Personalize Your Drip Campaigns using Attributes

Drip push notification campaigns are considered to be one of the best ways to nurturing leads. You can not only run a drip campaign using Emails, brochures, messages, social media, etc but you can use web push notifications for the same purpose.

What is it?

Earlier with PushEngage, you were able to send personalized web push notifications using the County and the City name of the subscribers. Also, you were able to send this drip push notification to all the subscribers and custom segments. You can even run drip campaigns with geo segmentation in PushEngage.

But now with our recent update, you can add more details of a subscriber in the drip notifications. This can be done using the Attributes API. Now customize your drip campaign by adding the first name of the user, his/her hobbies, address, or other details as per the campaign you are running.

When Can You Use It?

Drip is initiated only under two conditions that are –

  1. When the user makes a subscription
  2. When a subscriber is added to a segment

You can trigger the drip notification corresponding to the user’s action. Hence, you can use the Attribute API in the drip campaign for personalized notification only under the following three cases –

Send to All (Subscribers)

If you select this condition every user who will subscribe will get personalized drip notifications. However, you are free to add delay or set the time on when the user should get the first notification and the rest of the series of the notification.

In this condition as soon as the user subscribes, you can pass the values or set the attributes against the subscriber hash. This can be done using the response of the subscriber hash.

Note – You must add a certain delay in this condition.

Send to Custom Segments

The second condition when the drip campaign gets initiated is when a user gets added to a certain segment and you have created a Drip Campaign for such condition.

In this condition as soon as the subscriber enters a segment, you can pass the values or set the attributes against the response of the segment.

Attributes and Geo-Location

With PushEngage you were able to send drip notifications to the users bypassing their Country, City name in the notification title, and message. In the same way, you can add the first name of the user and other details in the notification fields.

This is the same as the first condition, where you would need to set the attributes against the subscriber hash as soon as the subscriber is subscribed.

Here’s the sample code that you can use –

 var newAttributes = {
 'name': 'Jon smith',
 'isAdmin': true,
 'lastActive': "2019-09-19T05:41:53.150Z",
window._peq.push(['init', false, function(res){
//Get your subscriber hash in response
     window._peq.push(['set-attributes', newAttributes, function(res){
 if(res.statuscode == 1)
   // handle response

Here’s how you can use the attributes to create the Personalized Drip Campaign using your PushEngage Dashboard –

Login to your PushEngage Dashboard and navigate to Automation > Drip Drip Autoresponder. Now click on “Create Drip Autoresponder”

create drip autoresponder

Enter the campaign name and start creating the notification by calling the attributes. To edit the notification, click on “Pencil Icon” as shown below:

editing drip push notification

If you wish to add just the first name of the subscriber you can just {{name||Klaus}}.

The key set in here is “name”. First, the code will check if “name” is present in the attribute. If so, the value will be replaced accordingly. If “name” is not found then in custom variables it will show the value “Klaus” as defined in the PushEngage Dashboard.

drip notification personalization

You can pass the name of the subscriber along with the country and city name by calling {{name||Klaus}} and {{PE_COUNTRY}} in the notification field.

passing country name in drip push notification

You can use the same technique and pass these attributes in the multi-action buttons of the Drip Campaign.


The Keys will get replaced as per the values you have passed. Please ensure to pass a default value just in case if the attribute value is missing.

For {{PE_COUNTRY}} and {{PE_CITY}} the default value can be passed by navigating to Settings > General Settings using your PushEngage Dashboard.

Here’s how the personalized notification would look like –

Personalized Drip Notification With PushEngage

When you send such personalized and targeted notification you will notice a higher CTR as compared to any generic notification or drip campaign.

This personalized drip campaign can be created from the Premium Plan onwards. If you are a Free Plan user or if you are Business Plan and you wish to use this feature you can get in touch with us by sending an email at or by using the Live Chat Option.

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