Is Free Push Notification Worth? (secrets revealed)

Push Notification has shown tremendous results in terms of customer re-engagement and value for money. Many push notification platforms are offering brilliant services. The cost of sending push notification is comparatively cheaper than any other re-engagement tool. However, there are push notification platforms which offer free web push notification. One would ask, is free notification worth?

Why would anybody go for paid web push services when there are service providers who are offering push notification for without charging a penny? Is unlimited free push notification service worth to use? Should I go for free push notification rather than paid ones?

We also get queries about the same. We will discuss the truth behind free web push notification and why you should avoid it.

Cost of using Push Notification service

At PushEngage, we are sending more than 9 billion push notifications per month. We spent a lot on the server to make sure our service runs uninterrupted. There is a cost involved in the development and maintenance of the platform. PushEngage web push platform is built for strong stability and scalability.

PushEngage has been serving customers for more than 5 years and we know that offering free push notification is not an option. So, what exactly is a free push notification service?

Types of Free Push Notification Plans

Free During Trial

Most of the push notification service provider offers a free trial for a certain duration. This is to make sure the customer can see the potential to push notification for their business.

During the trial period, the customer can try out the push notification features and see the ROI. The trial period ranges from 15 days to 30 days. The trial is necessary and we encourage all our new customers to go for the free trial.

Free trial of push notification service is worth.

Free trial for push notification

Free Push Notification with Limit

There is another type of free push notification where customer can use push notification service free for a lifetime. However, there is a limit to that.

This is very good for those websites who are just starting up. They still need to work on building traffic. As the traffic increase so will be their web push subscribers. In such a case, users do not have pay till they reach a certain number of subscribers (2500 for PushEngage). Once it hits the limit, the customer will be automatically converted to a paid plan.

In this scenario, the number of features is also limited. This is good for those who are starting up and growing. Since the subscription rate of push notification is higher than any other channels; the customer will see how fast the subscriber base is increasing. Once the customer starts sending push notifications, they can see its potential and convert to a paid plan.

Free push notification with limits is worth trying.

get started today with web push

Free Forever Push Notification

This is the plan which everyone is talking about –Unlimited Free Push Notification Forever.

Providers like Truepush, FoxPush are offering free push notification without any limits. Yes, that’s true and it’s completely free without any hidden cost.

Sounds too good to be true, right! Nothing comes free. You are not paying for using their push notification service, but you are agreeing to something more valuable than any paid plan. Let’s discuss the truth about unlimited free push notification service and why should you avoid it.

You are Sharing Customer Data

Once you sign up for free, do you think the service providers are giving free service? Apart from the dollar, the most important thing that they will take from your website is customer data.

Privacy policy of Truepush mentions:

 “…same data may be anonymized and shared internally or externally.”

They can even place cookies on your customer’s browser as well –

“….We or our ad-service platform may deploy online cookies to tracks users across websites or to associate users…”

FoxPush has also clearly mentioned in their TnC –

“..collect, use and disclose the Publisher Data to third parties..”

Essentially you are sharing loads of customer data. These data will then be used by them for their ad services.

Risk of Unlimited Free Push Notification service

Google Is Watching

In its latest update, Google has mentioned that it will be monitoring push notification for abusive content. Google will auto-subscribe to push notification and monitor notification for abusive content. If any website found sending abusive content, the site will be flagged for enforcement.

Once you sign up for push notification services that don’t charges, you do not have control over the types of push notification being sent. It’s their system that will decide which notification to be sent.

What happens if your website gets flagged? Who will take the responsibility? The service provider doesn’t guarantee that your site will never be flagged for abusive push notification content.

Entire push notification technology is based on the browser and Google Chrome browser comprises the biggest share of the browser market. If you get flagged for abusive push notification, you will losing out big share of your target market.


European regulation has made it mandatory for the websites to follow GDPR to safeguard user data and privacy. GDPR maintains that user consent being taken before planting cookies.

Most of the free push notification service mentions that they are GDPR compliant. However in case, your subscriber wants to be removed from the list, they have to contact the third party. Below is what is mentioned in Foxpush cookie policy –

“With regard to Cookies installed by third parties, Users can manage their preferences and withdrawal of their consent by clicking the related opt-out link (if provided), by using the means provided in the third party’s privacy policy, or by contacting the third party.”

At PushEngage, we make sure that our customer is compliant with all the regulations. We have features that specifically helps the customer to be GDPR compliant. Few of the features are:

Legal Consent: You have the option to show the legal consent to customer.


Unsubscribe Option for Subscribers: PushEngage allows you to enable unsubscribe option. On button click user can unsubscribe.

push unsubscribe option

If you are not using PushEngage, then start using now.

PushEngage For Chrome Push Notifications

Trust Breach

You have created a website with a lot of efforts. People like your content and product and keep visiting. They trust your brand and words. When they subscribe to your push notification, they want to get updates about your website.

Two ways you will lose visitors

  • Un-subscription

What happens once they start receiving notification about some other brands? Instead of receiving notification from your site, they will see some other notifications.

This is nothing but breaking of trust. Once they unsubscribe, they are not going to come back to your site. And in this digital world, spreading any news doesn’t take time.

  • To Competitors

What do you think happens to the customer data? Your competitors will buy those data and will start promoting their products on your website through push notifications.

Ultimately, you will start losing customers. Competitors are always looking for ways to get ahead of you.


Once you join any free push notification platform, you are agreeing to share your customer data. In the digital world, data is gold. It will be used by them or any third party for ad or other purposes.

Moreover, if you get flagged for abusive content, then also you will not have any control over what notification goes. Ultimately your push notification will be marked for abusive content and user will not subscribe to your push notifications.

web push plans

Just to save a few dollars, going for free push notification is not a good idea. Go for the paid plans and see the difference. You have started your business, not with a short term view; hence avoid any free push notification service. It is not worth the effort that you have put in creating your business.

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