How To Generate Leads Using Push Notifications

Do you want to generate leads using push notifications? In this article, we will show how you can use push notifications to generate leads.

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Lead generation is the most crucial part of every business. Having a healthy flow of quality lead is a must for running any business. Everyone who is visiting your website could be a qualified lead. You need to plan out the strategies to convert the potential lead.

For most of the lead generation program, you need a form to be filled up. The website tries to collect maximum information from the user to serve them better. However, people just don’t click, enter details and submit. You need to show benefits or value in it. This is where web push notifications can help you. Using web push notifications you can easily increase your subscriber base. Once you have the subscriber, you can then nurture them to convert them to a potential lead. So, how push notifications can help generate leads?

3 tactics to generate leads using push notifications


The key to increasing lead using push notifications is segmentation. When the user subscribes to your push notification, you may not know the interest level of the subscriber. If you send notification about form fill now, the chances of low engagement are high.

Create segment

To increase the form fill rate, start understanding the user action. You know the important points on your website. If the user takes action on those points indicates the interest level of the subscriber. Using push notifications you can segment such subscribers.

Take an example. You have a job site that caters to two broad segments – job seeker and recruiter. When somebody subscribes you do not know whether the person is a job seeker or a recruiter. Now you observe the action taken by the subscriber. If the subscriber is searching for a job, you will put him in the job seeker segment. If the subscriber is looking for a candidate, you will put him in the recruiter segment. Now you have your segment. You can now send a notification to the targeted segment to fill out the lead form.

Similarly for your website, you need to identify the action points that will indicate the interest level of the subscriber. Using push notifications, you can segment subscribers in multiple ways.


When a new user subscribes, he may not know much about your site. So if you send your lead form, the chances of turning it down are high.

Start a drip campaign. You can use the drip feature to create multiple targeted campaigns. Using a drip campaign you can nurture your subscribers by sharing important facts about your website. Drip campaigns start sending push notifications automatically when a new subscriber enters the segment.

Web Push Notification Guide for Ecommerce Sites Welcome Notification Drip

One drip that you must have is the Welcome Drip. It will run for every new user who subscribes to your push notifications. This is where you need to create your brand over the subscriber’s mind. The next drip should be based on the custom segments that you have created based on the customer’s action. You can include the lead form in your drip push notification series.

Form abandonment

One of the common issues that you can face in lead generation is form abandonment. The subscriber fills the 1st section but leaves the form. This is very common. Using push notification you can easily recover those lost leads. Create form abandonment campaign on web push notifications.

create form abandonment drip

When a user doesn’t complete the lead form, the form abandonment campaign gets activated automatically. It will start sending a series of push notifications. With form abandonment, you can specifically target those subscribers who have abandoned the form.

This concludes the top tactics to generate leads using push notifications. If your business is focused on lead generation, then push notification is a must-have tool. Push notification is easy to install and use. Moreover, if you have a limited budget, the web push notification is the best tool to generate leads.

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