Personalized Browser Push Notifications

Target Desktop and Mobile users on Chrome and Firefox through Push Notifications. Implement in 5 mins.

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What You’re Getting

  • Implement Push Notifications in 5 Minutes

    PushEngage enables Push without requiring your website to implement HTTPS. Add the javascript code to your site and go live in 5 minutes.

  • High Click Through Rates than Email

    Because of higher views for notifications, and urgency of the message, with browser push notifications, you will notice 5 to 10x higher click rate over email.

  • Engage Mobile Audience without Mobile App

    Mobile Browsers support push notifications, so now you can re-engage with your audience and increase your repeat visitors to the mobile website. Now you dont need an mobile app to engage users in browser.

  • Personalized Messaging

    Target notifications based on preferences, categories, or custom segments, and get higher click rates and higher conversion.

  • Re-Engage With Users Anywhere

    Reach your when users when they are not on your website. Increase repeat users to your site using browser push notifications. These are delivered to user real-time, in the browser.

  • Schedule Notifications

    Reach your users when they are likely to open your message. Schedule notifications to save you time.

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