5 Different Types of Push Notifications That Users Enjoy In Real

Mobile Phone has become an inevitable part of one’s life that a day is started and ended with it. This hand-held device is something that we interact with more than anything! Like really!!! It has so much influence on humans that all your schedules are dependent on your Smartphone.

Last year Google had announced that any non-mobile friendly pages will be ranked even lower from 2017. Taking this into consideration many brands started focussing on mobile websites.  Also with the Progressive Web Apps being available, the experience on Mobile Website is almost close to what you see in Mobile Apps. Since April 2015, Chrome and from Jan 2016 Firefox browsers support website push notifications also.

We often find that our mobile phone decides what we should do and when by sending us alerts. We receive these alerts in the form of Push Notifications. All brands work hard on sending the perfect content as Push Notifications so that users consume them.

The average opt-in rate for Push Notifications can be 2 to 5x higher than the Email opt-in rate, and when done well, we have seen 10 to 15% opt-in rates.! But those had to be optimized or else the chances of your brand getting forgotten were more. To improve the effectiveness of Push Notification, you need to ensure that your user is engaging with your notification.

If you are now thinking about how to tackle this, the simplest and easiest method is to create push notifications that your users want to receive. One method to send targeted notifications is using our segmentation capabilities and sending targeted notifications.  You can also use our Push Notification API, for sending personalized one to one notifications on the action a user takes on your website.

Check out 5 different types of Push Notifications those users enjoy in real

Messages that encourage

How will you feel if you receive a push notification message that makes you feel odd or ashamed? Health and fitness websites and apps have reported having the lowest opt-in rate for push notifications just because they make their users feel shameful with their messages. But, there are many websites that send notifications that really make users feel encouraged and not guilty. Like, you should give your users the needed break and instead of sending them messages that make them feel guilty or shameful for their absence, try to send encouraging and positive messages to boost them up. Try to become the positive influence of your messages.

Location-specific messages

In a survey among the locals, 34% said that they prefer push notifications on special offers based on their location. In PushEngage we offer geographic segmentation as a feature, that is enabled by default for all your subscribers.  By sending location-specific messages you will see higher engagement and click rates. Say, If your user is at a location and then suddenly he/she receives your push notification about an offer for a location nearby where he can spend a few of the credits he has in his account, then he will be one of your loyal subscriber for sure!

Messages that make things go easily

Life is too busy and people desperately need a reminder to keep them move on easy. In the busy schedule, people might not remember their flight check-ins, hotel check-ins, doctor appointment, etc. But relevant push notifications from travel websites or scheduling website will bring them to love your push notifications! Guess what travel websites and apps have the highest push notification opt-in rate and the users are very happy and don’t opt-out.

Messages that keep them posted

Everything has turned online now right from getting new clothes to ordering food. Online food ordering has become very much popular these days that the moment an order is placed, the person becomes very restless just to know when the food will arrive. Live tracking of the order has become a trend now. So keep your user posted with push notifications of the live order that has been placed. Or if you shopped on an e-commerce website you want to know when will my package arrive. Keeping track of where the package will make your customers happy.

Messages that excites users

If your user has landed up somewhere that is not his cup of tea, a relevant push notification message can work wonders. Allow your users to set up their own notification criteria or customize their preferences and this will allow you to be their favorite and you can evade the fear of being unsubscribed or forgotten. Let them know about a good deal on a flight, a food fest happening around, etc.

Plan your push notification in such an informative way that the user is surely going to benefit from it in one way or the other.

So, next time while sending push notifications, keep these following tips in mind.

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