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Why PushEngage Notifications

Reach Users When They Are Not on Your Site

Push Notifications are delivered even without user being on your site. Bring your existing visitors back with using push notifications, and increase repeat users and traffic.

High Opt-In Rates to Increase Your Customer List

Build on your customer list, by using PushEngage opt-in. Use our optimized single step opt-in and get as high as 20% subscription rate for push notifications registrations.

Higher Click Rates Over Emails

Push Notifications are delivered in real time to your subscribers, or when they come online next. Push notifications have 3 to 10x times higher click rates than E-mail, and so this can increase your repeat users faster.

Mobile App is Not Needed to Send Push Notifications

With Web Push Notifications you can reach to Mobile Browser users visiting your site. You don’t need to invest in a mobile app, to build your customer list in mobile

Nurture Users With Push Notification

You can now nurture your new users with series of auto-notifications. Segment your users and create multiple series of notifications. Nurture users with your product information and offers to convert them to customers.

Contextual Triggered Notifications

Automatically segment your user to personalize and send contextual push notification, based on site actions. Such targeted notifications with get upto 62% higher CTR over regular notifications. Use abandon cart to convert your visitors.

PushEngage Features


  • Automatically Segment your users based on Landing Page URL, or URL they browsed.
  • Segment and send notification based on geo-segmentation. Notification Based on Category and Product, or consumer interest browsed.
  • Personalized notifications based on Segmentation results in higher click and lower unsubscribe.

Auto-responder and Drip Campaigns

  • Create Series of automatic Push Notifications, to nurture your customers.
  • Send a curriculum of notifications, and engage your user regularly.
  • Now Send Drip Campaigns in Web Push Notifications, and nudge your customers to conversion.

Multiple Site and Multiple Users

  • Manage Multiple websites in single account.
  • Provide multiple login to your account and have access control on each login to provide granular access

Triggered Notifications

  • Send Automatic Notifications based on user action on your site.
  • Send Fully Personalized Cart Abandonment Push Notifications.
  • Send a Personalized notification based on product browsed, and not added to cart.

Multiple Images & CTA

  • Use Emoji In Notifications.
  • Include Large Image and Rich Notifications To Stand Out.
  • Send With Multiple Call to action buttons In Single Notification.

What Customers Say About Us?

“With PushEngage browser notifications, we’ve been able to reach out users who are not active on the site and provide them with helpful offers or information which is relevant to them. This capability of re-engaging the users add a lot of value for us."

"This Platform has been of immense help to create a strong recall in the minds of the potential customers. It makes it supremely convenient to reach the audience and talk to them about the USPs of the product in a clutter free manner."

"Push Notifications are a great way to connect instantly with individuals through various devices. The Push Engage tool is extremely user-friendly and has supported us in carrying out successful campaigns at every stage."

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