[Insider Secrets] How WickedWeasel Makes $2K-4K a Week Using Push Notifications

WickedWeasel creates exclusive collections of bikinis, lingerie, outwear, and activewear for women.

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CTR on Push Notifications
“We are able to reach our customer base in almost an instant. Recently we had a Facebook live stream with technical difficulties due to internet connectivity issues. The Livestream dropped 2 times, and without push notifications, we wouldn’t have been able to bring people back onto the live call when we reconnected in such a timely manner. Email would have been too slow to put together in an emergency and social media organic posts only reach a fraction of the following.”

Amanda Hyciek

Digital Marketing Strategist, WickedWeasel

The Marketing Challenge

WickedWeasel was already using social media and e-mail to capture the customer base. They were looking for new and effective ways to gather more customers. A major part of their revenue was driven by weekend sales and flash sales. So, they needed to find a way to:

  • Send news and event updates to all their customers
  • Unlocking cost-effective ways to get traffic
  • Reach out to customers instantly
  • Create urgency and hype for their sales on autopilot

In simple terms, WickedWeasel needed all the benefits of email marketing without any of the deliverability issues and low open rates.

And that’s what we helped them with and more!

How PushEngage Helped WickedWeasel

What WickedWeasel didn’t anticipate when they started using push notifications was how much of an impact it could have beyond engaging their subscribers. The simple fact is that engaged subscribers are highly likely to convert into buyers.

In reality, the biggest impact of PushEngage was an increase in sales revenue for WickedWeasel. And how did they do it? By creating cart abandonment push notification campaigns, of course!

Increasing Subscribers

WickedWeasel started by setting up a simple push notification optin like this one:

WickedWeasel optin

Pro Tip: If you’re getting started with push notifications, you should check out this article on how to style your push notification optins.

Generating Repeat Sales

WickedWeasel had been using PushEngage for less than a year when they saw the benefits of using push notifications. They started getting anywhere from $2000-$4000 in sales every week coming from push notification campaigns.

WickedWeasel sales

They got most of their sales from the abandoned cart campaigns which started converting at 9.58%. So, in addition to increasing revenue, PushEngage helped WickedWeasel open up new sources of revenue as well.

Instant Customer Engagement

As we said, WickedWeasel needed a cost-effective way to get in touch with their subscribers and notify them about the sales and events.

WickedWeasel push notification

With PushEngage, Wicked Weasel is getting an average of 10% CTR for push notifications.

Cost-Effective Communication Channel

WickedWeasel found PushEngage’s pricing to be way more reasonable than other push notification vendors.

PushEngage pricing breakdown

And it was super easy for them to decide what billing plan they needed. PushEngage offers dynamic pricing based on your subscriber count and the features you need.

The Impact of Using PushEngage

PushEngage managed to solve all the major marketing challenges that WickedWeasel was facing. And the numbers are fairly self-explanatory. Within a year, they:

  • Generated $2,000-4,000 a week in extra revenue
  • Got 10 daily sales from cart abandonement campaigns
  • Converted abandoned carts at a 9.58%
  • Received a 10% CTR on their push notifications

That was Amanda Hyciek from WickedWeasel discussing the impact of using PushEngage. PushEngage is the #1 push notification software in the world. You can use PushEngage to grow your traffic and engagement with the help of automated campaigns. So, if you’d like to grow your business like WickedWeasel, get started with PushEngage today!

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