3 Reasons why marketers should use Mobile Browser Push Notifications

Several industry reports and surveys found that about 20% of companies these days use Mobile Push Notifications. It has become one of the most powerful tools which have the potential to act as an effective marketing channel. We did see how Push Notifications act as a powerful tool to engage customers.

Now, Mobile browsers also support push notifications and they have a higher reach than Mobile Apps, it becomes imperative for all marketers to consider Mobile browser push notifications as part of their engagement tactic. The below data point shows the reach of the Mobile web is almost 3x Mobile Apps.

App Vs Desktop Push Notifications

65% of digital media interactions happen via various mobile devices and so plays a dominant and crucial role in getting customer engagement. These days every company follows an aggressive and compelling strategy to interact with their users via mobile devices and this has ultimately triggered the number of communications.

According to Boomtrain, one of the most significant advantages of mobile browser push notifications for marketers is the ability of these notifications to drive conversions. Adding to it, these can be made personalized based on the nature and behavior of the user. According to Crazy Egg, the conversion rates can increase up to 6% when notifications are personalized.

Here go 3 best reasons why marketers should use mobile browser push notifications:-

Real-Time Updates

A user receives a push notification message within seconds after it is sent. So, when compared to an e-mail, push notifications are quicker and draws immediate attention instantly. This is what any marketer would love to have that to seek the immediate attention of the user. This comes to rescue even when you want to send an update on something in the last minute and it guarantees that your user does not miss the update.

Right Personalization and Optimization

You have character limitations while sending a push notification. But never look at this as a flaw but instead try to be more creative in engaging push notification copywriting. Limiting the number of variables, use the 140 characters with an image and a hyperlink to convey your message and it is sure to break the monotonous feel when you get an email. This creates a spark and the user is sure to click your message if it is interesting. You can do experiments with your push messages and deploy experiments with various versions of your messages. If you are confused you can test with an A/B testing, and try different messages In subsequent notifications you can optimize your content, the time to send it and the frequency as well.

Easy to re-engage with users

With mobile browser push notifications, it is quite easy to re-engage with the users even without any need for personal information. There is no need to seek any personal information to the user all the time when they log in or there isn’t any need for the users to remember the username or password when they decide to take any action.

sub-domain single step opt-in

This is the opposite when it comes to email marketing and the user will need to provide some sort of personal information each time when he logs in. With push notifications, this is just a matter of choosing the Allow or Block prompt. This increases the comfort level of the user as they had no need to share any of their personal info. This is likely to increase the coming back of the users and keep the re-engagement frequency higher.

If Browser Push Notification is still not a part of your marketing strategy, then try it out once. Subscribe to PushEngage to deliver push notifications to your users and boost your customer engagement. Share your thoughts, feedback, and experience in the comment box below so that we can serve marketers like you in a better way by improving the push experience.

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  1. Heard something new. Thanks for updating with the latest trend. This is so helpful. Keep updating with such useful info in future. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very informational article Gayarthy. I agree with your thoughts in that users will be more inclined to engage since there is not a need to reveal any personal information. Here are some videos that will help your readers disable push notifications -https://www.instantcheckmate.help/disable-push-notifications/

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