How to Measure The Effectiveness Of Web Push Notifications

Do you want to measure the effectiveness of web push notifications? In this article, we will show the important metrics of push notification and how to analyze them. These are KPI for every push notification campaign you design. If you can measure the performance of web push notifications, then only you can improve them.

Web Push Notifications are one of the easiest ways to engage with your customers directly. Even when they are not on your website, you can interact with them. You are running different Push Notification campaign, you have done the right segmentation of push subscriber, identified the timing and all. PushEngage features are enriched to create different types of campaigns.

Why measure the effectiveness of push notifications?

To understand the impact of push notification strategy, we need to know the parameters to measure the push notification success rate and how we perform against the Push Notification Benchmark data. However, to get the best of the push notifications, we need to understand the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for our push campaign. Defining the push notification metrics is very important to measure success. We need to define KPI’s to measure the effectiveness of Push Notifications.

6 KPI’s Push Notification Metrics to measure the effectiveness of push notification

Push Notification Metrics Of Less Importance

The number of push notifications sent

Sending push notification regularly is a good practice so that your customers hear from you regularly. However, we must not overdo it and the number of push notifications sent doesn’t relate to the success of this channel. If you have sent more than 50 notifications, doesn’t mean that your campaign is a success. Often too many sends can lead to unsubscribes. Hence, you should rather send customized and targeted push notifications for better results.

Push Notifications are meant to update users instantly on important things. If you keep sending push notifications without any proper planning, it will only lead to un-subscription.

The frequency of notifications

If you are an e-commerce website, you can set up an auto-notification for browser abandonment or cart abandonment notification. However, if you send too many notifications to users who have browsed your products, it might lead to an increased un-subscription. You can set up a frequency of two notifications per day, but that doesn’t define the success metric of your push notification campaign.

There will be days when you have no offer or no new update to share, you can skip your push notification that day rather than repeating the notifications. Also, there will be days when you are running special offers and you want a user to come again and again to your site. You can then increase the notification frequency. The frequency of notification should then be counted as the measure of success for your push notification campaign.

Important Push Notification Metrics

Push Notification View Rate Metric

This is one of the important metrics to find the effectiveness of web push notifications. We want all our active subscribers to view our notification and this is the 1st thing we expect from our push notification. Unless we have a higher view count, we won’t be able to optimize our push notification campaign. For a higher response to push notification, we need to increase our View Rate beforehand.

View Rate = Total View/Total Sent

We want our Push Notification View Rate to be as high as possible.

If your view rate is low, what does that mean?

  • Timing is the problem

You are sending notifications when users are not active on your website. Timing is very crucial when it comes to sending push notifications. There is no use of sending notifications when your users are not active or not on browsers. Once you have enough data, analyze the sent notifications. See which notifications have got higher view rate. Timing may be different from day to day or month to month.

KPI Web Push Notification Timing

Cases for different timing:

  • Travel site: For travel sites like, the user becomes more active during long weekends, holidays, or when festivals are approaching. You can plan your push notification campaign accordingly. The timing of push notification will then vary according to the holiday calendar when a user starts looking for some travel deals or getaway places.
  • E-Commerce: If you are an e-commerce website selling ethnic dresses, users will become more active during festivals or special occasions. For e.g. during Independence Day celebration, people mostly put on ethnic wear, or during festivals like Diwali, people choose traditional attire. The notification timing will vary by month. You can send even personalized notification during such events.
  • Tax Savings: People are always looking for ways to save tax or to improve their investments. They become more active at the beginning and end of the financial year. People are very much keen on knowing the updates from the government on policies or any event which impacts the share market. The timing for the push notification will vary accordingly.
  • Grocery: Generally, people buy groceries at the beginning of every month. For e.g. Amazon offers a discount during the 1st three days of the month on groceries. They know when users are actively purchasing grocery items and have come up with the marketing plan. Similarly, if you are a grocery site, you can plan your push notification accordingly. Since you create a persona of users based on their buying trends, you can create personalized notifications as well.

As an online website, you will have subscribers from across the globe. We know that timing varies based on the geolocation. If you are sending a push notification at 4 PM from India, it doesn’t mean that it will be delivered at 4 PM in Canada. It will be delivered at 6:30 AM in Canada.

The best way to resolve such a problem is to use Customer Timezone. While sending push notification where local timing is important, select the customer timezone. In that case, push notification sent at 4 PM, will be delivered at 4 PM local time of each geo.

Push Notification Click Through Rate Metric

A second important metric to analyze the effectiveness of push notifications is the CTR. Once we know the right time of sending Web Push Notifications, the next thing we want the user is to click on our notifications. We should follow the best practices to design push notifications to increase the chance of users click the notifications. Every notification we send is a chance to engage with our users. Higher CTR means higher push notification engagement. The user is engaging with your Push Notification.

Click Through Rate= Total Click/ Total View

If you have found the right timing of sending a notification, then ensure to improve every element of Push Notification to create a better design. The push notification element will depend upon what type of Push Notification campaign you are focusing on.

Examples of Push Notification under different campaigns:

  • Lead Campaign: SaaS companies mainly run lead campaigns to get more customers for their products. Based on the action, you can send custom notifications to the user. For e.g., if the user has downloaded a PDF file, you can send an automatic drip campaign with a series of notifications with some good offers, as well as the relevant campaign.
    SaaS Product KPI Example Push Notification
    You can also Form Abandonment campaign in your lead generation form. Every time user doesn’t complete the form, it will automatically send push notification to the user and bring them back to complete the lead form.
  • Abandoned Cart Campaign: Cart Abandonment Notification is a very important one with several benefits for e-commerce websites. The study shows that the cart abandonment rate is around 67.45% which is pretty high. For the cart abandonment campaign, the notification should have the details and if possible with some limited time offer.

    Abandon Cart Push Notification-KPI Example Push Notification
  • Promotional Campaign: During festivals and special occasions, run some promotional campaigns. Also if you are launching a new product, start a promotional campaign. The notification for the promotional campaign could be: Limited Time Offer: You can create a special limited time offer focused on the event. For e.g. Exclusive Valentine Day Collection and offering 30% off.

    Promotional Notification KPI Example Push Notification
  • Intriguing: Create an intriguing notification to create curiosity in the user’s mind. Especially SaaS companies can use this while promoting a new product or feature.

    Intriguing Notification Effectiveness Of Push Notifications
  • Free For Early Bird: If you have created a new product, you need to get the user’s attention to your product. Create a notification offering free to early users and ask them to write about it. This will lead to word of mouth promotion for your product as well.

    Early Bird Offer KPI Example Push Notification
  • Re-Engagement Campaign: At times users can become inactive. Create Push Notification targeted specifically for inactive users, who have not visited your site, and give them some offers.

There are push notification playbooks which come in handy for creating campaigns. It will give a complete idea of what type of campaigns you can create based on different criteria. It covers from the basic to advance campaigns.

Push Notification Opt-In Rate Metric

For the success of any Web Push Notification, you need a healthy subscriber base. This is one of the most important metrics to measure the effectiveness of web push notifications. You should configure your Push Notification Opt-In for different messages and formats to see which works better for your user. You can also use different placement for your desktop and mobile. Things to check for Web Push Notification Opt-In Rate:

Type of Opt-In: You can choose from a range of different types of Push Opt-In.

push notification opt-in type

Color and Format: You can test with different colors for your Opt-In design. Also, test with different fonts to see which has more impact.

push notification opt-in color font

Messaging: Test with different messaging for your Push Opt-In. You have multiple places in Push Opt-In where you can edit the text.

push notification opt-in text

With Funnel Analytics you can check which of the Web Push Opt-in works best for your website. Funnel Analytics for Push Opt-In shows you details of 1st impression, 2nd impression and what the Opt-In rate.

Push Notification Opt-In Analytics

Based on the Push Notification case studies, we have found that single step push notification opt-in offers far better results as compared to two steps opt-in. The reason could be:

  • Single click subscription: Unlike two steps opt-in, users can subscribe to push notification in a single click.
  • Browser-based: Single click opt-in copy is browser-based. You cannot change the text, however, the browser decides in which language to show the opt-in copy based on browser or OS location

The subscription opt-in is a key metric to gauge the performance of push notification. Without optimized opt-in, you won’t be getting any subscribers to target to.

Revenue From Push Notification Metric

The next important thing is how much revenue or lead is generated with Push Notifications. Once a user clicks on the notification, he will be directed to a landing page.

The conversion usually depends on how your landing page is designed. The most important aspect of a landing page related to Push Notification is:

Landing Page: Landing page should be relevant to what the notification is all about. If the landing pages and push notification doesn’t sync with the message conveyed, it will lead to an increased bounce rate.

Push Notifications are consumed in real-time and are not stored. So once a user views the notification or if the notification gets expired, it will be gone from the browser, the user will not be able to recall what the notification was. So your landing page becomes very important.

Let’s take an example: you are promoting a limited time coupon code. The user clicks on it and lands on a landing page. However, the landing page doesn’t mention anything about the coupon, and user will not know what the code was. This will create discontent in the user’s mind and will leave the page.

Keep your Landing Page relevant to the Push Notification Message.

Reading Push Notification Metrics Together

The next thing is to analyze the Push Notification Result and see how to read the Push Notification metrics. Below the table is an easy way to do a quick analysis of your Push Notification: *considering your landing page is optimized for conversion/lead

Reading Push Notification Metrics Together

Analysis of the Push Notification Metric:

Case 1

Notification View Rate: High; Click Through Rate: Low

View Rate high means your Push Notifications are delivered at the right time; when your users are more active. They have seen your Push Notifications. But your Click Through Rate is low which indicates either:

Target Problem: The segment that you have chosen for the notification can’t relate to your notifications. Your targeting was wrong for this notification.
Test: Send notification to a different segment and check the result.

Content Problem: Maybe the segment was correct but your Push Notification content couldn’t entice the users to click on it.
Test: Make some changes in the content of your notification and resend.

Case 2

Notification View Rate: Low; Click Through Rate: High

View Rate low means your notification wasn’t viewed by most of your users. The push notification got expired before your user becomes active. But Click Through Rate is high which indicates that your user liked your push notification and clicked on it to see the details. Also, your Push Notification was sent to the right segment. Though only a few viewed the notification, they had more engagement with the push notification sent.

Timing Problem: Analyze the timing history of your past notification and see the best times when your user is active. Timing may vary day/week/month wise.
Test: Send the notification again but at different timings to see the result.

Case 3

Notification View Rate: Low; Click Through Rate: Low

Both your Push Notification View Rate and Click Through Rate is low. It indicates that you have a problem with your content, target, and timing.

Timing Problem: First thing you should do is to analyze the timing. Analyze the old notifications and see which timing got the best View Rate.
Test: Send your notification again but at the right time

Target Problem and Content Problem: Check the result when you send your push notification at the right time. Once you have the data, analyze it to understand whether it’s a Target Problem or Content Problem and accordingly make the changes.

Case 4

Notification View Rate: High; Click Through Rate: High

This is what we want for every Web Push Notification we send. View Rate high means it was sent at the right time when your users were active and push notification didn’t expire. Also, the content was great which enticed the user to click on your Notification. The Notification was sent to the right segment and so the user engaged with your push notification. If you follow the KPI effectively, you can easily master the Push Notification.

The 6 KPIs to measure the effectiveness of Push Notification.

KPI For Push Notifications

This completes the important KPI’s to measure the effectiveness of push notifications. Do analyze your web push campaign based on the KPI’s mentioned. It will definitely help you to optimize your campaign and improve performance.

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