Definitive Guide To Increase Web Push Notification Opt-In Rate

Web Push Notification is one of the fast-growing marketing channels, with strong ROI, and used by several businesses. Being non-intrusive and instantly delivered, web notifications have found its place in every industry vertical. As compared to an email newsletter where the average subscription rate is 2%, the web push notification opt-in rate is around 5%-15%. However, web push notifications are permission-based service and the user has to opt-in to receive push notifications from you. Web Push Notification Opt-In Rate is one of the important push notification metrics.

The top funnel for web push notification marketing is getting more subscribers for web push notification. If you can improve this, then only you employ other strategies of engaging with users. Similar to any marketing activities, converting the user to a subscriber is always the biggest challenge. In this guide, we will show you the exact steps to increase your push notification opt-in rate.

There are three main areas that will have a direct impact on the subscription rate of web push notifications opt-in. Plan your opt-in strategy in these areas to increase your opt-in rate.

  • When To Ask For Push Notification Opt-In
  • Where To Ask For Web Push Notification Opt-In
  • How To Ask Permission For Web Push Notifications

6 ways to increase push notification opt-in rate

When To Ask User To Subscribe To Push Notification and It Will Impact Opt-in Rate

Timing is very crucial when you ask for user permission for push opt-in. Before showing opt-in, always wait for the user to get confidence on your website. Below are the cases which can help you pick the right time for showing the Push Opt-In message:

Based on the User Activity

If your site is a blog or news site, you want a user to read your blog post or the news. Show your push notification opt-in only when a user has read one of your article or a portion of the article. Similarly, for e-commerce websites, show opt-in if the user has viewed the product or browsed through multiple products. This will indicate that the user is interested in your content and then if you show opt-in, the chances of subscribing increase.

Push Notification Opt-in Based on activity

Above is an example of push notification opt-in appearing at the bottom. You can see that the opt-in appeared on the product view page with targeted messaging.

Based on time spent

Nobody likes to get bombarded with popups the moment they land on a website. Never show users opt-in the moment they land up on your website. Give them some time to know your website before showing opt-in. Once the user has browsed through the minimum number of pages or categories, then you trigger the push notification opt-in. Since the user has already browsed your site, he/she is interested in your product and content and is ready to receive push notifications.

Push Notification Opt-in Based on time spent

Always remember to put a delay in showing push notification opt-in. To start with put a minimum delay of 10 seconds before showing push notification opt-in. We recommend you to test different opt-in timings to get the right time to show opt-in to your website.

Always remember that the user came to your site to read your articles or purchase product and not for subscribing to your push notifications. 1st let them browse your website. Subscribing to your push notification is for their benefit to get updated about any offers or news. So, once they have found value in your website and then you show the opt-in, chances of subscribing to your push notification is high.

Where To Ask For Push Notifications Opt-in And How It can increase Push Notifications Opt-In Rate

Since push notifications are permission-based, you need to 1st build trust with your user so that they are confident in clicking the “Allow” button. To do so, you can trigger opt-in during the user journey on your website. Below cases will bring more clarity to this point:

Intent Oriented Push Notification Opt-In

Tracking Pages

For an e-commerce site, once a user makes the purchase, we usually send mail to him about the product status. He also lands up on the tracking page to see the product status. You can trigger push notification opt-in on this page asking him to “Allow Notification” to get tracking updates.

Similarly for travel sites, once a user books the ticket, you can ask him if he would like to “get notifications” on flight status. Since he has already bought their tickets or products, the chance of him subscribing to push notification is high. It will also increase the click-through rate of web push notification.

Out Of Stock Pages

Many times the product a user is looking for might be out of stock. If a user lands on those pages, they are already convinced that they need that product. Trigger your push subscription pop-up asking if the user would like “get a notification” when the product is back in stock. Since he is looking for this product to buy the chance of him subscribing to push notification is high. You can then trigger the push notification inventory alert campaign to update the subscriber.

Out of Stock Push Notification
Price Alert

Every user is price sensitive. For higher value products, users always wait for the right price to buy them. So even if he doesn’t buy a product now, you can capture that intent and ask him if he would like to “get push notification” when the price drops. Travel sites can easily get benefited from this. Since flight tickets are always high, the user looks for cheaper tickets. Flight site can use this as a trigger to ask for sending “Push notifications” when the flight price drops. This can easily increase the subscription rate of push opt-in for notifications. You can activate the price alert campaign in your push notification platform to update the subscriber on a price drop.

Web Push Notification When Price Drops
Check Out Pages

On an e-commerce website, once a user buys a product, it shows they are confident about the website. They would definitely want to get updated about their product status. Use this opportunity and ask them if they would like to “get a notification” when their product is out for delivery. Since the user has already bought your product, the chances of clicking “Allow” on Push Opt-in increases.

Push Notification To Track Orders
New Release And Updates

A news site publishes the latest news and current affairs on their page. When a user lands on their page, it means he is interested in that topic. For example, during the election people wants to be updated with the result. They keep checking the news site for the latest update. Use that intent and ask the users if they would like to “get a notification” on the latest updates on politics/election results.

Similarly, for a sports blog, they keep their site updated with the latest events in sports. For example, during the cricket match, users keep visiting their site to know the updates on live scores, next match dates, etc. You can use that intent and ask the user if he likes to receive “push notification opt-in” for instant updates of the game. Since the user is already reading the content of your site, the chance of him subscribing to your push opt-in is high.

Push Notification On New Release And Updates
PushEngage For Chrome Push Notifications

Benefit Oriented Push Notifications Opt-In


On an e-commerce website, once the user lands and views certain products, you can offer him an exclusive discount when signing up for push notifications. Since the user has already browsed through your page, the chance of accepting your request for a discount is high.

Offer Discount To Increase Push Opt-In Rate
Free Trial

For SaaS product, you can create a landing page. Mention all the benefits of the product and also offer free trial once they subscribe to push notifications. This way you are not only getting subscribers for your product but a potential lead. Even though he/she doesn’t purchase your product but now you can entice him/her with a series of drip notifications to nurture him to convert him to a customer in the future.

Free Upgrade

If you have a lot of users using your product but haven’t started push notification offer them a free upgrade of ] their account or give them free access for 15 days to a higher plan. This way you can increase your push notification opt-in rate.

Free Upgrade Push Notification Opt-In
Free Goodies

If you are a blog, then offer free e-book or custom gift products on signing up for push notifications. This will increase your Web Push Notifications subscription rate and helps you to do the branding of your blog.

How To Ask Permission For Web Push Notifications

Asking for permission is an important aspect of the web push notification opt-in rate. You have limited space to message in your opt-in. The push opt-in pop up should convey the benefits of push notifications. The opt-in popup should be in sync with your site’s value proposition.

Web Push Notifications Opt-in can be

Single Step Opt-in: Single-step opt-in is available only for the HTTPS site.

Two-Step Opt-in: All non-https can have only a two-step opt-in process. HTTPS site can have single-step opt-in as well as two steps opt-in for their push subscription.

We observe based on our aggregate data, that the Single Step Opt-in process can outperform the 2 step process by as much as 150%. Hence we would recommend if you can make your site an HTTPS site, it would benefit you.

Subscription Rate For Push Notifications
Single Step Opt-In

In single-step opt-in, all the texts are the default from the browser. We cannot edit any text nor can we add an image. That being said, based on the language of the browser, you would get this opt-in.  See the images below.

Single Step Opt-In Demo

However, the process is simpler and leads to a higher web push notification opt-in rate. To improve your single step-opt in, the messaging on your website should be strong enough for a user to “Allow” push notifications.

While composing a message for Push Opt-in, check the below points

Benefits of push notifications

As discussed above in the opt-in strategy, you should clearly mention the benefits of subscribing to your push notifications and if the user shows interest then trigger the push opt-in.

Other benefits

Since single-step opt-in doesn’t allow any modification, your messaging on the website should be strong enough to entice the user to say “Yes” for your notification. Always mention the additional benefits of push notifications. However, limit it to 2 so that the message doesn’t get lost.


Always respect a user’s privacy. Clearly, mention that you respect their privacy and they can turn off the notification anytime they want. Since push notification is completely new and a user doesn’t know how they can turn off the notification, educating them will create more confidence in your brand and service in their mind.

Two-Step Opt-In

Two-step opt-in gives you the flexibility of reiterating your message on the opt-in popup. Web push opt-in has 3 parts:

  • Opt-in Title: Keep your title crisp and to the point. Try something catchy which resonates with benefits and also easy to get.
  • Website Logo: Always put your logo on the opt-in. Without the logo, it will look like spam, and the user may not subscribe to your push.
  • CTA button: You can even change the text for the Call To Action button. The usual one is “Allow” and “Deny”. You can test different text for your CTA. For e.g., if your message is to show Discount, then you can use “Show” as a CTA button.
Push Notification Opt-In Parts

Two-step web push opt-in has an intermediate page. So you get one more chance to show users the benefit of opt-in for push notifications. It has two parts:

push opt-in intermediate page

Page Heading: Mention the benefits again so that the user is convinced of what they are getting when they subscribe to your notifications. For e.g., if your benefit is getting a discount, then mention “Click Allow And Get 50% Instant Discount Coupon”

Tag Line: This is another space for you to brand your opt-in message. You can mention the privacy factor here. Every user is concerned about their privacy. In the tagline, you can say for e.g.We respect your privacy. You can opt-out anytime. Keeping things transparent always bring confidence in user about your brand.

Placement Of Push Opt-In

The right placement of Push Opt-In can also affect the Push Notification Opt-In Rate. With PushEngage, you can upto 7 different types of Push Opt-In templates to choose from. Below are the different Opt-In templates you can choose to display:

  • Safari Style Box: Safari-style box appears at the top-center of your website. You can even change the location of the web push opt-in. You can place it on the “Top Right or Top Left Or Top Center”.
Safari Style Push Opt-In
  • Large Safari Style Box: The Push Opt-In appears at the center of your website.
Large Safari Style Push Opt-In
  • Floating Bar: The Push Notification Opt-in appears at the bottom bar. You can change the location to shop the opt-in box at the top as well.
Floating Bar Push Opt-In
  • Bell Placed Bar: The bell appears at the bottom right corner. You can choose to show the bell push opt-in either on the left side or on the right side of the website.
bell placed bar push opt-in
  • Push Single Opt-In: The Opt-In appears at the top left corner of your website. This is the default location. Once the user clicks “Allow”, he /she is subscribed to your push notifications.
single step push opt-in
  • Location + Push Single Opt-In: The Push Notification Opt-In includes location options along with the notification. It appears at the top left corner of your website. This is the default location.
Location Push Single Step Opt-in
  • Large Safari With Segment: The Opt-In appears at the center of your website. The Opt-In offers users to choose which type of notification they would like to receive.
Large Safari Style Push Opt-in With Segment

You can also show different placement in mobile and on the desktop. In mobile, you can choose whether you want to display the Push Opt-In at the top or at the bottom or on the left side or right side. The flexibility of showing different placement is available in below Op-In Style:

  • Safari Style BoxYou can choose to show Opt-In Either at top or bottom with Safari Style Box.
Mobile Safari Style Push Opt-In
  • Floating Bar: You can choose to show Floating Bar Opt-In either on top or at the bottom in mobile.
mobile floating bar push opt-in
  • Bell Placed Bar: You can choose to show the Bell either on the left bottom corner or right bottom corner on mobile.
mobile bell placed bar-push opt-in

After using different types of opt-in, use Funnel Analytics to see which opt-in has worked best for you.

Promotional tactics to increase Web Push Opt-in

You must be running ads or contest for your user in order to get more orders and increase engagement. You can start similar tactics to increase your opt-in:


Run push notification opt-in only contest. Ask the user to subscribe to a notification to participate. For e.g. Quiz contest where you ask user questions in your notification or Treasure Hunt contest where you give clues in your notification. It will increase your opt-in rate as well as brand recall in the user’s mind. Keep the prize so compelling that the user cannot refuse. For e.g. If you are a travel site, you can offer free stay for a couple to a romantic destination.

Contest To Increase Push Opt-In Rate


Customers always check for reviews before buying anything. Why don’t you share the user experience of your push notification? You can ask the user who is already subscribed to your notification for testimonials. I am sure many of your subscribers must have benefited from your “Order tracking notification” or “price drop alert notification” or “free upgrade notification”. Run a review campaign and ask your subscriber for a testimonial. Showcase such testimonials on your website. This will create a brand image for the new users and increase your web push notification opt-in rate as well as push notification click-through rate.

Benefits Landing Page

How about landing page with all the benefits of push notifications from your site? Create a landing page describing all the benefits of subscribing to your notifications. You can include the testimonial on this page. Moreover, with a landing page, you can mention all the benefits of subscribing to the web push notification. You can even run paid promotions to bring more users to your site.

Another most important factor to increase your opt-in rate is to configure the Welcome Push Notifications. The user has subscribed to your push notification for certain benefits. To ensure that he/she has been subscribed successfully, you should always send a Welcome Notification. You can automate it or you can create a separate Web Push Drip Campaign for new subscribers. For a service-based company, a drip push notification campaign can convert subscribers to customers. A well-crafted Welcome Notification reinforces a positive image of your brand.

Free trial for push notification

How to convert users who have clicked “Deny” or “No” for your push notifications?

Push Notification Widget

Many times users are not interested or not convinced enough to subscribe to web push notifications. Once a user clicks “Deny”, the opt-in is not shown. However, you can even convert those users with simple Subscription Widget available at PushEngage. This will appear only to these users as a widget on the right corner and this way these customers will have another option to subscribe.

You can even edit the Title for your widget. For e.g., if your benefit is to offer Discount to your subscriber, then mention “Get Discount” as widget title. Keep your title in sync with what you are offering a benefit to customers.

So, if you are in search of the right strategies to improve your Opt-in Rate for Web Push Notifications, then you can test the above strategies. You should follow the best practices for sending Web Push Notifications and improve your success rate.

Web Push Notification Opt-In Rate

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