[Announcement] – Intelligent A/B Testing, Smart Resubscribe, and More!

At PushEngage, we hate settling for something good. If we make something good, we always HAVE to double down and make it even better.

And that’s exactly what we did! We have some killer updates, and you definitely want to read this article. Here’s a sneak peek at what we just launched this month:

  • Intelligent A/B testing
  • Resubscribe unsubscribers when they revisit your site
  • Delete inactive subscribers twice a month
  • WordPress plugin compatibility update
  • Brand new website and blog

And, there’s a nice little surprise waiting for you at the end of this post. So, remember to read till the end!

These are all super-exciting updates for all of us at PushEngage and most of them will help you boost your traffic and conversions even while you sleep.

We’re confident that once you understand what these features are, you’ll be just as excited as we are. So, let’s just dive right in and explore these brand new features.

Updates To Drive MORE Conversions

1. Intelligent A/B Testing

A/B testing has always been done the same way for PushEngage. We send 50% of your selected audience version A and the remaining 50% gets version B.

The interesting part is that almost every major push notifications vendor in the market does the exact same thing. And it works. A/B testing is an absolute life-saver for large campaigns.

But we knew that we could make it even better.

The old way to A/B test your notifications was effective in the long run. In the long run, you get to know a lot about what kind of content your audience likes. But with a 50-50 split, there’s a real chance that the wrong half is getting the wrong notification.

So, we developed a new way. A better way.

Our new Intelligent A/B Testing sends out both notifications to a small sample audience first. Then, based on which one works best, it automatically sends out the better version to everyone else on your subscriber list.

Let’s take a quick look at a real example.

For this example, we’re going to test our notifications for 10% of our total audience. So, we’ll set the Sample Size to 10%.

This means that the A/B test happens for 10% of your total audience. The remaining 90% gets the notification that performs better in the A/B test.

Neat, eh?

Of course, you can always change the Sample Size to anything you want. We don’t recommend using a sample size of less than 10% because the results for a tiny sample can be misleading.

Intelligent A/B testing will help you use your push notifications more effectively. But even more importantly, this single update helps you convert more subscribers from the same push notification.

2. Smart Resubscribe

Smart resubscribe is a very simple and effective way to boost your conversions. 

The idea is very simple. 

If someone doesn’t open your push notifications but still visits your site, it’s obvious that they still care about your content. They may not want the kind of notifications that you’ve been sending them previously, but they still want to hear from you.

So, if you deleted an inactive subscriber, you can get them to re-subscribe automatically. Instead of having them jump through hoops, they’ll get resubscribed without any opt-in popup. This happens as soon as they visit your website.

Here’s the best part:

You don’t have to do anything at all! The Smart Resubscribe is an automated feature that’s available to everyone with a PushEngage account.

We’re 100% sure that this will help you generate more traffic and conversions by winning back unsubscribers on autopilot.

Updates to Save MORE Money

1. Delete Inactive Subscribers Twice a Month

As things stand, PushEngage isn’t just one of the best web push notifications brands in the market. We’re also way more affordable than our biggest competitors.

Why? Simple… We believe in giving every business owner a chance to compete with the biggest names in their industry.

In that spirit, there’s always an option to help you save even more money!

That’s why we’ve introduced an option for everyone to delete their inactive subscribers twice a month. We’re sure that every business has some subscribers that never click and never open your notifications.

Of course, there’s a chance that you’re sending them the wrong notifications. In that case, we suggest you try out the new Intelligent A/B Testing for higher open rates and more clicks. 

There’s also a real possibility that your notifications were not responsive and the browser stopped showing them. For a situation like that, segmenting your users can boost conversions and open rates for your notifications by a huge margin.

But it’s likely that these people are inactive because they simply aren’t the right audience for your business.

That’s exactly why we’re giving you the option to delete these subscribers and save your PushEngage resources. This way, you can send notifications to people who are definitely interested in your content.

Updates that Help Us Keep Up With Everyone Else

1. WordPress Plugin Compatibility Update

That’s right, folks! Our WordPress plugin is now 100% compatible with WordPress 5.7.

WordPress 5 has been rolling out one mean update after another and we’re not about to sit still and become obsolete.

Updating your WordPress core is a really good practice. It patches all the big security vulnerabilities of the previous version and gives you new features to play with.

So, we did some testing, drank way too many cups of coffee, and we finally did it!

We are now 100% compatible with WordPress 5.7. 

2. Brand New Website and Blog

We’re super-excited about this one.

To be clear, this isn’t our surprise. Our surprise is in the ‘What Else’ section of this post. 

If you haven’t already, please check out our new website. Don’t worry, we still have the old content. So, nothing’s missing. You can still find your favorite resources on push notifications.

Truth be told, this update is mostly about us going, “Look how pretty!”

And it really is pretty!

Not just that, we’re going to update all our existing content to be more helpful and add a ton of new resources and guides that you can steal ideas from!

What Else?

Thanks so much for reading this post. We built most of these features because of your feedback. We’re really grateful for your support in making PushEngage the best mobile and web push notifications service and we wish your business all the love, luck, and growth in the world!

That’s pretty much it for this one. Just a quick recap:

  • Get more conversions with Intelligent A/B Testing
  • Resubscribe unsubscribers when they revisit your site
  • Delete inactive subscribers twice a month
  • Update your WordPress plugin if you’re using WordPress 5.7
  • Check out our brand new website and blog

And now for the surprise:

We’re also making changes to the PushEngage dashboard. A slick, new, hyper-intuitive dashboard is in the works. We don’t have an official release date yet. So, stay tuned to our newsletter for updates.

This little surprise was just for PushEngage customers. 

So, shh! Mum’s the word. And if you haven’t already tried out PushEngage, what are you waiting for? Get started with PushEngage today.

Until next time!

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