Wicked Weasel is an Australian brand in which women wear serving global customers. They have exclusive collections of Bikinis, Lingerie, Outwear, Activewear for women. All the products of Wicked Weasel are of unique design and best quality fabrics. You will find everything you need for your summer shopping here.

Wicked Weasel Getting $2K to $4K Sales Per Week Using Push Notifications

Marketing Challenge

Wicked Weasel was already using social media and e-mail to capture the customer base. They were looking for new and effective ways to gather more customers. They found Push Notifications to have great deliverability (email has a lot of challenges with this) and could send instantly to customers.

How PushEngage Handled the Issue?

PushEngage is a web push notification platform. Using PushEngage, Wicked Weasel was able to reach out to customers instantly. They have shared one live incident to show how PushEngage helped them – “We are able to reach our customer base in almost an instant. Recently we had a Facebook live stream with technical difficulties due to internet connectivity issues. The Livestream dropped 2 times, and without push notifications, we wouldn’t have been able to bring people back onto the live call when we reconnected in such a timely manner. Email would have been too slow to put together in an emergency and social media organic posts only reach a fraction of the following.” – Amanda Hyciek, Digital Marketing Strategist, Wicked Weasel

Using PushEngage, Wicked Weasel was able to:

  • Update customers even for any smaller news/events
  • Reach out to customers instantly
  • Create urgency of sale event by sending push notes for 8 hours, 4 hours, and even 1 hour left on a promo

What is the Impact of using PushEngage?

The biggest impact of PushEngage was an increase in sales revenue for Wicked Weasel.

“We implemented push engage in September 2018. Today in May 2019, we see anywhere from $2000-$4000 in sales per week coming from push notification efforts” – Amanda Hyciek, Digital Marketing Strategist, Wicked Weasel

With PushEngage, Wicked Weasel is getting an average of 10% CTR for push notifications.

Impact on Revenue

Wicked Weasel has been using PushEngage for less than a year. However, they saw the benefits of using Push Notifications very soon in their revenue. They are getting anywhere from $2000-$4000 in sales per week coming from push notification efforts.

Most impactful Feature

One of the most common issues faced by every e-commerce website is cart abandonment. The most impactful push notification feature used by Wicked Weasel is the Cart Abandonment campaign.

  • Using the Cart Abandonment campaign, they were able to recover 10 sales every day whenever people abandon the cart.
  • They are getting a 9.58% conversion rate for the Cart Abandonment campaign.

Implementing cart abandonment strategies using PushEngage is very simple and effective. The above results speak how it can impact your business revenue.

What Wicked Weasel has to say about PushEngage

“PushEngage has become a near-daily tool for us to reach a segment of some of our most fanatic fans. It’s uber-easy to use, the support team is super-helpful, and the results we’re getting are impressive. Especially when you take into account how little work they are to build and send. Highly recommend PushEngage to anyone wanting a way to reach customers that’s fast, reliable, and effective” – Amanda Hyciek, Digital Marketing Strategist, Wicked Weasel

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