About ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is a prominent blog with 1.1 Million visits every month. It was founded by Harsh Agrawal, who is an author and international speaker.

ShoutMeLoud Improved Their Push Notification Performance using PushEngage
Harsh Agrawal - ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud has won the best blog award in more than 1 category in the year 2017. It has also been featured in top websites like INC, Entrepreneur, Yourstory and more.

If you are looking to make a career in blogging, start following ShoutMeLoud to get all the information needed to excel in blogging. ShoutMeLoud has more than 50K followers on Youtube. You will find a lot of practical guidance on how to build a business out of blogging.

Marketing Challenge

There are four important questions every blogger has:

  • How to create a top-notch blog?
  • How to create quality content?
  • How to generate traffic for the blog?
  • How to generate revenue from the blog?

At ShoutMeLoud, they regularly publish articles covering all the above aspects. They also do a lot of reviews of marketing tools. They also have affiliate partnerships with many companies and get a lot of good offers for the audience. ShoutMeLoud regularly shares their earning report on its website. They generated $40,055 in a month from the blog. To keep growing, they need to focus on generating traffic and engagement. The challenges faced by ShoutMeLoud:

  • Brand Engagement
    To generate revenue, we need to keep users engaged. To increase engagement, ShoutMeLoud regularly publishes quality articles for their audience. Since the site focusses on multiple categories, the article needs to reach to the interested audience rather for better engagement. This was important to ensure, viewers are engaged and get benefits from ShoutMeLoud articles in optimizing their digital marketing effort
  • Reaching Out On Time
    ShoutMeLoud is an affiliate partner to many top companies like SEMRush, Google for work and more. They need to promote their products on their website. In order to promote, they need to reach out to a relevant audience on time.
  • Repeat Traffic
    People come to the website from various sources like paid marketing, affiliate marketing, organic marketing. However, to improve monetization, we need to increase our repeat traffic as well.

How PushEngage handled the challenges of ShoutMeLoud

PushEngage has many features which are particularly geared towards getting high click rates for push notifications.

Drip Campaign

One of the challenges was to show the brand journey to customers. To handle this
ShoutMeLoud started using Drip Campaign. It allows you to send a series of automated push notification to the subscribers. They started sending the Brand related article using Drip Campaign, to connect the user at an emotional level with the brand.

  • Conversions: Using Drip, the conversion rate increased by 10%
  • CTR: The average CTR for Drip Campaign is around 5.3%

ShoutMeLoud created multiple drip campaigns each focused on different categories. For e.g. people who are interested in knowing more about Adsense, they will be under “Adsense Drip”. Similarly, people interested in WordPress, they will be under “WordPress Drip”
By showing the relevant articles to user, this helped ShoutMeLoud to create brand value among the user’s mind.


Another challenge faced by ShoutMeLoud was to send the right notification to the right audience. The solution was to segment the subscribers. PushEngage offers multiple ways to segment push subscribers. ShoutMeLoud started segmenting its push subscribers based on their interests.

  • CTR: The average CTR for regular notification is around 1% to 2%, but with segmented notification, the average CTR is around 4% to 5%
ShoutMeLoud Improved CTR using PushEngage

One of the keys to the success of notification is to personalize them.

Personalization is a must-have for connecting to users. If not done properly can irritate users very fast and they will leave. The segmentation feature of PushEngage has helped a lot in properly segmenting users based on their topic of interest.

Harsh Agrawal-Founder, ShoutMeLoud

People get annoyed when they receive irrelevant notifications. With Segmentation, ShoutMeLoud was able to segment users based on their interests, categories like WordPress, SEO, Affiliate, Marketing and more.

Repeat Traffic

One of the most important factors to generate repeat traffic is to increase your subscription. With PushEngage, you can choose from multiple subscription opt-in form. User doesn’t have to put any personal information while subscribing to the push notification. As per the push notification benchmark report for media website in Asia, the average subscription rate is around 13.05%. With PushEngage, ShoutMeLoud was able to get:

  • 6.77% subscription rate using Single Step Opt-In
  • 4.40% subscription rate using Multi-Step Opt-in
ShoutMeLoud Improved Push Notification Subcription Rate using PushEngage

With PushEngage, ShoutMeLoud was able to get more than 200K subscribers in no time. This has helped ShoutMeLoud to get increase repeat traffic which resulted in increased revenue.

Since my blog is WordPress, the integration was super-fast with the plugin. The fine stuff I liked about PushEngage is, they are innovative and they are bringing all the power of email marketing into push notifications.

Harsh Agrawal-Founder, ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud was able to promote content in real-time with their audience. Using the PushEngage features, they were able to increase brand engagement, click rate and drive traffic. Since push notifications are targeted towards the right segment, customers are now more engaged and happy.

Harsh Agrawal Recommends PushEngage

PushEngage has helped Harsh (Founder) to reach his goals. Below is the tip he would like to share with fellow website owners

Start segmentation – it is very critical for success. Users are already receiving emails and notifications. If you want to create a brand and want the user to be happy, segmentation is the key.

You can install Push Notification on WordPress site using the PushEngage plugin. Go ahead and start using PushEngage.