How To Enable Easy Unsubscription For Your Web Push Subscribers?

Respecting individual’s choices and preferences is a key tenet of Web Push Notifications design.  Hence, the opt-in for Web Push Notification requires an explicit click on Allow, and your subscriptions appear in individuals browser settings. If you are using any push notification service, check the different ways for the user to unsubscribe. At PushEngage, we respect individual preferences and have created multiple options for the user to unsubscribe from the push notification. We have written a guide on how to unsubscribe from Web Push Notifications using the browser settings.

With privacy regulations like GDPR, we have worked on making it much easier for you to offer an unsubscribe option, and that too provides you the granular option for unsubscribing to your subscribers. We have created all the features necessary for GDPR Compliance for Web Push Notifications from PushEngage

You can choose from 7 different types of push notification opt-in. So now, if any of your existing subscribers wish to disable the web push notifications, they can now make use of our “Unsubscribe Opt-in”. This would help your existing subscribers to unsubscribe in just one click

Unsubscribe Opt-in can be customized in two ways

  • Widget
  • Bell

You can have these settings enabled across all your pages or at any page to let subscribers have the option of unsubscribing from your Push Notifications. These settings can be done from your PushEngage Dashboard.

Below are the steps to enable the settings:

Navigate to Settings > Subscription Settings > Opt-in Management.

Step 1) Click to Enable Unsubscribe Management.

unsubscription option for push subscribers

Step 2) Next select where you want to display the Unsubscribe Option to users:

  • All Page: Unsubscribe Widget will appear on all pages
  • Custom Page: Select the URL pattern for the pages where you want to show Unsubscribe Widget. You can select any one option for your custom page.

Step 3) There are two types of Unsubscribe Widget you can choose from:

  • Button Unsubscribe Widget: It will appear as a Button. The user can click on this button to unsubscribe from your Push Notification.
    user unsubscribe button
  • Bell Unsubscribe Widget: It will appear as Bell on your page. On a single click, the user will be able to unsubscribe from your push notification
    user unsubscribe bell

You can even customize the messaging of your Unsubscribe Widget. Check the below steps to customize the widget:

customize push unsubscription option

Select the type of Unsubscribe Widget. For e.g. we have selected the Button Unsubscribe Widget.

unsubscribe to push notification message
unsubscribe to push notification preview

Title – Title appears on the Unsubscribe Button. You can edit the text message to make it more clear to the user.
Position – You can choose where to show the opt-in for un-subscription. The Opt-in can appear on the bottom left or the bottom right corner of your page.

position of unsubscribe button
unsubscribe to push notification position preview
customize color of unsubscription button
customize unsubscribe push notification

Background Color – You can even customize the background color of your un-subscription opt-in. Once done save it and the same would reflect on your un-subscribe opt-in.

Confirmation Message – This message appears when the user clicks on Unsubscribe Button.

unsubscribe to push notification confirmation

Confirmation Option – You can suggest the action name like Yes/ No or Unsubscribe/ Don’t Unsubscribe. Your subscriber will take action accordingly.

unsubscribe to push notification action

Thank you Message – This appears at the end once your subscriber clicks on the Button.

unsubscribe to push notification thank you

Once all the settings are done, click on Save. The Unsubscribe Widget will become active on your website.

Here’s a screenshot of the settings –

unsubscription option set for push subscribers

You can follow the same steps to customize for Bell Unsubscribe Widget.

Best Practices for Creating an Unsubscribe Section for GDPR 

We suggest you create a separate page on your website for offering your subscribers to unsubscribe.

a) As an example, you can make an section on your site.

b) Next, you can add instructions on this page on how to unsubscribe using the browser settings. Here is the link to an unsubscribe guide that we have, which you can use –  different ways to unsubscribe.

c) Next, you select this page in the Custom Option for showing the Unsubscribe Widget. Then configure our widget to show the Unsubscription Widget on that page only.

custom url for showing unsubscription option

You can show different ways to unsubscribe from your push notification

We have configured a test setup for you at  – There you will have an article on “How to Unsubscribe from Push Notifications on Chrome and FireFox

Also, an opt-in will appear on your screen so that you can subscribe to the notifications. You can do a round of testing by subscribing to the notifications and once you subscribe you will receive a welcome notification.

example page showing unsubscription option

Then when you scroll down you will get the Unsubscribe Opt-in that you can use to unsubscribe from the notifications. Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

example un-subscription bell

Once you click on unsubscribe, you will be marked as an unsubscribed user.


With PushEngage, subscribers have the right to opt-out of the notifications received through auto-responders and trigger notifications. This works the same as Unsubscription Widget where the user is provided with an unsubscribe widget and gets an option to unsubscribe to the notification or to Opt-Out of Automated Profiling. To enable these settings, navigate to Settings > Subscriber management and enable Automated Personal Notification. Once the settings are enabled subscriber will get the same opt-in on the unsubscription opt-in.

How to show the push notification permission box again to the unsubscribed user, in case they changed their mind?

Below are the ways:

  • Get Notification Widget: From Dashboard, go to Subscription Dialog Box Settings. You will see the below option to enable it.
Get Notification Widget

Enable the option. You can even customize the background color and text color. This widget will appear once user Deny Push Notification service or Unsubscribed from your push notification. Here’s a screenshot for the same-

get notification widget

Displaying the “Get Notification” widget also confirms that your users have been successfully unsubscribed from the notification. If you have not enabled the “Get Notification” widget in your settings, then your subscribers will still be marked as unsubscribed from the notification and will no longer receive the notification from your website.

  • Set-Cookie Duration: If you do not want to enable the “Get Notification” widget, you can set the cookie duration to show the push notification opt-in to the user. Go to Subscription Dialog Box and Edit:
set cookie duration for push opt-in in desktop

Select the cookie duration for Desktop:

set cookie duration for push opt-in in mobile

Select the cookie duration for mobile:

Once you set the cookie, the push notification opt-in will reappear to the user after the set days.

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