currently supports web push in the following browsers:


  • Chrome on Mac OS X
  • Chrome on Windows
  • Chrome on Linux
  • Chrome on Android


  • Firefox on Mac OS X
  • Firefox on Windows
  • Firefox on Linux


  • Safari on Mac OS X