Target Your Users with Personalized Notifications and Get The Users Back to Your Website

Multiple Browser support

PushEngage Currently Supports Firefox (version 44+) and Chrome (version 42+), on Desktop and Mobile.

Implement Push Notifications in 5 Minutes

PushEngage enables Push Notification without requiring your website to implement HTTPS. Add the javascript code to your site and go live in 5 minutes. Register here for push notification services free trial to see it in action.

HTTPS and HTTP Support

If you have an HTTP website, you can add the 2 line code from our dashboard. If you have an HTTPS website, then , you can add the 2 line code, and add 2 files at the /root of your domain. You can add the code through a tool like Google Tag Manager as well.

Single Step Opt-in for HTTP sites

We have a unique Single Step Opt-in if you are a HTTP site. This can give you much higher opt-in rates as compared to other options to collect Push Notification Subscribers for your HTTP site. Check the Push Notification Pricing to calculate your ROI on New User Acquisition.

Multi Site & Multi User Login with Access Control

You can manage multiple websites and add different people from your team in a single PushEngage account. You will have option to control Access to different Screens for each of the team member you add.

Large Image Notifications for Chrome

Now you can send large images of size 360 x 240 px in your push notification at the bottom of the image. This can make your desktop notification stand out and increase Click Rates. This works on Chrome (version 56+).

Multi Action Push Notifications

Now you can have multiple call to actions in each push notification, which can target users. You can use custom image for each call to action.

Emoji Support

Increase your Click rates even further by using Emojis in your Push Notifications.

High Click Through Rates than Email

Browser push notifications can deliver 3 to 10x higher click rate over email. See our aggregate data chart on the side.

REST and JavaScript API

The API's offer full flexibility to send push notifications to an individual user, or set of users, based on actions on your website. You can also enrich the user profile in PushEngage, with your internal customer profile information and create targeted web push notifications.

Custom Segments and Geo Segmentation

You can segment your push notification subscribers based on geography and where they signup from, or using your own segments. Send personalize push message to each segment.

Schedule Your Notifications

Schedule your notifications so you don’t have to send notifications during weekend, or on vacation. Schedule your push notifications when your audiences are more likely to Click. Now you can also do recurring scheduling, and send notifications weekly, monthly, or any fixed interval.

Automatic Notifications With RSS Feed

If you run a content site, and have a RSS, now you can fully automate sending Push Notifications. Just add your RSS feed, and we will automatically send notifications when you publish new content.

Multi Language Support

We are live in 125+ countries and support all the languages that can be captured in UTF-8 characters.

Wordpress Plugin

If your website runs on Wordpress, you can use our Plugin to get automatic notifications at time of publishing a new post. No need to leave the Wordpress dashboard and send notifications from Wordpress directly. We have single Click installation and go live with Wordpress plugin.

Reduce Unsubscribes by Old Notification Capping

If your subscriber is on vacation or logins into the browser after a long gap, don't flood him with notifications from your website. Use Frequency capping to cap the old notifications shown to your push subscriber, to reduce unsubscribes.

Engage Mobile Audience Without Mobile App

Mobile Browsers support push notifications, so now you can re-engage with your audience and increase your repeat visitors to the mobile website. You can now send notification on mobile browser. You don’t need mobile app to engage users in browser.

Re-Engage With Users Anywhere

Reach your when users when they are not on your website. Increase repeat users to your site using browser push notifications. These are delivered to user real-time, in the browser.

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