Best Practices And Benefits Of Drip Web Push Notifications

Do you want to the best practices and benefits of drip web push notifications? In this article, we will discuss the drip push notification campaign and how you can benefit from it.

What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing is similar to drip irrigation. Just how farmers save water and fertilizers by allowing water to drip slowly to roots rather than the entire surface, drip marketing campaigns try to give customers the information they need but not in abundance. Sending hundreds of emails or push messages is not one of the best practices. Earlier drip marketing was limited to emails, messages, social media, brochures, etc., but now you can make use of drip marketing using push notifications as well. You can create a separate drip for the desktop browser and mobile browser push notification.

Drip marketing hits two birds with one stone. It is not only used for lead nurturing but for attracting visitors as well. It sends drips better known as pre-written or automated notifications to the customer making them aware of qualified lead (MQL) over time. The velocity of sending information to customers depends on the organization. It can be weekly, monthly or yearly but it’s important that the information has relevance with a previous message (if any) and should tell what is going to come. Drip marketing is not limited to e-mail and now you can use push notifications from PushEngage to automate your drip campaign. You can even run geo-specific drip push notification campaigns.

Best practices of drip push notification marketing

  • Tailor your campaign Depending on your customer interest; you need to customize your message as well as your campaign. It can be done by making buyers persona and work on his/her buying strategy. It is why segmentation plays an important role here. It helps you in customizing your marketing message. In fact the more segmented it is, the more refined prospect’s grouping will be.
  • Content is the fire Content and presentation are potent if used together. It is crucial that your content is good enough to serve the purpose. Presentation plays an important role as well. Use minimum words. Write everything you want to say but keep it short and simple. Don’t compromise with the effectiveness. Include relevant images to boost content quality.
  • Make them a loyal customer To keep the customers from going away, you need to do some small deeds. Once your user has completed a conversion goal why not send them a thank you message or maybe a gift? It adds value. In this way, you’re giving them a chance to keep visiting your website, and that is how you build a loyal customer. To keep your customers engaged, do run powerful push notification campaigns to increase customer engagement.
  • Keep going with engagement You cannot expect all your customers to be with you all the time and neither you can allow them to leave midway. What if they discontinue using your product? Giving up on them is not an option. You should continue to apply drip marketing tactics on them for re-engagement purposes. Keep it slow and be on their radar. Tell them what other users have experienced in the meantime and what they can get once they make a comeback. Don’t force them to join you back but you can notify your customers of newly launched features via push.
  • Ask to upgrade After completion of free trials ask your users to update. It can be a difficult task, but you need to inform your customers about the premium version and how effective it is. Send push about next big release, extra features and added benefits that they might get by using the premium version.
  • Provide evidence Drip alone cannot help you to increase sales or to build customers. You still need to put some extra efforts. Try to create curiosity among your users that compels them to open your application or website. For example, be like “Best-selling baubles just for you. Only one left in stock.” If the necessary price tag.
  • Abandoned cart If your customer puts an item in the cart and doesn’t buy it, it’s not a bane. Try setting up a conversation, remind them what they left and if that doesn’t work, you can add up bonuses like multiple payment options, extra off for VIPs/regular customers or maybe for a new one too. You can automatically send a notification to the customer with the link to complete their purchasing.

Benefits of Drip Marketing

  • Do Marketing smarter You need not remember each customer’s buyer’s journey or at what stage they are on. It automatically initiates an action that invokes the user to take the next step, and by the time one can focus on making sales pitches.
  • Consistent communication It’s important to create your own opportunities to nurture your leads, and so consistent communication is very essential. In the future, you might convert them into a customer who will be of great help in your business. Once you focus on automation, you get a chance to prove that your information is valuable and prospects can rely on it.
  • Happy clients/prospects When you make use of drip marketing you make sure that your message is customized depending on your customer. It is helpful if you create a buyer’s persona. Once done with that you know what exactly your user is looking for, what he needs, and what you need to send or share. All in all, he gets the desired information. The user will smell a sense of importance, and your notifications play a significant role here.
  • The increase of brand awareness Your priority is your customer. Once you take care of it, you indirectly nurture your company and brand in their mind. In the future, if they need anything they will do their research on the enterprise, from the drips provided.
  • Makes marketing authentic Implementing strategy that automatically launches when your customer makes an action can be easily maintained and monitored. That’s because you get a chance to see the user’s performance by looking at analytics and click-through rates. It gets better when you make use of CTAs effectively.

What are you waiting for?  Take a trial and start using push notification for free. Once you see the result, go ahead and take a premium plan to continue re-engaging with the user.

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