Chrome Push Notifications

With PushEngage you can send Push Notification to user’s who are on chrome browser. PushEngage enables you to create and send chrome push notifications to your user.

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What are Chrome Push Notifications

Most Popular Browser

As per browser stats, Chrome browser is the one of the top browser used both in desktop and mobile devices.

Reaches even when users are away

Your user will receive instant notification on their chrome browser even when they are not on your website.

PushEngage Features on Chrome Browser

Rich Notification

Rich Notifications

Include large image in your push notifications, which is only available in Chrome from version 56+. Notification which had large image got 62% higher CTR as compared to regular notifications without large image. Large image is supported only for chrome browser notifications.

Call to Action

Call To Action

Using PushEngage you can add two Call To Action button which is supported only in chrome browser version X. For each button you can add unique image and links.

Abandon Cart Notification Image

Personalized Abandoned Cart Notification

Send push notification when user abandons their cart. The notification will be delivered in chrome browser both in desktop and mobile. Personalized the notification using product image, price, emoji.

Action based Segment

Action Based Segment

Segment your users based on the action they take on your website. The action could be purchase, browse, watched video, downloaded video or any other action. Customize the notification for different notifications.

Schedule Notifications

Schedule Notifications

Schedule chrome push notifications and send on right time. Notifications sent on right time can get increases open rate. You can schedule notifications to be sent on any day or time of the year.

Automatic Drip Campaign

Create Drip Notifications

You can send “Welcome Notifications” to your subscribers when they sign up at your site. You can create a series of notification using Drip features. It’s the best to engage your new subscribers with your product and features.

Chrome Push Notification History

  1. April 2015

    In Chrome version 42, Chrome released service workers and now supports Web Push API

  2. Dec 2015

    Chrome introduced custom buttons for notifications in Chrome version 48.

  3. Feb 2017

    Chrome introduced Rich Push Notification in version 56

  4. April 2017

    Chrome notification displayed in macOS by the macOS native notification in version Chrome 59

  5. October 2017

    With Version 62, Chrome deprecated notification permission from insecure domain.

How to integrate Chrome Browser Notifications?

Demo Opt-In For Push Notification

Once PushEngage is installed, a user visiting your site is asked to subscribe to Push Notifications on Chrome (Mobile or Desktop).

Opt-In Confirm For Demo Push Notification

Once the user confirms subscription, he is added to the subscriber list. You can also segment the users during subscription.

Demo Push Notification On Browser

Subscribed users will get the notifications as long as browser is running in background. They will received the notifications even when they are not on your site.

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