How to view A/B test results and analytics?

A/B Testing is a powerful method for determining which content resonates best with your audience. It involves experimenting with variations of content, such as different copies or designs, and comparing their performance.

This can be done by testing variations on a sample audience or across all audiences, and then notifying the broader audience about the most successful version an effective way to optimize your content strategy and enhance audience engagement.

After setting up Intelligent A/B notifications, the next step is to analyze their performance through analytics. This involves examining how well these notifications are performing and understanding their impact on your audience engagement and conversion rates.

We can view the analytics from the PushEngage dashboard itself, by navigating to the Campaign » Push Broadcast

Then selecting the specific Campaign created using Intelligent A/B testing and then clicking on the eye icon to view the analytics

Once you click you can view the total analytics in detail of the Campaign

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2024

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