Web Push Notifications Offers 5X Higher Reach For Cart Abandonment vs Email

One of the most common issues faced by all online retailers is Cart Abandonment. There are many reasons for cart abandonment. A study done by Salescycle states that the average cart abandonment rate is around 75.6%. Baymard did a study to find out the common reasons for cart abandonment. Check out the common reasons and optimize your website to reduce cart abandonment. However, to convert cart abandonment user is way cheaper than converting any new customers. There are many ways of converting cart abandonment. The two most prominent ways to convert cart abandonment are:

  • Email
  • Push Notifications

The two crucial findings of the effectiveness of cart abandonment campaigns using Push Notifications and Email are:

  • Cart Abandonment Campaign using Push Notification lead to 5X higher reach as compared to that of Email
  • Push Notification Cart Abandonment Campaign is 37% more effective as compared to EMail Cart Abandonment Campaign

Let’s take a deeper look at the performance of the cart abandonment campaign on Push Notification Vs Email.

Cart Abandonment Campaign using Push Notification lead to 5X higher reach as compared to that of Email

To understand the effectiveness of any campaigns, we need to start from the top of the funnel – right from subscription rate to the click rate.

Subscription Rate

As compare to Email subscription, push notification has a higher subscription rate. The average Email subscription rate is 1% to 5%, whereas the average subscription rate for push notification:

Subscription Rate For Push Notifications

Open Rate & Click Rate

Check out the below data from MailChimp for 2018:

  • Average open rate for Email: 21.09%
  • Average click-through rate for Email: 2.61%

Below images compare the performance of Push Notification and Email:

push notification is better than email

The subscription rate plays a crucial role in the success of your cart abandonment campaigns. Let’s take an example to understand it clearer:

  • Site A: Using Push Notification
  • Site B: Using Email

Let us consider that both websites receive 10000 visitors.

Comparision of Reach of Cart Abandonment campaign Email Vs Push Notification

As you can see from the above example, with higher subscription rate Push Notifications offers 5X higher reach as compared to emails.

Push Notification Cart Abandonment Campaign is 37% more effective as compared to EMail Cart Abandonment Campaign

For your cart abandonment campaign, you can use both email and push notification. You can see that with Email the implied reach of the campaign is lower as compared to that of Push Notification.

Below images shows the performance of the cart abandonment campaign of Push Vs Email

comparision Cart Abandonment Email Vs Push Notifications

The average implied CTR is high for Push Notification as compared to Email. This means that using Push Notification, since the open rate is high, the reach of cart abandonment campaign is higher than email.

Below is the detailed study on Push Notification and Email data on the cart abandonment campaign.

Cart Abandonment Push Notification

You can run the cart abandonment campaign using push notification for the website as well. Creating a push notification cart abandonment is very simple. Similar to email cart abandonment, you can send create a series of web push notifications to be sent regular intervals. You can also GTM to create cart abandonment push notification. To get success in cart abandonment, we need to create custom push notification with the right image and copy. You can also use the standard push notification template to get better conversion from cart abandonment. Below is the stat of websites using cart abandonment push notifications campaign:

[table id=22 /]

For the success of the cart abandonment campaign, we need to be able to reach the user. In the case of both, email and web push, the customer needs to be registered at your website. Only then you would be able to re-target them with your campaign.

Cart Abandonment Email

The email has been used for a very long time to target cart abandonment users. You can create customized and personalized cart abandonment emails. Usually, three emails are sent: 1st to remind them of cart abandonment, 2nd with cart expiry warning and the 3rd with offers to complete the purchase. Cart abandonment emails are usually sent at different intervals like after 1 hour, 1 day or 4 days after a user abandons the cart. Below are some of the stats of cart abandonment email campaign:
[table id=23 /]
*source: https://econsultancy.com/

Klaviyo has done an industry-wide study on Abandon Cart and analyzes to see the result of the cart abandonment e-mail campaign. Below is the average data on open rate and click rate:

  • Open rate: 41.18%
  • Click rate: 9.50%

According to the report, Smileycookie was able to reach only 40% of the people who abandoned their cart. The reason being the customer wasn’t subscribed to their website.

To get higher reach to your cart abandonment users, start using Push Notification. PushEngage offers one of the best push notification services. [tweetshare tweet=”High Subscription + High reach, leads to higher conversion for your cart abandonment campaign.” username=”PushEngage”]

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