Intex Got 312% Increased Click Rate From Drip Web Push Notifications

About Intex:   Intex is a global brand in consumer electronics, and second largest mobile phone companies by sale, and over a $1B in revenue.


Intex was already using PushEngage for its web push notifications need. They had seen the success of using web push notifications. Over time Intex had built a push subscriber base of over 30,000+ subscribers.

They wanted to keep their users updated with the latest product development and practices without a miss. Though they were getting increased CTR for their Push Notifications as compared to email, Intex was looking to re-engage with their users in a more effective way, and increase the click rates of the notifications sent to the users.

Missed To Send Push Notifications
Intex keeps updating their site with new products & article. Also, they keep their users updated with latest product and news by sending regular Web Push Notifications.

However, to do so, they wanted to keep a track on which of the updates has already been sent and also segment the customers who have received the updates.

So, in summary, they had 2 objectives

  • Keep users updated without any miss, and keep track of who has already got an update.
  • Increase CTR for their push notifications

How PushEngage Handled It

As web push notification vendor, PushEngage has many Marketing Automation features like Auto-responders or Drip Campaign nurturing using Web Push Notifications. Follow the best practices for drip push notification to get a better result.

Push Notification is all about making the re-engagement simpler and not complicated

Intex implemented Drip Web Push Notifications on their website. With Drip, Intex started reaching out to its subscribers with the best of their Products and Best Practices blog articles.

With Drip Auto-Responders which, Intex was able to:

  • Create a series of Web Push Notification sent automatically
  • Sent push notifications to specific segments
  • Add new notification to the drip or create separate drip campaigns for the different purpose

It has now become easy to manage all the notifications without spending much time.

Impact Of Using Drip Web Push Notifications

Intex quickly started using the Drip Campaign, and within a few weeks, they started to see the impact of using Drip campaigns. They started seeing an increase in traffic to their blog post and pages:

total traffic using push notifications in intex

  • 15% of total traffic in Intex is now coming from Drip Campaigns.

Their CR has improved immensely for the drip campaigns:

CR with Drip Push Campaign

  • CR Increased by 312% using Drip Web Push Notification.

This was a huge increase in CR and it has impacted overall traffic to the site as well.

We asked Mayur, who is heading the implementation of Push Notifications in Intex, for any advice to other e-commerce players. Here is what he thinks could help other e-commerce players:

[tweetshare tweet=”Intex says – E-commerce where the focus is to bring the Sale/ROI, I believe that push notification is the cheapest channel among all” username=”PushEngage”]

The best way is to keep your customer remember that their order is incomplete and remind them to close the order using Drip Auto-responders or Abandon Cart. It can be in any of the states (From Viewed Product to Payment Page Dropout) & can also push new deals.

But please don’t opt any lousy practice to annoy your customer by doing bombarding of communications.”

If you are looking to improve your click rate, start using web push notifications. You can start with free push notification trial at PushEngage.

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