How To Use Drip Push Notification Effectively On An E-commerce Website

Do you know how to use drip push notifications effectively on an eCommerce website? In this article, we will show multiple drip strategies to increase re-engagement, traffic, and conversions.

I Want To Boost Customer Engagement

Drip push notification is an easy way to keep your users engaged. One of the most common uses of drip is to re-engage with subscribers and nurture them about your brand and product. With drip campaigns, you can send a series of notifications to be sent at regular intervals.

However, you can use the Drip push notification more effectively for your e-commerce store. Creating drip autoresponder at PushEngage is very simple. You can strategize different tactics to use drip campaigns to engage with customers. Below are some of the ways:

User-subscribed from a specific page

You can run different ads and bring the user to different pages of your website. They will see the push notification opt-in. Based on their interest in the product displayed on the page, they may or may not subscribe to your push notifications. With PushEngage, you can track which page the user has subscribed to push notification service. Segment users based on from which page they have subscribed to. Now create a targeted drip push notification campaigns for different segments.

The below example will make it clearer.

User subscribed from a specific page

You have a fashion e-commerce website and the user has landed on the traditional collection page. A user subscribed to your push notification from this page. Now you know that this user is interested in this category and put them in “Traditional”. Create a drip campaign for this segment and send a notification showing different collections. This way you can keep the user hooked to your website and never miss to bring them back to your website.

Based on the purchase

User landed on your website from different sources and have made the purchase. Now, these sets of users are those who are most likely to make repeat purchases as well. For that to happen, you can use Push Notifications to increase your repeat traffic. Create a drip push notification campaign for your customers.

Below examples will bring more clarity:

Based on the Purchase

You have a mobile e-commerce store with collections from different brands. Create segments based on different brands. If a user buys an iPhone, they will come under the “Apple” segment. You can now create a drip campaign to target this segment with various other Apple products as well as high-end digital products. Since this segment has already made the purchase, they are more likely to go for another purchase at your store.

Based on pages browsed

Just like the real world, the user may come to the website and browse different products. However, few products they may like and they may scroll the page or stay longer period to know the product. Now based on the user interest you can segment them to the “highly interest” segment. Later you can start sending a notification at regular intervals based on the interest level.

Here is an example to clarify this point:

Based on pages browsed

You have a website selling electronics products. User comes to your website and browses through various categories. However, on the gaming console category, he spent more time as compared to other categories. You can segment these visitors as a “gaming console” segment. Now create a drip campaign and send a series of notification. Send new gaming console, blogs or updates to keep the user engaged. The user may even convert to the customer as well.

Based on user action

Visitors come to your website and check out different products. In addition to product details and image, you have put product videos, share option and more. Once the user lands on your product page, they start performing different actions like watches the videos, share the product with others and all. These types of users are interested in your product and are potential customers. You can create a separate segment for them and then target them with Drip Push Notification.

Below case will make it clearer:

Based on user action

For e.g. you have a website which sells spectacles. You also have set up a 3D virtual try-on on your website. Now visitors come to your website and upload their pictures and try on the different spectacles using the 3D virtual try on. These visitors have a high chance of conversions and moreover can go for repeat purchases as well. Segment them and create a separate drip push notification campaigns to target them. Send a series of notification of latest designs, new offers and more.

Wishlist based

Many times visitors come to your website and don’t buy. However, they save those products for later purchase. These kinds of visitors have a high probability of converting and also for a repeat purchase. Each product they save will be under some category. Based on their saved product list you can easily put them under different segments.

Check out the below case to understand the use case:

Wishlist based

You have an e-commerce store and a feature called “Wishlist”. This allows the user to add products to their Wishlist. Visitors who add products their Wishlist will probably buy in the near future. Moreover, this will also give you an insight into the type of categories they are interested in. Segment these visitors as “Wishlist” and create a drip notification campaign for them.

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