Boost Up Your Ecommerce Product Sales With Better Instagram Marketing Strategies

The Instagram platform is the most popular social media platforms for all marketers. It helps them to boost up their eCommerce product sales by a significant margin. However, there are a few steps and Instagram marketing strategies to follow in order to achieve this feat. Remember, it is not enough to simply select and post the best pictures. You will need to drive both, followers and sales.

Instagram Marketing Strategies For E-Commerce business

To start with you will need to schedule posts in advance. Since Instagram is essentially a mobile app, you will probably be in a habit of taking photos and posting them in it on the fly to your Instagram Story. However, you can also schedule their posting. Most people pre-post their pictures from the computer so as to make sure that it goes live on a set day and set time in the future.

This is an important feature that is available with:

  • A social media scheduling tool
  • HubSpot and
  • Only if you have an Instagram business account.

Assuming that you have a business profile, all you have to do is switch to it through the Instagram mobile app and then follow the prompts that come up in series to connect it to Facebook. However, whether you will need to follow this last step or not will entirely depend on the type of social scheduling tool that you are using.

Once you have switched to the right Instagram account you will need to launch the scheduling tool that will help you to navigate to the profiles that are connected currently. It will also help you to see whether or not Instagram is available for integration.

Optimize your Instagram bio

The next step to follow to make the Instagram platform to work in your way is to optimize your Instagram bio. This will enable you to appear in the Explore tab to find more followers.

Ideally, your first group of Instagram followers will include:

  • Your friends
  • Your family and
  • Your colleagues.

However, that will not be all if you want to make a consistent and considerable growth in your e-commerce business. You will need to grow your audience and thereby your sales prospects by a considerable margin for that. It is not an easy task to grow your audience. You will need to reach out to people that you already know for that which is where the challenge lies.

E-commerce Websites Benefit from Instagram Strategies

Sites like or any other equally reliable and reputable ones will provide you with a lot of insights and help regarding this matter but if you do have time or want to log in, read on to know how effectively you can achieve this feat.

Using the explore page

One significant way to do that is to get your Instagram profile to appear on the Explore page. This is the page that is indicated by the magnifying glass icon. This is an easily accessible browsing page that will help you to find and sort the entire Instagram community according to the different topics and keywords. These topics may include anything and everything such as:

  • Fitness
  • Science
  • Style and more.

In order to explore your Instagram community, you will need to hashtag your posts with the relevant words. This will ensure that your posts are exposed to only those people who are browsing those specific topics.

On the other hand, you can also use these in your Instagram bio and name so that you also promote your profile at the same time. For example:

  • If John Doe is a person involved in marketing then an accurate profile or Instagram name for him should be ‘John Doe Marketing,” rather than simply “John Doe.”
  • In addition to that, in his profile bio, he must include all of his specialties in different forms of marketing such as whether it is SEO, blogging, or email marketing.

This will result in a proper and easy search and finds.

Collection of posts

Next up, you must make sure that you are ready with your elements to post whenever the time comes. Remember, you will need to keep your posts fresh and happening and for this, you will need to have selected posts ready in your kitty. Moreover, since your posts will only be live for 24 hours, creating a collection of saved posts is all the more necessary.

When you have such a collection it will help you in many different ways such as:

  • Enabling you to view all of those specific posts that you have liked and select the best one from those to post according to the time and product relevance
  • You can even save or bookmark a few specific posts in the collections that you created.

In order to create a collection of saved posts you will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile
  • Tapping the bookmark icon on the menu at the top-right above your photos
  • Select the Collections tab
  • Tap on Create Collection and
  • Hit ‘Done.’

Now you are ready to start adding photos of your choice to your collection by tapping on the bookmark icon located below each post that you want to add to your collection. If you want to check on the photos that you have saved. You will need to go back to your collection by following the aforementioned steps, on the reverse.

In order to add these saved photos to your posts, select the collection that you want to add to and tap on the ‘Add to Collection’ button. You can add from there any of your saved photos.

Winding it up

All these are tried and tested techniques to enhance your Instagram marketing policy for your e-commerce business. These are easy steps to follow but requires a little bit of calculation and planning.

With the help of these tips or from any professional agency you will surely achieve the results that you wish to and stand far apart from your competitors. Remember, the Instagram platform has lots of offer for businesses like you. All it matters is to know the exact areas to look into and exploit the right features and tools.

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