Best Shopify Push Notifications App

5 Best Shopify Push Notifications Apps in 2024

Looking for a Shopify push notifications app to help you grow your sales?

Push notifications are one of the most affordable growth tools and they’re still pretty new. So, your competitors aren’t competing for attention on push notifications.

But which push notifications app do you use? There are so many options out there. And how do you know if the app you’re paying for is easy to use before you pay for it?

The free trials on most Shopify push notifications apps is way too little to understand if it’s a good long-term fit.

In this article, we’re checking out the top apps in the market. Then, we’re going to give you our favorite Shopify push notifications app. Every app on our list is completely beginner-friendly and there’s very little coding involved.

Let’s dive right in.

PushEngage is the #1 Shopify push notifications app. Get it for free!

Why Do You Need a Shopify Push Notifications App?

Imagine getting free traffic on autopilot every time you publish a new blog post without the time-consuming SEO campaigns. If you’re running a Shopify site, you already know how much work it is to promote your content and get readers to keep coming back to your content.

The good news is that there’s an effortless way to generate repeat visitors on autopilot:

  • Even if… you’re just starting and your fan base is still tiny
  • Even if… you’re running an e-commerce store with hundreds of promos every month
  • Even if… you have a mega store that’s already generating a ton of SEO traffic

The answer is:

Shopify push notifications!

The best part is that the notifications pop up even if the subscriber isn’t using a browser. It’s like an email blast, but with a web push notification, your subscribers don’t need to be using an app to see your message.

In short: Sending Shopify push notifications is a simple way to send out a clickable link to your content to anyone who opted in.

With push notification sequences, your audience now has no excuse to ignore you. And unlike social media websites, there is no algorithm throttling your reach to get you to pay for ads.

The coolest part about web push notifications is that you can use them to complement your lead magnets and email opt-in forms! 

Pro Tip: If you’re not using lead magnets yet, you should start creating lead magnets with OptinMonster to boost your conversions.

Best Shopify Push Notifications App

Now that you have a clearer picture of why you need a Shopify push notifications app, it’s time to check out the best ones in the Shopify marketplace.

#1. PushEngage

Best shopify push notifications app

PushEngage is the #1 push notifications software in the world. It’s the perfect choice for creating powerful cart abandonment recovery campaigns. PushEngage is super easy to use and it requires little to no coding at all.


  • Super-easy for both beginners and advanced users to set up;
  • Effective on HTTP and HTTPS sites;
  • Got a bunch of automated push notification campaigns you can use (in the paid versions);
  • Full of options to send personalized push notifications (in the paid version);
  • Equipped with goal tracking and advanced analytics (in the paid version);

And this is barely scratching the surface. Check out PushEngage’s full list of features before you go any further.

You can try out the free version of PushEngage to get familiar with the software. But to set up cart abandonment campaigns, you’ll need to get the Enterprise version. Trust us when we say it, PushEngage is worth the price.

Of course, you can create many other types of eCommerce push notifications besides cart abandonment campaigns using PushEngage. You can also create:

And more! Push notifications are extremely cost-effective and you can quickly set up your cart abandonment campaign to run on autopilot.

Get PushEngage today!

#2. Wonderpush

WonderPush as PushCrew alternative

Wonderpush is one of the best push notification services in the market.

The standout feature for us was their eCommerce push notification campaigns. This includes cart abandonment campaigns. And you can add unlimited members to your dashboard for simple and efficient marketing. You also get options to personalize your push notifications.

Like Carti, you get all the features for all the plans.

You don’t really get a free plan. But you get a 14-day free trial (no credit cards needed) for their paid plans that start at €1 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers, then it’s an extra €1 for every 1,000 subscribers after that.

Get started with Wonderpush today!

#3. Carti

Carti Shopify Abandoned Cart App

Carti is another multichannel marketing tool that allows you to send abandoned cart campaigns. You can create automated cart abandonment recovery emails, SMS campaigns, and push notifications.

It also comes with other eCommerce campaigns such as browse abandonment to boost your revenue. With Carti, you also get more options for personalized messaging.

The cool part about this Shopify cart abandonment app is that you get full access to all the features in the free version. They charge you a small commission based on your store revenue.

Get started with Carti today!

#4. Care Cart

Care Cart Shopify Abandoned Cart App

Care Cart also allows you to send cart abandonment emails, SMS campaigns, and push messages. However, it specializes in email cart abandonment automation. You can create advanced popup forms, cart abandonment popups, and engaging Spin the Wheel games.

While the other apps on our list are general message automation apps, Care Cart is super focused on solving a specific problem.

The entire sequence of cart abandonment recovery emails is pre-built for the app. So, there’s no coding involved. All you have to do is install the app.

Keeping track of your cart recovery analytics is also super easy. It’s built right into the app. So, you don’t have to create custom events in Google Analytics to keep track of your sales using UTM parameters.

Care Cart starts at $12 for 300,000 emails a month. So, it’s pretty cost-effective as well.

Get started with Care Cart today!

#5. Rivo

Rivo Abandoned Cart Shopify

Rivo is a simple and easy-to-use cart abandonment solution. You can use it to send emails, push notifications, and SMS autoresponders. The cool bit about Rivo is that there’s very little coding involved. All you have to do is install the Shopify app. You can also customize the messages you send across all your channels.

Rivo has a free version that allows you to create cart abandonment push notifications. The paid version includes SMS and email automation with more advanced options. But they charge an extra 2.5% as commissions for each sale you make from the cart abandonment campaigns.

If your Shopify store gets a lot of traffic, then you’re going to get a lot of abandoned carts as well. In that case, Rivo might be too expensive for you. But if you’re running a small store, the free version is really great.

Get started with Rivo today!

What’s the Best Shopify Push Notifications App for You?

Hands down, PushEngage is the best Shopify push notifications app in the market.

As far as features go, there’s very little contest here. PushEngage has a full range of automation, personalization, targeting, and scheduling features that make it a great fit for any kind of business.

Our advice would be to get started with push notifications as they’re the most cost-effective cart abandonment tool. Push notifications are extremely powerful and you can create multiple automated campaigns using them. Not convinced? Check out these epic resources:

And the best part is that PushEngage is priced in a way that makes it a good fit at every stage of growth whether you’re looking to start, grow, or scale your business. The philosophy behind PushEngage is to empower small businesses to compete with big brands.

So, if you haven’t already, get started with PushEngage today!

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