Web Push Notification Playbook for Gaming Websites

Getting bored! Open your mobile or laptop and search for online games. You will see thousands of free as well as paid online games. The online gaming industry is growing big. You can play games just for the thrill or for money. As a gaming website owner, you would like to keep the gamers engaged. You want them to play more and earn. If you are running paid online games like rummy circle or add52, then you want more players to play with money. However, there is strong competition and it’s easy for players to switch to another website. How do you keep them engaged on your website? You can integrate web push notification to reach out to your subscribers instantly. It has shown promising results for the online industry. To make it easy for you, we have gone through online gaming websites that are using web push notifications and have come up with playbooks you can follow.

Below is the Playbook for Gaming Websites you can implement:

Onboarding campaign

This is the first and most important push notification playbook for gaming websites. When new users subscribed to your website, they might not be fully aware of the game, brand, how they can earn and more. This is where you need to communicate with the freshly subscribed gamer and engage them. You need to build trust through a series of push notification.

Having an onboarding campaign is a must and is an important playbook for online gaming websites. Using Drip, you can create the campaign. Below is a sample onboarding campaign for gaming site:

Onboarding Drip playbook for gaming websites

Game not completed

You will always find players who have played the game and reached a certain level. However, he left the game in the middle without completing it. This is one of the most common things happening with the online game.

You can bring them back using trigger push notification. Create a campaign “game not completed”. Now create a segment for those who started playing and now trigger the “not completed” campaign whenever those players leave the game. For the online gaming site, this is every engaging playbook. Below is a template of push notification series you can trigger.

Game not completed playbook for gaming website

Browse but not played/installed

Similar to e-commerce gamers will browse through different games. Create a trigger point on your page. A trigger could be:

  • Button: If you have video and gamer has watched it, the trigger will become active.
  • Slide Show: If you have a series of pictures and customers viewed those, the trigger will become active.
  • % Scroll: If the customer has scrolled to a certain portion of the page, the trigger will be active.

Create a trigger campaign that will be started when any of the above triggers becomes active. Below is a template of the push notification you can send:

Browse but not played drip playbook for gaming website

Cart Abandonment

Many of the online games offer a paid plan as well. If any gamer adds the plan to his cart but left without completing, you can automatically target them using cart abandonment push notification. This is one of the very important playbooks for online gaming websites. Those gamers are high potential and have left due to some reason. This is a very effective playbook to bring back gamers.

Implementing the cart abandonment campaign, you can easily reach out to them and bring them back to your website. Below is a cart abandonment push notification template for gaming site:

Cart Abandonment Drip playbook for gaming site

Cross Promotion Of Games

Most of the online gaming websites have game categories having multiple games on the list. The person playing game 1 might be interested in game 2 which is similar to game 1 but more exciting. Using trigger push notification you can send push notification showing relevant games to the user. This cross-promotion of similar games is an effective playbook for an online gaming websites.

Create a segment of people playing game 1 and then send a push notification to this segment about game 2. You can create multiple cross-promotion campaigns based on the game which may interest the online players.

Below is an example of a push notification, you can send:

Cross Promotion Of Games push notification sample

Earn Points

Online games can be tough. Hence, many online games offer an easy solution in exchange for virtual points. In most cases these points can either be earned by winning each level or customer can buy from the websites. You can trigger automatic push notification based on points games have. If they have low points, you can send the notification:

  • Play this game to earn points
Play game earn points web push notification example
  • Buy points at a discounted price
Buy Points playbook for gaming site
  • Share and earn points
Share earn points playbook for gaming website

Based on your strategy, you can trigger automatic push notification based on the points gamers have in their account. Earn points playbook is the most engaging one as gamers are always in need of points to cross certain levels.

Result Based

There are games where few gamers win and few lose. Card games like Rummy, Blackjack where customer can win or lose. Create a Winner and Loser segment. Whenever gamer wins a game, put him in the winner segment and similarly who loses, put him in the loser segment. Now create a trigger campaign based upon the result.

This Result campaign will automatically send push notification to users based on their results. Design your campaign to boost the gamer’s morale and keep them hooked to your website. Below are a few templates you can try on:

  • Winner Segment
Result Based Winners push notification
  • Loser Segment
Result Based Losers push notification


There are times when the user has not played any game for a week or month. Keep track of those users and put them in a common segment – “Away”. Create a drip campaign to bring them back to your website. Since push notifications are directly delivered on the browser, the chances of a user clicking them are high.

Below is sample Away Drip Campaign you can integrate:

Away Drip playbook for gaming website

Gamer Status

Online gamers are of different types. Some play to learn, some to earn and some for fun. Take an example of an online Rummy Game. You will find a pro-level, expert level, beginner level players. They have earned this badge based on their expertise. To keep them coming to your website and play, you need to engage them efficiently.

Create different segments based on the Gamer’s Status. For each segment, create separate drip campaigns. Check out the below push notification campaign:

  • Expert Level Drip:
Gamer Expert Level Drip playbook for gaming site
  • Beginner Level Drip
Gamer Beginner Level Drip playbook for gaming website

User Subscription

Last and one of the most important push notification playbooks for an online gaming site is the subscription. Without subscribers, none of the above playbooks can give you the optimum result.

Use the single-step opt-in for the subscription. And use the subscription overlay to inform the new gamer why they should subscribe to your push notification. This overlay will clear any doubts gamer may have on subscribing to your website. Below is a sample subscription opt-in with overlay copy:

Push subscription overlay for online gaming website

In today’s time, people are always looking out de-stress, earn some extra income or learn something new. This search brings them to the online gaming site. There are different types of games for different purposes. To keep the user engaged to your gaming site, implement the above push notification playbook. You may find it useful to bring in more users to your website. It can not only help to engage the gamers but can also increase your revenue.

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