Are You Using Push Notifications The Right Way?

Web push notifications have emerged to be one of the best re-engagement channels. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. You also must be using web push notifications. But, are you using push notifications the right way? This thought must have crossed your mind. In this article, we will show you how to use push notifications the right way to generate revenue.

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Many online websites have started using web push notifications. The best part of using push notifications is the ease of use. You do not need to go through hour-long tutorials to use it. You can get ROI in a very short period using web push notifications. We will show the best practices when using push notifications. You can then analyze whether you are using push notifications the right way.

19 tips to use push notifications effectively

When creating

When creating notifications, make sure to follow the below tactics. It will improve the overall KPI of your push notification campaign.

Crisp copy

In push notifications, there is a character limit. Make sure to keep the copy crisp and simple. Make sure the title and description convey the message. Your copy should trigger the subscriber’s emotion. Few of the tactics to create perfect copy are:

  • Urgency: Show urgency in your notifications. E.g. “last 3 hours left”, “Free shipping for next 10 orders”.
  • Curiosity: Another trigger to drive engagement is curiosity. E.g. “Proven tricks of AdWords”, “Secrets of SEO”.
  • Informative: You can even create an informative title to drive conversions.
  • Scarcity: When something is scarce, people want a piece of it. Create notifications that show scarcity. E.g. “Last 50 pieces”.

Try images

Image delivers a message clearly than text. Try to use images in push notifications. Make sure the image is relevant.

Use emojis

Emojis plays a great role in triggering emotions. In push notifications, you can use emojis in notification title and descriptions.

Experiment with CTA

You can include CTA in push notifications. Make sure to use them. You can experiment with the copy of the CTA to see which generates a high click rate.

When sending

Sending is very crucial when comes to push notification. Even after creating the perfect push notification, you forgot the best practices of sending a push notification, the performance of the campaign will not improve.


We all know what push notifications are. It is delivered directly on the browser. What happens when someone logs on the browser after a week’s holiday? He will be bombarded with loads of push notifications. The subscriber may unsubscribe from your notifications.

The only way to avoid such a scenario is to use expiry. Always put expiry on your push notifications while sending.

Send to segment

Every subscriber is different. Segment customers based on different parameters. Always send to segment when sending push notifications. The study shows that the click rate of push notification sent to segment leads to 2X click rates as compared to the notification sent to all.

AB testing

If you are not sure whether the notification will work or not, do AB testing of push notifications. It will give more clarity on notification performance.

Subscriber time-zone

As a website, you are having subscribers from different nations. The same notification will be delivered in the morning at one location but at late night in another location. This will lead to a lower click through rate.

Always select subscriber time-zone when sending notifications. This will ensure that notification is delivered at the local time of the subscriber.

In-built campaign

The push notification platform offers a lot of in-built campaign. These campaigns are built to help you improve customer engagement and increase revenue. Don’t forget to use them. To use push notification the right way, always activate the below campaigns. This will open up the benefits of web push notifications.

Cart abandonment

We all about the cart abandonment issue on an online website. It is one of the most common causes of lost revenue. In the web push notification platform, you will find cart abandonment campaign is all set up by default.

Make sure to activate the campaign. Follow the instruction to start a cart abandonment campaign on the website. It will automatically reach out to cart abandonment users and bring them back to the website to complete the order. You can easily reduce cart abandonment using push notifications.

Browse abandonment

Similar to cart abandonment, many people browse products and leave. These are potential leads. You can easily target them using the browse abandonment campaign.

Form abandonment

Many websites need more details to serve the customer better. They also run the lead campaign on their website. However, not all users complete and submit the form. You can run a lead campaign using push notifications.

In web push notifications, you can create a form abandonment campaign easily. It will get triggered whenever the user doesn’t fill the form and bring them back to the website.

Price/Inventory alert

Alerts are a strong driver to take action. In push notifications, you have price drop and inventory alert created by default.

Whenever the price drops or the product is back in stock, it will automatically update the subscriber by sending notifications.  From the push notification dashboard, you can activate the campaign.

Drip campaign

One of the best ways to nudge users about your brand, product, and service is through the Drip campaign. Add a series of push notification that shows the benefits of signing up with your website.

You can even create targeted drip campaigns for different segments.

Trigger Campaign

As a website, you know the different important action points on your website. Whenever a subscriber takes those actions, it indicates their potential to convert to a customer.

In the push notification platform, you can create a custom trigger campaign to target such subscribers. Whenever any subscriber takes such actions, you can trigger a specific series of notifications to be sent to such subscribers. This will directly impact your push notification performance.


Web push notifications are delivered instantly to the browser. During any event, you can use push notifications to instantly update user about it.

Flash sale

Many eCommerce websites run a flash sale to boost conversions. This sale runs for a very limited period. The success of the flash sale depends on timing. Using push notifications you can instantly send a notification to a subscriber about the flash sale.

New launch

Launching any new product is always an excitement. The excitement gets double when your subscriber also knows about it. Using push notifications, you can update subscribers about the new product. You can create a series of push notifications showcasing various features of the new product and why should they buy.


Reviews are an integral part of every online business. Customers always check out the review before making any purchase decision. Run review campaign using push notifications. Whenever a customer makes any purchase, you can trigger review campaigns.


Every country has its list of a celebration for the year. Run sale campaign during celebrations. Using push notifications you can send series of push notifications during the sale event.


Every season brings reason to shop. With push notifications, update users about the seasonal event. With push notifications, you can get success in your sales campaign.

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Using push notifications the right way can help your overall marketing goal. Whether you are looking to increase subscriber, engagement or conversions, push notifications can help you succeed. Now you know the right way to use push notifications. These are the proven tactics to get the best out of web push notifications.

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