Personalized Browser Push Notifications

Our platform helps you automatically segment, and automatically send web push messages

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What You're Getting

  • Automatic Segments

    Segment your users based on URL at which they register, or browse. Send targeted push notifications and get higher Click Rates on your push message.

  • Automatic Responders

    Build Drip campaigns, or series of notifications based on what your customers do on your website. Contextual automatic notifications slowly nudge your customer and increase your metrics.

  • Automatic Notifications with RSS Feed

    If you run a content site, and have a RSS, now you can fully automate sending Push Notifications from your feed.

  • Multi Site & Multi User Login with Access Control

    You can use single account to manage multiple sites, and send notifications in single login. You can give access to multiple people in your team, to selective parts of PushEngage dashboard.

  • Custom and Geographic Segments

    Segement your customers based on their browsing or their preferences. We also provide geographic, and device type segmentation. Use this to send personalized notifications.

  • Advanced Scheduling

    Web Push Notifications can be scheduled. It will save time and reach your users when they are likely to open your push message. You can also do recurring scheduling to send message at fixed day of a week any fixed time.

  • REST and JavaScript API

    Our API's offer full flexibility to send web push notifications to an individual user, or set of users, based on actions on your website.

  • Engage Mobile Audience without Mobile App

    Mobile Browsers support push notifications, so you can re-engage with your audience and increase your visitors to the mobile website.

  • Re-Engage With Users Anywhere

    Reach your when users when they are not on your website. Push Notifications are delivered to user real-time, as desktop notifications or mobile browser notifications.

  • Multi Language Support

    We are live in 125+ countries and support all the languages that can be captured in UTF-8 characters.

  • Wordpress Plugin

    You can now send push notification for your new post in wordpress. Use our Wordpress Plugin to send automatic push notifications at time of publishing a new post. We have single Click installation and go live with Wordpress plugin.

  • Single Step Optin for HTTP sites

    Single step opt-in for customers to get push notifications. It will increase your opt-in rate. Register for free push notification service and increase your customer now.

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