How To Increase Web Push Subscribers On Job Sites?

Do you want to increase web push subscribers on job sites? In this article, we will show you different ways to increase push subscribers on job sites.


In this digital era, people always look for jobs online. This led to many online job portals. Job site serves a dual purpose. It connects job seekers and recruiter. As a job site, you need both the segments on your website. Web Push Notification has helped job websites to keep updated with the latest job postings. Job seekers get an instant update on their browsers. You get benefitted only when a job seeker is placed. For that, you need more subscribers. To increase your chance of conversions, you need more subscribers to your job site. So, how to increase push subscribers on the job site?

5 Tactics to Increase Web Push Subscribers on Job Sites

Benefits of Signing up With Your Site

Many online job sites offer job-related information. So, how is your website different? Why should job seekers sign up for your push notification?

While showing your optin, you should answer the above questions. Mention the benefits of subscribing to your push notifications clearly in a concise manner. Below are few templates you can use:

  • Click on Allow to get updates on Active Job Listing
  • Want to know the latest job opening instantly? Click on ‘Allow’ now.
  • Click on ‘Allow’ and you will never miss applying for the best job opening.
  • Looking for a career switch? Click on ‘Allow’ to keep updated with the latest job openings.

Showing the benefits of push optin will increase web push subscribers on job sites.

How to show benefits to the visitor:

Go to PushEngage dashboard->Settings->Subscription Settings->Optin Management

subscription overlay

Check the box to Enable Subscription Overlay.

Mention the copy of the benefit and update.

subscription overlay in job site

The push optin will now show the benefits section also.

Delay in showing the optin

When a user is coming to a job website, they are looking for new openings or job-related information. Let them 1st get around your website. Show the optin after the user has spent some time on your website.

Benefits of putting delay:

If the customer finds value in that short period, the chance of subscribing to push notification becomes high.

As a website owner, you will also know what the user is looking for. It will help you to segment visitors to different job categories. Later you can use this data to send targeted push notifications.

With a little delay in place, visitors will not find the optin intrusive. This will increase the chance of subscribing to push notifications.

In PushEngage dashboard, you can put delay in two ways:

  • Based on time spent
  • Based on page scrolled

Choose the optin delay that suits your website. It will improve the push subscription rate for the job website.

subscription optin delay

Click To Subscribe

Many times users do not like to see any kind of optin and find it intrusive. The best way to get those users subscribed to your push notifications is through “Text”.

You can create a banner and put a subscription link on it. When the user clicks on it, it will show the optin. On-Click subscribe can be used in multiple ways.

Go to PushEngage dashboard to activate on-click optin.

Subscription on button click and URL with PushEngage

Get Notification Widget

Job websites receive lots of traffic from job seekers and recruiters. However, many times they click on ‘Block’ on the push notification optin. They will keep visiting your website. Once they start getting value, they would like to subscribe to your push notification. Since they have already blocked the optin, it will not appear on the browser. So how can they subscribe for job notification?

Get Notification Widget

Using the Get Notification Widget you can give second chance to such users. It will allow users to subscribe to your push notification optin. Create a copy to entice the user to click on the widget and then subscribe to your push notification.

This will help you regain lost push subscribers.

Rule-Based Optin

As a job site, you have multiple pages. Many pages will be just informative. If the user receives subscription optin on those pages, will they subscribe? The chances of blocking the notification will be high. Those users may not be interested currently and they are just going through website information. Only if they search for some job and get some value, they will subscribe.

subscription opt-in display rules

This is where rule-based optin can help you. Getting subscribers is one and getting relevant subscribers is another. However, you will be paying the push notification platform even for those subscribers.

Benefits of rule-based optin:

  • Relevant subscribers: You may get subscribers from those pages but they may not be relevant. This will increase the targeted subscriber base for your job site.
  • Reduced Cost: You pay the push notification service provider based on the number of subscribers. It doesn’t if the subscriber is relevant or not. With rule-based optin, it will minimize the number of irrelevant subscribers. That will reduce the overall cost.

How to activate rule-based push optin:

Go to PushEngage dashboardàSettingsàSubscription SettingsàOptin Management

Check the box to Enable Subscription Rules.

Include/Exclude the URL pattern and update

Push Notification optin will now be displayed based on the rule. With rule-based optin, you can improve the quality of your subscriber base.

Optin Reminder

Some users always block any kind of notifications. A job seeker is already going through a lot of websites. If every job sites start showing optin, he may keep clicking on the block notification all the time. With the quitter UI is enabled on the browser, those users will never see your push notification optin. So how do we allow such users to subscribe to your push notification?

Your job site is delivering value to the job seeker. However, you are not able to get them subscribed due to a quieter UI. Using the optin reminder, you can easily target such users.


As the name suggests, Optin reminder will remind the user to subscribe to your push notification. It will show the clear instruction to the user on how to subscribe to your push notification.

Activate the push subscription opt-in reminder prompt from the PushEngage dashboard. This will increase the subscription rate on your site.

These are the best tactics to increase web push subscribers on job sites. Using PushEngage, you can easily implement the above and improve the subscription rate. As a job website, you want to keep the job seekers updated with the latest job posting. With push notifications, you can now instantly update them. This will benefit your subscriber as well as your business. If you haven’t started using push notifications, this is the right time to start.


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