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Infographic on Push Notification Case Study - Phooto

Marketing Challenge

Being a popular gift site, they get huge traffic through paid, organic and other channels. The challenges were mainly focused on monetizing this traffic.


As we have a lot of traffic coming from paid media, we need other sources to keep users engaged with our content after the web visit.

Increase AOV

Challenge to improve the quality of the traffic on our website to purchase high-quality products driving to a better AOV.

Increase ROI

We are always challenging ourselves to be more efficient with our marketing costs. As paid media costs are increasing, we looked for other sources to impact the customer closer to the decision stage.

They were looking to increase revenue with optimized effort and utilize the marketing budget effectively.

How PushEngage solved the issue?

PushEngage is a web push notification platform for sending push notifications. It is delivered instantly and is hard to miss. One of the e-commerce sites, Superjeweler, was also having similar challenges.  With PushEngage they started getting upto 8% conversion rate for their push notification campaign.

Similarly, PushEngage started working with to tackle their marketing challenge. Following the best practices, was able to:

  • Reach out to users more effectively.
  • Increase CTR using images in the push notification.
  • Get quality traffic to their website.

Impact of PushEngage

Overall, we improved traffic in our website leading to more sales, resulting in a better ROI for the company.

Bernard Braun, Marketing Team,

The above statement summarizes how PushEngage has positively impacted its business and increased revenue.

Impact on Subscription

To capitalize on the traffic, you need your visitors to subscribe to your push notifications.

They got a 20.66% subscription rate. subscription opt-in implemented single-step opt-in which offers a high subscription rate as compared to other subscription opt-in types.

Impact on Traffic

Using push notification they were able to increase their subscriber base. This has helped them to increase traffic. PushEngage supports images in push notification which led to increased CTR and traffic. is getting 5% of total traffic from web push notifications.

Impact on Revenue

Web Push Notifications has shown to have a direct impact on revenue. Wicked Weasel, an e-commerce site, earned $2k to $4k using push notifications. generated got 3% of total revenue using push notifications. They are also using the Cart Abandonment push notification campaign to recover lost sales. They are getting 8.32% CTR in the cart abandonment campaign.

Best Practices Followed By Phooto has optimized the push notification campaign to increase the effectiveness of engagement. Some of the best practices they follow are:

Local Language sends push notification in the local language. Sending push notification in a native language increases the engagement and creates a personal touch.

Segmentation uses the segmentation feature to segregate the subscribers. Segmentation helps to send targeted push notifications that led to an increase in engagement.

What Phooto had to say about PushEngage?

Being able to retarget our customer base with more effective messages lead us to improve the quality of our traffic and drive to more sales. We were to able to achieve our marketing goals by increasing our ROI.

Bernard Braun, Marketing Team,