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9 Best Credit Card Payment Plugins for WordPress in 2024

Looking for the best credit card payment plugin for WordPress sites? Credit card payment plugins are the best way to accept online payments on your site.

But what credit card plugin do you use for your WordPress site? Does it matter if you’re running a service site, an eCommerce store, or a membership platform? Which one’s the right option for your business?

In this article, we’re going to go over the best credit card payment plugins for WordPress on the market. Then, we’re going to give you our top recommendation.

Let’s dive in.

Why Use a Credit Card Payment Plugin for WordPress?

Credit cards are among the most popular modes of payment. If you’re planning to monetize your site without accepting credit card payments, you’re leaving money on the table.

Accepting credit card payments will improve your conversion rate. If you’re running an eCommerce site, this can reduce your cart abandonment rates as well.

Before you begin, you will need to enable HTTPS/SSL on your website so that you can securely accept credit card payments. If you’re not sure how to do that, you can follow this simple guide on how to get a free SSL certificate for your WordPress site.

The Best Credit Card Payment Plugin for WordPress

Now that we understand why you should be using a credit card payment plugin for WordPress, it’s time to check out the best options in the market. There are multiple WordPress plugins to add credit card payments to your site. But which one’s the best for you? Let’s start with a list of the most popular options.

Then, we’ll give you our top recommendation.

#1. WP Simple Pay Pro

credit card payment plugin wordpress

WP Simple Pay is exactly what it sounds like. It makes online payments simple on your WordPress site. It’s easy to use, highly reliable and requires zero coding to set up.

The best part? WP Simple Pay helps you focus on creating products and selling them without having to worry about accepting payments from across the world.

All customer and payment information is stored on your Stripe account, not on your WordPress website. As a result, the plugin won’t bloat your site like other alternatives. WP Simple Pay offers the simplest way to add Stripe payments to your WordPress site.

And setting up WP Simple Pay is super simple.

Here’s a quick look at the top features in WP Simple Pay Pro:

  • Payment Form Builder
  • Stripe Checkout Payment Pages Builder
  • Custom Amount Payments
  • Custom Subscription Options
  • Discounts with Coupon Codes
  • Alternative Payment Methods
  • Customized Payment Confirmation Flow

And more! You can get a closer look at the features in our review of WP Simple Pay Pro.

#2. WPForms Pro


WPForms is the most powerful drag-and-drop WordPress form builder. It’s super easy to build a fully custom form for your WordPress site in a few minutes using the plugin.

WPForms can help you create any type of contact form, payment form, survey form, registration form, and newsletter optin form you can think of.

They have over 300 templates in the Pro version that are proven to work. You can instantly import these templates and launch the form in minutes. WPForms is completely beginner-friendly. Anyone can use it to create powerful forms.

The plugin comes only with core essentials. So, if you need more functionality in your forms, you can always install an addon. This keeps the plugin lightweight and simple to use.

With WPForms, you get:

  • A Beginner-Friendly Form Builder
  • Multi-step Forms
  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • Conditional Field Logic
  • Form Abandonment Campaigns
  • Form Landing Pages
  • Popup Contact Forms

And more. The best part is that you can directly create WordPress payment forms that accept payments using Stripe. All you need is a Stripe account and the WPForms plugin to get started.

Add Credit Card Payments to WPForms

Using WPForms to accept credit card payments is a really great option if you’re not running an eCommerce site with a cart. It’s perfect for agencies and freelancers.

#3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downlods

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a WordPress plugin that’s designed to sell digital goods. So, if you’re looking to sell any digital product and want to set it up quickly, Easy Digital Downloads is your safest bet.

One of the most difficult things to do when you’re just starting a new business is dealing with technical issues. This becomes especially hard when the technical issues are related to how you accept money for your goods.

With Easy Digital Downloads, that’s never an issue.

Right out of the box, you get integrations for Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. But that’s not all.

You can install extensions for a lot of different payment gateways:

Payment Gateway Integrations for EDD

Here’s what you get with EDD:

  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Software License Creator
  • Recurring Payments
  • Multi-Vendor Platform
  • Email Marketing Integrations
  • Custom Deliverables for Freelancers
  • Commissions for Affiliates and Vendors
  • Instant Product Comparisons

And more. If you need a closer look at the features, you should check out our review of Easy Digital Downloads.

#4. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is free and open-source software built on top of WordPress, which is also free and open-source. WooCommerce was designed to build robust online stores for digital and physical products. So, naturally, you get a ton of great features such as:

And so much more!

WooCommerce offers PayPal and Stripe payments right out of the box. It also supports all major payment gateways through plugins and addons.

WooCommerce Payment options

#5. MemberPress


MemberPress is one of the easiest WordPress membership site plugins to use. It also comes with an entire suite of great features to help you grow and monetize your members’ community. The coolest part is that you can monetize any community using MemberPress because it supports payments through Stripe.

To get started all you need to do is:

  • Install the plugin
  • Configure your payment gateway
  • Create different membership levels
  • Add perks to each membership level
  • Add some products

And you’re good to go! After that, it’s a matter of inviting people to join your membership program.

You can also restrict access to different pages, post types, tags, and categories based on your membership levels. The best part is that you get a course builder as well. So, if you’re thinking of creating courses for your members, you can do that without having to install any other plugin.

#6. LearnDash


LearnDash is probably the world’s most advanced learning management software. It’s also a tool to build a paid community around digital courses. You get complete control over who gets access to your courses and for how long.

The cool bit is that you can use Stripe to monetize your courses instantly.

You can even curate courses and exclusive perks to create packaged deals and membership plans. So, as soon as someone signs up as a member, they’ll instantly get access to every course that’s associated with the membership plan.

And if you want to take your membership to a whole new level, you can even integrate LearnDash with other membership plugins such as MemberPress to unlock even more powerful features.

#7. WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe

WP Full Stripe offers an easy and secure way to accept Stripe on your website. It’s an alternative to WP Simple Pay which also offers recurring payments and subscriptions using Stripe.

Popular features include:

  • Save Credit Card Info to Charge Customers Later
  • Integration with Pricing Tables
  • PCI-DSS Compliant Plugin to Store Credit Card Information
  • Custom Payment Forms
  • Fully Customizable Payment Confirmation Page
  • Accepts 100+ Currencies

If you’re setting up a Stripe WordPress plugin for the first time, WP Full Stripe is a fine choice. It’s beginner-friendly and easy to set up.

#8. Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a WordPress plugin to process payments using Stripe. You get a one-click payment via Stripe with a “remember me” feature. So, it’s a really great match for membership sites and LMS platforms.

Some of the best features include:

  • Responsive Designs for Payment Forms
  • Shortcodes for Buy Now Buttons
  • Easy and Quick Setup and Installation
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Compliant
  • “Authorize Only” Payment Options

And if you’re looking for a free payment gateway plugin for WordPress, this could be an excellent choice for you.

#9. YITH WooCommerce Stripe

YITH WooCommerce Stripe

YITH WooCommerce Stripe is the last WordPress Stripe plugin on our list. It’s a super popular choice and YITH is an extremely well-known and trusted WooCommerce plugin developer. As the name suggests, you can use the plugin on any WooCommerce site. So, it’s mostly focused on eCommerce businesses.

Unlike the other plugins on this list, this one comes with one-click refunds. As with Stripe Payments, you can authorize payment on a card and collect it later on. You can also enable subscription renewals with another credit card if the existing credit card fails.

YITH WooCommerce Stripe is a pretty sophisticated plugin for bigger eCommerce brands. So, you can set up custom actions such as partial or full refunds using webhooks. This means that you can customize the functionality of the plugin even further if you have a developer to support you.

It’s also SCA compliant.

What’s the Best Credit Card Payment Plugin for You?

You should check out our tutorial on how to add credit card payments to your WordPress site next.

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