Thrive Themes Review for Small Businesses

Thrive Themes Review: Is It Worth Your Time in 2024?

Looking for a concrete Thrive Themes review to make up your mind about whether it’s a worthwhile investment?

Thrive Themes is a full suite of WordPress plugins for new and growing businesses. Some users say that it’s the only software suite you need to get a business launched and off the ground.

But is it really the worth your money even today? Every year the WordPress market sees a ton of new themes and plugins and the old ones keep releasing new features. So, we went ahead and tested the full suite for our Thrive Themes review.

Let’s dive right in.

Thrive Themes Review: Quick Overview

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Thrive Themes is a toolkit of plugins and themes designed to help small business owners compete with the big guys.

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive Themes comes with a free version for every plugin and theme in its suite. But for a serious business, we highly recommend getting the paid version of the full Thrive Suite.

Let’s take a quick look at the kind of plugins that you get in the Thrive Themes suite:

  • Thrive Theme Builder: The Thrive Theme Builder is a drag-and-drop, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) page builder that allows you to build a website theme from scratch with zero coding or import a pre-built theme from a library of conversion-focused themes.
  • Thrive Architect: Thrive Architect is meant to supercharge your Thrive Theme Builder. While the Theme Builder helps you create a custom website from a template or from scratch, Thrive Architect helps you build stunning landing pages that sell faster than lemonade on a hot day.
  • Thrive Apprentice: Thrive Apprentice helps you build course websites and membership websites in WordPress. You could sell online yoga classes or investment consulting webinars. Thrive Apprentice helps you build and sell courses with ease even if you’ve never done it before.
  • Thrive Leads: Thrive Leads helps you quickly build an email list from your website traffic using powerful, customizable email optins. Make a few tweaks to a form or completely customize your own design with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop optin form builder.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder: Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to build interactive, personalized quizzes to make product recommendations, boost social shares, grow an email list, and gamify your website. As with other Thrive products, you get tons of customization and templates to get started.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: Thrive Ultimatum is a simple plugin that helps you use scarcity and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) to increase your conversions. Upselling and cross selling have never been this easy and it’s really easy to set up.
  • Thrive Ovation: Thrive Ovation helps you collect, manage, and display winning testimonials on autopilot right from your WordPress dashboard. You can easily grab customer testimonials from website comments, social media, and dedicated optin forms.
  • Thrive Comments: Thrive Comments turns comments on your blog into real conversations. You can use comments to capture leads, encourage engagement using rewards, and present offers to first-time commenters. Thrive Comments also gives you a powerful comment management and moderation dashboard.
  • Thrive Optimize: Thrive Optimize helps you A/B test your landing pages to improve your conversion rates. And you can conduct A/B tests without using complicated and expensive analytics tools or having to learn complex integrations.
  • Thrive Automator: Thrive Automator helps you set up quick automations between different WordPress plugins. It’s a free plugin that you can use to make complex, manual workflows simple and automated.

And we’re going to explore all these products in detail soon enough. Besides these incredibly powerful marketing tools, Thrive Themes also offers Thrive University so that you can learn how to grow your business with free and paid courses. The premium courses don’t come with the Thrive Suite, but they are well worth exploring.

Why Use Thrive Themes?

You need so much more than just a WordPress theme to grow your business. If there’s one thing that you should take away from this Thrive Themes review, it should be the fact that it’s an entire software suite. You get tools to easily achieve business tasks that an agency would charge you thousands of dollars to do.

The customization options that you get with each tool are no joke either. If you just buy the Theme Builder, it’s not much different from a lot of other theme builders in the market. But when you plug into the entire ecosystem, it’s hard to find any conversion toolkit that offers this much value for the same price.

In this Thrive Themes review, we’ll go over why the suite is such a good fit for small businesses. But one of the biggest reasons to trust this plugin is that it was built by the same team that built other major WordPress plugins such as WPForms, AIOSEO, MonsterInsights, OptinMonster, and even PushEngage.

Thrive Themes Review: Key Features

Now that we know what Thrive Themes is, and why you should use it, it’s time to take a deep look into its feature list. We highly recommend that you buy the Thrive Suite at this point so that you can explore the features with us as we go deeper into this review.

Also, go ahead and install and activate the plugins. If you’re not sure how to do that, this tutorial will show you how to install a WordPress plugin.

Create a Business Website Quickly

Just take your pick from a wide array of pre-designed sections and templates. Whether it’s your header, footer, blog post layout, page design, or sidebar, Thrive Theme Builder has got you covered. You can start with one of the many pre-designed themes that look great anyway.

Thrive Theme Builder

Then, you can customize everything in your theme. Simply choose your brand’s color, make a few tweaks here and there, and voila! Your site is all set to hit the big wide web. It’s as simple as that!


Build Landing Pages That Convert Without Writing Any Code

Thrive Architect comes with a front-end visual page builder that makes it super simple to launch a landing page. You’ll be able to build landing pages, website pages and blog posts faster than ever before.

Whip up sleek, professional landing pages in a snap!

Dive into our treasure trove of 350+ ready-to-use templates, covering every possible purpose under the sun.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Templates

Best part? Each page is fully customizable, allowing you to effortlessly tailor the polished designs to fit your exact requirements.

Thrive Architect Landing Page Builder

Say goodbye to endless tinkering – with the user-friendly platform of Thrive Architect, your dream landing page is just a few clicks away!

Create, Launch, and Promote Courses All By Yourself

Craft professional-grade courses right from your WordPress dashboard!

Thrive Apprentice Course Builder

Harness the might of Thrive Apprentice to grow your subscriber base with free online courses or elevate your earnings by offering premium content.

Thrive Apprentice comes with tons of pre-designed templates for your lesson, course overview and module pages. And with the unmatched visual editing prowess, you can seamlessly design your school and courses to align flawlessly with your brand.

Thrive Apprentice Course Design Templates

Say hello to effortlessly creating and customizing your online learning hub—all without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard!

Grow Your Email List And Generate Real Business Leads

Thrive Leads is a lead generation toolkit built by conversion optimization experts using lead generation popups and forms.

Thrive Leads Optins

As with all other Thrive products, you get an extensive library of templates that are proven to work.

Thrive Leads Templates Library

And the best part is that you can customize everything from color palettes to copy using a front-end editor right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Create Quizzes That Convert

Thrive Quiz Builder enables you to build quizzes on your site that boost engagement and can be used to collect leads, get customer feedback, make product recommendations, get social shares, and create dynamic segments to send push notifications.

Thrive Quiz Builder Templates

The quiz builder also integrates directly with a bunch of email marketing services so that you can easily generate a ton of leads from your quizzes. You can even create personalized sequences of follow-up questions on your quiz to make online sales easier.

Use Scarcity And Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) to Boost Conversions

Thrive Ultimatum is a simple countdown timer tool that you can use to add floating promo bars, lightbox popups, and optin forms with a countdown timer for higher conversion rates.

Thrive Ultimatum Countdown Timers

Using scarcity and the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) can be the most powerful conversion tools in your arsenal. If you can honestly use scarcity in your marketing campaigns, you’ll see and instant rise in your conversions. Of course, what goals you choose for marketing are also relevant here.

While scarcity works best with campaigns to increase Average Order Value in an eCommerce business, you can also use it to get more signups for an email list by creating a limited-time offer.

Collect, Manage, And Publish Conversion Boosting Testimonials

Collecting testimonials can be a real pain. And if you’re struggling with getting convincing testimonials hello to Thrive Ovation – your ultimate secret weapon for turbocharging trust on your website!

Imagine effortlessly collecting and showcasing glowing testimonials that sing your praises to the world. With Thrive Ovation, it’s not just a dream – it’s your reality.

Thrive Ovation Testimonials

Gone are the days of chasing down testimonials like a detective on a mission. With Thrive Ovation’s intuitive interface, you can seamlessly capture rave reviews right from your website or import them from your favorite platforms like social media, emails, or surveys. It’s like having a team of testimonial-gathering wizards at your fingertips!

But wait, there’s more! Say goodbye to bland, uninspiring testimonial displays. With Thrive Ovation’s sleek design options, you can showcase your testimonials in style, effortlessly integrating them into your website’s aesthetic. Whether you’re aiming for a chic minimalist vibe or a bold statement look, Thrive Ovation has got you covered.

And here’s the best part – harnessing the power of social proof has never been easier or more effective. Watch as your website transforms into a trust-building powerhouse, captivating visitors and converting them into loyal fans.

So, why wait? Take your website from meh to magnificent with Thrive Ovation today! Join the ranks of savvy website owners who are boosting credibility, winning hearts, and leaving their competition in the dust. With Thrive Ovation by your side, the sky’s the limit!

Turn Your Comments Into Conversations

Ready to take your website’s interaction to the next level? Say hello to Thrive Comments – your ultimate toolkit for sparking dynamic discussions and fostering meaningful connections!

Picture this: vibrant conversations buzzing around your content, drawing readers in like moths to a flame. With Thrive Comments, that vision becomes your reality.

No more tumbleweeds blowing through your comment section – Thrive Comments makes engaging with your audience a breeze. Empower your readers to share their thoughts, ask questions, and connect with each other in a lively, interactive space.

Thrive Comments

But it doesn’t stop there! Say goodbye to boring, uninspired comment displays. With Thrive Comments’ array of customization options, you can tailor your comment section to perfectly match your website’s look and feel. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern aesthetic or a cozy, welcoming vibe, Thrive Comments has the tools you need to make it happen.

And the best part? Say farewell to spam and trolls once and for all. With Thrive Comments’ powerful moderation features, you can keep your comment section clean, safe, and free from unwanted distractions, ensuring that every interaction adds value to your community.

So why wait? Supercharge your website’s engagement and foster a thriving community with Thrive Comments today! Join the ranks of savvy website owners who are igniting conversations, building connections, and leaving their competition in the dust.

Run A/B Tests On Your Landing Pages

Ready to transform your website into a conversion powerhouse? Look no further than Thrive Optimize – your ultimate ally for optimizing every inch of your site for maximum impact!

Imagine effortlessly testing different designs, headlines, and call-to-action buttons to find the winning combination that sends your conversion rates soaring. With Thrive Optimize, it’s not just a dream – it’s your reality.

No more guesswork or gut feelings – Thrive Optimize empowers you to make data-driven decisions that drive results. Dive into A/B testing like a pro, uncovering insights that supercharge your marketing strategy and propel your business to new heights.

But that’s not all! Say goodbye to complex, clunky testing tools that leave you scratching your head in frustration. Thrive Optimize boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface that puts the power of optimization right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, optimizing your website has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Thrive Optimize

And here’s the kicker – watch as your conversion rates skyrocket and your bottom line grows, all thanks to the magic of Thrive Optimize. Say hello to more leads, more sales, and more revenue – without lifting a finger.

So why wait? Supercharge your website’s performance and unlock its full potential with Thrive Optimize today! Join the ranks of savvy marketers who are maximizing conversions, crushing their goals, and leaving their competition in the dust. With Thrive Optimize by your side, the sky’s the limit!

Automate Tasks Between Different WordPress Plugins

Ready to automate your way to success? Say hello to Thrive Automator – your ultimate solution for simplifying tasks, boosting productivity, and unleashing your website’s full potential!

Imagine effortlessly automating repetitive tasks like sending emails, updating content, or triggering actions based on user interactions. With Thrive Automator, it’s not just a pipe dream – it’s your reality.

No more wasted hours on manual grunt work – Thrive Automator does the heavy lifting for you, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters: growing your business and delighting your audience.

Thrive Automator

But that’s not all! Say goodbye to complex, convoluted automation tools that leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused. Thrive Automator features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes automation a breeze, even for beginners. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, automating your website has never been easier or more enjoyable.

And here’s the best part – watch as your efficiency skyrockets, your workflows become smoother, and your stress levels plummet, all thanks to the magic of Thrive Automator. Say hello to a world where tasks get done in a fraction of the time, leaving you with more energy and creativity to tackle your biggest challenges.

So why wait? Supercharge your workflow and unlock your website’s true potential with Thrive Automator today! Join the ranks of savvy entrepreneurs who are automating their way to success, leaving their competition in the dust. With Thrive Automator by your side, the possibilities are endless!

Thrive Themes Review: Pricing

The final consideration here is pricing.

Thrive Themes Pricing

There are no complicated prices here. The Thrive Suite comes as a nice package deal for a collection of software that would each set you back a couple hundred dollars at the least.

Thrive Themes Review: Final Verdict

The Thrive Themes suite of software is well worth your money.

Its blend of ease of use, advanced features, and reliable performance makes it a top contender in its category. Whether you’re a solo blogger, a small business owner, or a web developer, Thrive Themes offers the tools and flexibility to launch, manage, and grow your business effectively.

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