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Customers are mostly price-sensitive when it comes to shopping. They would add the product to their cart and wait for the price drop. There are many tools that show the price drop history as well. You can now re-engage your customers and increase conversion using Price Drip Alert Campaigns using the web push. Customers will decide the price point and will automatically get a push notification when the price drop happens. Price Drop Campaigns are one of the most effective campaigns to engage shoppers and ensure maximum checkouts or sales.

This campaign is absolutely user-driven but if you want you can also pass the default values.

How it works?

You can implement these campaigns within 15 minutes using your PushEngage dashboard with the help of your developer or you can use Google Tag Manager and fire the tags. In the case of Shopify, you do not need to do any code changes as mentioned below. In a single click, you can activate the campaign in the Shopify store using the push notification app. You can watch the video of Price alert installation on Shopify. This article will you a detailed description of the price drop alert and inventory alert campaign in PushEngage.

How To Setup The Price Drop Alert and Inventory Alert Campaign?

Step 1- Login to your PushEngage dashboard and navigate to Automation > Price Drop/ Inventory Alert. Click on “Create Price Drop/Inventory Alert”.

create price drop inventory alert campaign

Step 2 – Enter the Campaign Name, Campaign Type, Send Notification If Price Falls By, Campaign Expiry, Daily Limit, Weekly Limite, and UTM Parameters.

Campaign NameEnter the campaign name like how you like to call it for example – Black Friday 2019, Cyber Monday 2019, etc.

Campaign Type – We offer both Price Drop and Inventory Alert Campaign for eCommerce and Travel websites but you can create only one at a time. However, the implementation will be the same for both but you can decide which one of them you would like to create first or you would like to implement for your subscribers.

select price drop or inventory alert

Send Notification If Price Falls By You can decide in which condition you would like to send the notification that is if the price drop is shown in the form of a Percentage or Absolute that is the fixed dollar value. You can then enter the value accordingly.

You can choose either of the options for one particular campaign.

send price drop alert based on price fall by percentage or absolute

Campaign Expiry You can set the campaign expiry time by any number of days or for the time you are running a particular sale for say 15 days or 7 days. The default value is 30 days but can be edited.

Daily Limit – This will ensure how many notifications a user shall receive in a day, irrespective of the drip you create.

Weekly Limit – This will ensure how many notifications a user shall receive in a week, irrespective of the drip you create.

select expiry for price drop alert

UTM Parameters – UTM Parameter will help you in tracking the performance of the campaign. You can enable or disable the UTM parameters using the checkbox and can be customized if needed.

utm parameters for price drop alert

Step 3 – Copy the code mentioned in the Your Code section and the values highlighted should be passed dynamically. This should be sent from your end to PushEngage.

price drop alert code

You can refer to the comments mentioned and then pass the variables.

The values you’ve given as input using the PushEngage dashboard will be taken as default. But you would need to pass the variables from your end for the following as how it is mentioned on your website –

  • Product Id
  • Link/URL
  • Price
  • Title
  • Image Link
  • Alert Price (Optional)
  • ts_expires/ Alert Expiry Date (In ISO Format)
  • Availability ( Optional and takes “Out Of Stock” as default value in Inventory Alert, “In Stock” in Price Drop Alert)
  • Variant Id (Optional. Example if the same T-shirt has a different price for different colors)
  • Description ( Options but you add details about the product if needed )

Step 4 – Once the code is ready you can fire it for specific/selected products or on the page load, categories as per your campaign design.

Step 5 – Once done click on Save and Launch Button and the campaign will go Live.

launch price drop alert campaign

Step 6 – Ensure that you send the price data to use by Product Id. This is a crucial step that will run your Price Drop Alert Campaign.

To check the analytics navigate to Automation > Price Drop/ Inventory Alert. Click on the campaign to view the analytics.

PushEngage price drop notification.png

If you have set the value by 20% the subscriber will get the price alert notification when the price drops by 20%. If you set the value to 0% the subscriber will get the notification even if there is a slight drop in the product price. Hence, we suggest adding a particular value to send a price drop alert.

How to use custom attributes in the Price Drop Campaign?

With the help of PushEngage Attributes API, you can send more personalized notifications by adding the name of the subscriber that you must have stored earlier from your end.

You can do it by passing the following parameter in the notification title or the message.


PushEnagge Price Drop Alert with Attributes.png

If the name of the subscribers is Alex the notification will look like “Hey Alex, Price Dropped by 20%, checkout now. If the name is not stored then the notification will look like “Hey User, Price Dropped by 20%, checkout now “.

In the same way, you can add other custom attributes to the code and then use it in the notification, if needed.

Note –

  • To customize it more you can create a Notify Me button on specific products and fire the trigger there instead of page load.
  • Pass the parameter {{big_image}} or and set the image URL to send large image notification. The variable is not defined so you can customize it
  • The default value of the campaign is 30 days. So, you can customize it if needed

Future Update –

We will add geolocation in the Price Drop and Inventory Alert Campaign so that it can be sent to the subscribers of the specific regions instead of all.

If you want to implement the Price Drop and Inventory Alert Campaign for your website, please contact your Account Manager as this campaign is available for selected users. You also can know more about the pricing for the same feature and ask for help in implementation from your Account Manager.

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