How To Increase Subscribers On Shopify Store Using Push Notification?

Do you want to increase subscribers on the Shopify store? In this article, we will show the exact steps you can use to increase your subscriber base.

Creating an eCommerce website on Shopify is very easy. They have everything automated. You can also use the free themes available on the Shopify platform for your website. You can run paid promotion to bring traffic to your site.

However, sales are not increasing. Usually, people do not buy on 1st visit. You need to re-engage visitors. How do you engage visitors if they do not subscribe? To increase the subscriber base is one of the tough challenges that every website faces. We will show how you can capitalize your traffic by getting them subscribed to your Shopify Store.

Benefits of large subscriber base

Do you know the benefits of a large subscriber base? Here are top 4 benefits of having large subscriber base:

  • Increase Revenue: Large subscriber base means you already have potential customers. You only need to reach out to them with the right proposition to convert them to customers.
  • Valuable Feedback: When many persons share feedback on a product or service, you have better clarity on the issue. This will help to improve your business.
  • Campaign Testing: You can test different types of campaigns with a larger base. AB testing results will give conclusive results.
  • New Product Ideas: If you want to are thinking of a new product, you already have potential customers who can share ideas for the new product. It will not only increase engagement but also give them a sense of ownership of the product.

As you can see increasing the subscriber base has more benefits than just increasing traffic. If you have not focused on increasing subscriber base, don’t worry. We will show you how you increase subscribers using Push Notifications.

How to increase subscribers on Shopify Store using Push Notification

You can use the PushEngage app for push notifications on the Shopify store. It offers multiple features to increase the subscriber base. PushEngage offers extensive features to increase the push subscription rate. Before going forward you need to 1st install the PushEngage app on your Shopify store.

Install PushEngage App

Open your Shopify Dashboard and go-to app. Search for PushEngage app and install.

After installing, open your Shopify Store. You will see the push notification opt-in which indicates that the installation was successful.

Let’s see how you increase subscribers on Shopify store using Push Notifications

Here are 6 tactics you can use to increase subscriber based on Shopify store:


Do you like to get an optin the moment you land up on a website? It’s very intrusive. The user wants to look around the website 1st before taking any action. Give them some time to look around before showing them optin. There are two ways to put delay in push notification optin:

From the PushEngage dashboard, go to Settings->Subscription Dialogbox Settings->Click on Edit.

edit subscription dialog box

You have two ways to delay the optin:

subscription optin delay

Based on time spent

You can mention the delay in terms of time. The time is in seconds. Ideally, you can put 5 seconds. However, you can test and see how much delay is favourable for your Shopify business.

Based on page scrolled

You can also show optin based on the page scrolled. E.g. if you put 20%, then the optin will appear the only user has scrolled 20% of the page.

Always put a delay on your push notification optin to increase the subscription rate.

Optin Overlay

Why should users subscribe to your push notifications? In the case of email subscriptions, you can easily create an email subscription optin with visuals and copy.

In the case of push notifications also, you can share the benefits of subscribing to your push notifications. You need to enable the optin overlay.

Go to Settings->Subscription Dialog box settings. Scroll down and you will see the optin overlay.

push notification optin overlay for Shopify store

Click to enable it. You can also set the opacity of the overlay. Below is the preview of the subscription optin.

subscription optin preview in Shopify store

Over here, you can create a copy showing the benefits of subscribing to push notifications. Below are some examples:

  • Subscribe Now and Get Exclusive 20% Discount Coupon
  • Want to get an instant update? Subscribe Now.
  • Secret gift for you. Subscribe now to know.

To increase subscribers, optin overlay is very important. This is where you need to convince the user to subscribe to push notifications.

On-Click Optin

You also have the option of not showing the opt-in. However, you want users to click and subscribe to your notification. You can create a very catchy copy and put a Call To Action button. When the user clicks, the subscription optin will appear and the user can subscribe to push notifications.

To enable this, you need to call a small code on your CTA. You can follow this guide to implement an on-click push subscription on your store.

This is also one powerful way to increase the subscription rate for push notifications. This will give you a genuine user who wants to subscribe. You will see that the open rate of notification for such subscriber is higher than any other subscribers.

Get Notification Widget

Many times customer finds the push notification optin to be intrusive and blocks it. In such a case the optin will not appear for the user. What happens if the user comes back and now wants to subscribe to your Shopify store?

There is an easy way to enable subscription optin for such users. Use Get Notification Widget. It is available under Subscription Dialog Box Settings. Click the checkbox to enable it.

get notification widget for Shopify store

This is just like optin abandonment, where the user has blocked and now wants to subscribe to your push notification.

You can change the copy of the button and use some power words to increase the subscription rate.

Customized Optin

Single optin doesn’t give you any customization option. If you want to customize your optin, you can easily do so in push notifications.

In the subscription dialog box, choose any of the subscription optin, except a single step. There is a total of 6 different types of optin you can customize. You can easily configure the subscription optin.

It allows you to change the messaging, the color of the text, position of the optin, CTA button color.

customized optin for Shopify store

In this type of optin, you have an intermediate page that you can edit. This gives you more area to convey the benefits of subscribing to your Shopify store. Sometimes customized optin can convey the benefits of a push notification with more clarity.

Optin Analytics

The last but most important thing is analytics. If you cannot measure the performance of push notification optin, then you cannot optimize it. In PushEngage, you can analyze the performance of optin using optin analytics.

It gives you a clear picture of which optin is performing well. You can AB test different parameters of optin and see which is giving a better subscription rate. Below are some of the test you can run on push notification optin:

  • Test different copies
  • Use different optin types
  • Show different optin for mobile and desktop
  • Use different types of delay

This completes the step by step process increase subscribers in Shopify store using Push Notification. If you are struggling with a lower subscription rate, start applying the above tactics. It will give a boost to your subscriber base.

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