LoanMart specializes in providing car title loans, where people can borrow money by using their car as collateral. It has more than 250K happy and satisfied customers. LoanMart is one of the leading auto title loan lenders across the United States.

If you are looking for a loan, head to LoanMart for fast processing and approval. They have automated several processes to make it easier for customers to get their money.

Marketing Challenge

LoanMart was very clear about their goal. They wanted to communicate with those coming to its website beyond that initial visit. Companies put a lot of effort into bringing visitors on the site and many of them are potential customers. To increase conversions, websites need to re-engage with the visitors and bring them back to the site.

How PushEngage handled the challenge?

Using PushEngage, LoanMart was able to successfully re-engage the subscribers. They were able to send multiple notifications with different angles encouraging users to visit LoanMart.

Web push messages are perfect for this, as they re-engaged prospective borrowers while they were online and even when they have left the site.

Justin Cross, Marketing Manager, Wheels Financial Group, LLC

Using PushEngage, LoanMart was able to:

  • Re-engage subscribers even after they left the website
  • Create automated campaigns to send notifications
  • Segmenting subscribers to target efficiently

Impact of PushEngage

With PushEngage, LoanMart has seen a positive impact on its business. They got 4X higher click rates with push notification as compared to e-mail.

LoanMart got 4X Higher Click Rate using Web Push Notification

Impact on Click Rates

LoanMart was able to generate higher click-through rates for its push campaigns as compared with other channels. CTR for their web push campaigns were 4X times the clicks rates of other re-engagement channels.

Impact on Subscription Rate

With PushEngage, LoanMart is getting 19.81% subscription rate. They are using single-step opt-in. They have more than 60K subscribers.

Most Used Campaign & Features

PushEngage offers automated campaigns to re-engage customers. They also have features to create custom campaigns to target effectively.

Drip Campaign

LoanMart is using Drip Campaign effectively. They have created approximately 6 months of messages for subscribers. This way they are re-engaging customers in an automated fashion for a longer duration.

Initially, the messages are more direct, encouraging them to return to our web site and apply for a loan. Then as the campaign matures, the content shifts to be more educational.

Justin Cross, Marketing Manager, Wheels Financial Group, LLC


LoanMart operates across about half of the states in the U.S. Using Geo-Segmentation; they were able to target only the relevant subscribers. LoanMart sends notifications only to subscribers from those states they serve and thereby the making the campaigns more effective.

What LoanMart Says About PushEngage?

LoanMart has really focused on the drip campaign tools that Push Engage provides. We love that we can set up a robust series of messages that new subscribers will see for weeks and even months after they initially visited our website

Justin Cross, Marketing Manager, Wheels Financial Group, LLC