How To Increase Push Notification Click-Through Rate?

Do you want to increase the push notification click-through rate? In this article, we will show you the exact steps to increase the click rate for your push notification campaigns.


Why Push Notification Click through Rate is important.

Click-through rate is a very important metric of push notifications. It shows the performance of your push notification. The important benefits of high click-through rate in push notifications are:

  • Increase in repeat traffic: Subscribers are clicking on your notification and coming back to your site. An increase in repeat traffic means subscribers are more engaged with your brand.
  • High conversion: It means that subscribers are engaging with your brand. This increases the chances of conversion.
  • Better data: High click-through rate will give you more data about your customers. You can segment them better for future communications.

How to increase push notification click-through rate:

Below are 10 best ways to improve your push notification click-through rate drastically:

Push Notification Settings

To improve the CTR of push notifications, the 1st thing to do is make some changes in the basic settings. These settings have a direct impact on Push Notification CTR.

Local language

One of the most effective tactics to improve click-through rate is the local language. Send push notifications in the local language. It creates an emotional relationship with customers.


The most important thing for improving the CTR of push notifications is timing. Even if you create perfect push notifications, but sent in wrong time will lead to low CTR.

You can use the customer time zone feature to send the notification at a local time. The same notification will be delivered to subscribers based on their time zone.

AB Testing

Push Notification allows you to create multiple campaigns. The success of the campaign depends on the push notification. To increase your chance of success, do AB testing of push notification.

AB testing allows you to test different parameters of push notifications. This way you can choose the best performing push notification to get a high CTR.

Targeted Push Notifications

People subscribe to your push notification for different reasons. Segment your subscribers based on different attributes. Segmentation helps you in sending targeted push notifications.

Study shows that notification sent to segment lead to a 2X increase in CTR. This is one of the most effective tactics to increase Push Notification CTR.

Push Notification Copy

Even after doing all the proper settings, the CTR will not improve unless you work on the Push Notification copy. This is what your subscribers will be seeing. So, the next important tactics to improve Push Notification CTR will be to create a better copy.

How do you write a good push notification?

Your customers are already bombarded with loads of push notifications. If your push notification is poorly crafted, your subscriber will ignore it and you will lose a potential sale. However, if you create a push notification that entices customers to click it, your chance of getting a new customer increases. So how do you write a good push notification that results in high CTR?

Below are the proven tactics in creating push notifications that can increase your CTR:

Show Value

One of the ways to increase the CTR of push notifications is to show value to subscribers.  Instead of sending too many notifications, send notifications only when it adds value to the customer.

Subscribers will realize that every notification you send, they get some value. The value could be in terms of savings, knowledge or any form of information. In long run, this will help you to build trust and increase the CTR of your notifications.

Use Emojis

Emotions play a huge role in shopping decisions. Using emojis you can trigger emotions easily. Include emojis in your push notification title to increase the CTR of your web push campaigns.


By nature, we all want are curious. The same applies to push notifications as well. Make an intriguing title to create curiosity on the subscriber’s mind. Out of curiosity, the subscriber will click your notifications.


Urgency can easily drive your push notification CTR. It creates a feeling of missing out on opportunities. When a subscriber receives a notification showing the urgency, they will click on it to know what they are missing. This will drive up your Push Notification CTR.


When something is scarce, everybody wants to have some part of it. Create a sense of scarcity with your push notification. The subscriber would not want to miss out on something that is scarce and will click your push notification. It will not only increase push notification CTR but conversion too.

Feel Special

Everybody wants to feel special. Whenever any subscriber takes an action like a purchase, compliment them. Make them feel a proud owner of that product. After every purchase, let the customer know that they have made the right decision. Apart from an increase in Push Notification CTR, it will also boost the relationship with the customer.

Now you know how to increase the push notification click-through rate. Start implementing the above and see the impact on the performance of push notifications.

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