7 Ways To Trigger Different Emotions Using Web Push Notifications

What triggers users to shop at your website? Is it a logical decision or an emotional decision?

Neuroscience Proves: We Buy On Emotion and Justify with Logic

We all tend to believe that our shopping decisions are logical. We analyze every single detail and then make the final decision to make the purchase. For e.g, if the same shirt is available in Nike and some other local brand, we tend to buy it from Nike because we believe in the brand. Similarly when comes to mobile, we do our feature comparison, price comparison and all to ensure we get the best deal.

In the end, most of us tend to buy which we have seen in ads or good reviews. Top brands have been successful in creating an emotional connection with users.

Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman says that 95% of our purchase decisions take place unconsciously. Because our conscious mind will always make up reasons to justify our unconscious decisions.

While shopping, emotion plays a decisive role in making the final purchase. To craft an optimized website notification campaign and trigger the right emotion of the user, we need to understand those trigger. Using Push Notifications, you can trigger different emotions in the user’s mind. If we are able to trigger the right emotion, the user will become a loyal customer of our product. To trigger the right emotion is a good strategy to increase conversion as well. Apart from the trigger, you should also focus on segmenting push notification subscribers. Push Notification sent to well-segmented user leads to better response.

Below shows how you can trigger different emotions in the user’s mind with browser push notifications with examples of the emotional trigger:

1 Feel Special

Everyone wants to feel special with the purchase. Right from the 1st push notification sent, it should convey the user that they are special. When you enter any shop and being welcomed by the staff makes you feel special. Then they show you around and even offer a discount.

Similar kind of experience you have to create for customers. Create a Welcome drip notification series to be sent to new users. The notification should contain a welcome message and also link to bestselling products. Next, send them exclusive coupons for new customers.

Feel Special Using Web Push Notification

2 Show Validation

In this online era, the same product is available in many websites. The user needs some validation or proof that they are buying the right product from the right website. You have to instill belief in the user’s mind that your website is a trusted brand and the products are of high quality. For e-commerce, it’s very important to segment your push subscribers to send the right notifications.

You can create review campaigns using push notification and ask the verified customer to leave a review about their purchase. Also, ask the customer for their reviews. You can then send a notification to users about the reviews and recommendation as mentioned by other customers. This will help to clear the doubt on user’s mind about your brand and product.


Show Validation Using Web Push Notification

Validation is very important when it comes to online shopping. Validation can be in terms of reviews submitted on the website or shared on social media. As an online marketer, you can run campaigns to collect reviews from your customers. A good set of reviews instills confidence in new customer about your website.

3 Build Confidence

Many times users are not confident about the product. They are in a dilemma whether the product will suit them or do they actually need that product. For e.g., if they are looking at a dress for a party they are not sure if it’s the right fit. Similarly for the kitchen, if they are buying some new tools, they are not sure if they need it now.

With Web Push Notification, you can build confidence with your contextual campaign. If you are website selling kitchen tools and the customer has abandoned a product. Send notification showing what things can be created using the tools. Try to connect to an emotional level. You can even send recipes and build confidence that they can make the amazing dish at home.

Build Confidence Using Web Push Notification

Build Confidence using push notifications

4 Create Urgency

Nobody wants to lose out on great deals. If they find the product they are looking for a discounted price, they may purchase it immediately. However, you can also create urgency in the user’s mind about the availability of the product. The fear to lose the product usually pushes them to make the purchase. Some of the tactics you can run using web push notifications:

Limited stocks only: With every notification, send an update on the stocks. With stock decreasing, the user may end up buying before it’s too late.

Instill Fear to Loose the sale using push notifications

Sale Timer: You can also offer a discount on the products. Mention the sale will run for only for 24 hours or till stock lasts.

Fear to Loose the best deal in sale using push notifications

5 Create Curiosity

Curiosity often helps to convince a user to perform an action. In social media, you might have seen “click below and see the magic”. And many people click on those links. It’s about building curiosity in user’s mind.

You can also create curiosity using web push notifications. Create a notification giving only little details about the offer. Let user themselves click on the notification to unravel the secret.

Create Curiosity using Web Push Notifications

When you add time limit with curiosity, it makes users act fast. They want to know what the offer is before it ends. This way you not only get a higher click rate but also a higher conversion for your campaign.

6 Sense of Success

Success is sweet. Everybody wants to succeed. With Push Notification, you can instill a sense of success in user’s mind. Make the user feel they have achieved something. It brings out the happiness in them and can make more purchase at your site. Some of the ways you can do so:

Early bird offer: Create an exclusive discount and send it to your customer base. Let them know that they have been offered this discount as they are the Privilege customers.

Sense of Success as Prime-Customers with Push Notification

Run loyalty program at your site. Whenever a customer has made 2-3 transactions, upgrade their plan. This creates a sense of achievement that they have accomplished something.

Sense of Success as Golden-Pass for loyal customers using push notifications

7 Be Like Friend

Show customers that you care for them. Create a sense of dependency that they can count on you. Always keep them updated about the events. Below examples shows how to show that extra care towards customer:

If you are travel site and the customer has booked a flight, then update customer about flight schedule. Also, alert them to the flight timing and other things.

Be Like Friend and alert using Push Notifications

If you are gifting site and have collected DOB of friends and families, then keep the user updated about the upcoming celebration. Send them notification reminder with gift suggestions.

Alert on important event using push notifications

If you keep the user updated and show that extra care, the user will be more than happy to be associated with you. Once they are confident about you taking care of their special moments, they become your loyal customer and brand advocate as well.

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  1. I think that using curiosity, in this case, would be the best thing to do. Which means I agree with you Sai about creating a notification by giving just a few details about the offer 🙂

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