Best Shopify Trust Badges

8 Best Shopify Trust Badges To Boost Conversion Rates

Looking for a quick, easy way to boost conversion rates on your Shopify store? The simplest way to do it is to include Shopify trust badges on your site.

A trust badge is an indication that your business is a legitimate business that can be trusted. But what Shopify trust badges can help you actually improve your sales and conversions?

In this article, we’re looking at different ways to boost your conversions and revenue using just Shopify trust badges. If you’re already running a business, then most of these badges are going to be super easy to include on your site too.

Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

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What Are Shopify Trust Badges?

Trust badges are like little stickers on your website that tell people it’s a safe place and their personal info is totally secure. With so many cybersecurity issues happening every day, everyone mistrusts a new business. It’s difficult to assess whether your business is a scam or not.

So, it’s up to you to show everyone that you can be trusted.

And even if you don’t know the name for them, you’ve definitely spotted these symbols on websites of brands you like.

It’s not enough to just grow traffic to your eCommerce website. You also need to find ways to increase your average order value and revenue.

Trust badges aren’t just randomly slapped onto websites. Big, trustworthy websites show them off to make new visitors feel safe. Here’s how it goes down:

When someone new lands on your website, they don’t know if they can trust you yet. To them, you might just be another online scam or spam site trying to make some quick money.

But, if you have those trust badges on your site, like the ones you’ve seen before, it’s like you’re getting a thumbs-up from other trusted sites. It’s a bit like using a friend’s good reputation to prove you’re cool too. This trick is part of what’s called “social proof,” and it’s a smart way to boost your business.

And guess what? These little badges can actually make a huge difference in whether someone decides to become your customer or not. Pretty cool, right?

How Shopify Trust Badges Increase Your Site’s Conversions

An eCommerce business operates mostly on trust. Unlike a service business, your customers pay for your goods on an unknown eCommerce site. Then, they have to wait for you to deliver the goods before they can decide if it was even worth their money.

Trust badges really help to calm your customers’ nerves. They let you use some of the good reputation from other big and trusted brands.

And guess what? They actually help you sell more. Blue Fountain Media did this experiment where they had one form without a trust badge:

Shopify Trust Badges Test

And one with a simple VeriSign Secured trust badge:

Verisign Secured Trust Badge

The result? The form with the trust badge led to a 42% increase in conversions!

Also, this isn’t an isolated incident. VeriSign released a case study on how their extended validation (EV) certificates increased conversions by 30% for the hotel booking industry.

So, we know for a fact now that Shopify trust badges can actually improve your conversions and revenue.

Best Shopify Trust Badges

Now that we understand what Shopify trust badges are and why you need them, it’s time to check out the best trust badges you can add to your site. As I’ve said before, most of these are super easy to add to your site. So, let’s dive right in.

#1. SSL Certificate

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s an encryption technology that keeps sensitive data between web servers and web browsers secure and private.

This is a super popular type of trust badge for websites. If you use Google Chrome, it’s that little lock you see right next to the website’s address.

SSL Certificate

It means your website has an SSL certificate, making it secure. Google Chrome has added something cool: if you click on the lock icon next to any website’s address, you can then click on “Certificate” to see more details.

So make sure you’ve got your SSL certificate activated and running on your site. That way, your users can know just how secure they are when visiting!

#2. SSL Secure Trust Badge

You can go one step beyond installing the SSL certificate because not all your customers might know how to check out your SSL certificate. So, you should also display a trust badge on your site to showcase that your site is SSL secure.

SSL Shopify Trust Badge

And while it may seem insignificant to you, it may make a huge difference to your users. Notice how simple this is to do? You can get Shopify trust badges like this from any security company including your SSL certificate provider.

#3. Money Back Guarantee Badge

Another major improvement you can add to your site, especially if you’re selling digital products is a money back guarantee badge. You can inspire confidence in your visitors by assuring them that they can get a refund if they don’t find your product up to their standards.

Here’s an example of money back guarantee Shopify trust badges from MonsterInsights:

Money Back Guaranteed Badge

If you’re selling online courses, software, game license keys, and similar digital products, I highly recommend using this bade.

#4. Secure Payments Badge

Shopping online can feel risky. You’re handing over your credit card details to someone you don’t know, hoping they’re trustworthy.

Putting a secure payment badge on your site helps your customers feel better about giving you their credit card info. Here’s an example from WPForms:

Pay Forms Trust Badge

These Shopify trust badges are perfect for payment forms and checkout pages.

#5. Accepted Payment Methods Badge

You might hear some people say that “accepted payments” aren’t really trust badges. But if you think about it, showing logos of the payment methods you accept is still like borrowing trust from those companies.

When customers see logos like Visa, Mastercard, or Amex, they feel more confident because they know and trust those brands. Here’s an example from SEMrush’s pricing page:

Accepted Payments Badges

Yes, unfortunately, scammers can also put these logos on their websites and product pages.

However, when you display these logos on your site, it shows your audience that you accept popular and trusted payment methods. This can give them that extra bit of confidence they need to go ahead and make a purchase.

Also, it makes the checkout experience so much better.

#6. Industry Awards Badge

It’s important to let your audience know if your company has won any prestigious awards before.

These little trust seals on websites show that not only are you trusted by regular users, but you’ve also been recognized by official critics too.

Check out this example from SEMrush:

Industry Awards Badges

Even if people haven’t heard of the company handing out the awards, these trust badges are still effective at building your site’s credibility.

#7. Customer Logo Badge

Just like displaying industry awards, it’s smart to highlight the well-known clients you’ve worked with. This tells your audience that other brands they recognize and admire have also trusted you with their business.

Here’s an example from Awesome Motive’s homepage:

Customer Logo Trust Badges

When customers notice that big names like PlayStation, Zillow, and Shutterstock have used Awesome Motive’s products, it really boosts Awesome Motive’s credibility.

Adding logos of these clients can also create a fear of missing out. Your audience might think, “If those big companies trust them, it must be amazing! I don’t want to miss out on that.”

#8. Free Trial Trust Badge

This is the opposite of the money-back guarantee trust badge. With a free trial badge, you show users they can use your product with zero risk. That huge value proposition can tempt even the most skeptical online shopper.

Here’s an example from UberSuggest:

Free Trial Trust Badges

This is a quick and efficient way of showing users that they can test your product before purchasing.

What to Do After You Add Shopify Trust Badges

By now, you have a bunch of Shopify trust badges on your site. The next step is to find an easy way to increase your repeat traffic, engagement, and revenue.

We recommend using push notifications to do it.

Getting started with push campaigns can seem intimidating. But if you keep an eye on goal tracking and analytics, you should be fine. More importantly, you’ll make a lot more profit with the help of push notification campaigns. Here are a few cool resources to get you started:

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