PushEngage Features

Target Your Users with Personalized Notifications and Get The Users Back to Your Website.


Cart Abandoned Push Notifications

Set auto-trigger for abandoned cart with a single click. Send custom notifications to your customers. Read More

Price Drop Alert

Update customer automatically when the price drops. Customer will decide the price points to get alerts. Read More

Goal Tracking

Track the goals of web push campaigns. Analyze the performance and optimize the campaigns. Read More

Revenue Tracking

Now you can not only see how many sales you have done using the cart abandonment campaign but can also calculate the revenue generated using the same. Read More


Trigger Notification

Trigger notifications based on customer action. Create auto trigger for different user action like browse abandonment, download, views and more. Personalize triggers for higher click rate. Read More

Drip Campaign

Sending notifications based on customer action is now possible using PushEngage. Create drip campaign/series of notifications to increase your conversions, leads or click metrics. Read More

A/B Testing in Web Push

Stop wondering on what would make your subscribers happy. Send different notifications to the same target group and analyze, which notification performs better. Use the Right Combination by experimenting with different text for title, message. Use different timings and find out what suits your subscribers.

Opt-in Reminder

Increase your push subscription rate by enabling reminders. It will automatically nudge the visitor to subscribe to web push. Set the delay and rule for the reminders. Read More

Opt-in Trigger

If you do not wish to show the opt-in on page load or page scroll you can use Optin Trigger. This will help you collect subscribers on custom elements of the website like page Button, URL image etc without any extra coding.. Read More

Inventory Alert

Now you can define to send a notification to the user, about whether a product is in stock or out of stock. This can be done based on which product the user added to the cart in the past. Read More

Browser Abandonment

Browser abandonment campaign helps you reach a person who leaves your website after browsing a category or a product page, without making any purchase. You can do that in real time, directly on their browser.

Dynamic Segmentation

Segment your users dynamically based on different parameters. Choose the rule and apply to segment subscribers. You can create different campaigns for each of the segment. Get 5% to 10% higher click rates with targeted push notifications. Read More

Send in Customer Timezone

Now send a notification to user at 10 AM In their local time in single click.For global websites, customers come from across the world. To engage better, reach out to the customer when they are active. Using this feature, the notification will be delivered at the customer's timezone. Read More

Attributes for Personalization

Now customize your drip campaign by adding the first name of the user, his/her hobbies, address, or other details as per the campaign you are running.Read More

Advanced Analytics

Measure the performance of the web push tool using powerful analytics. Get analytics on CTR of push campaigns and subscription opt-in rate. Analyze and optimize to improve performance. Read More

Multi-Site/Multi-User Support

Manage multiple websites and add different user from your team in a single PushEngage account. Create different access rights for each team members.

Multiple Browser Support

Integrate PushEngage on multiple browser with ease. PushEngage supports Firefox (version 44+), Chrome (version 42+), Safari, Edge, Opera and UC Browser on Desktop. Also Chrome for android and Samsung Internet Browser on mobile is supported.

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Tons of more awesome features

Emoji Support

Send notification with Emoji. Emoji adds on to personalization of notifications. Emoji helps in getting higher conversion rates.

Multi Language Support

Send notification in native language. We are live in 115+ countries and support all the languages that can be captured in UTF-8 characters.

Schedule Notification

In Push Notification, timing is very critical. Never miss on sending notifications at right time. Schedule notification to keep your customers engaged.

WordPress Plugin

You can use our WordPress Plugin to send automatic notifications at time of publishing a new post. We have single Click installation and go live with WordPress plugin.

HTTP & HTTPS Support

We support both HTTP and HTTPS site. Add 2 lines of code and 2 files to root and your are live. You can add the code through a tool like Google Tag Manager as well.

Multi Action Notification

Call to action is very important part of any marketing tactics. With PushEngage, you can have multiple call to action for single notifications.

REST & JavaScript API

API offer full flexibility to send notifications to users. You can enrich the user profile in PushEngage and create targeted notifications.

Large Image Notifications

Send large images in push notification along with the smaller image. This can make your desktop notification stand out and increase Click Rates.

Notification With RSS Feed

If you run a content site and have RSS, you can automate sending Push Notifications. Add RSS feed and we will automatically send notifications when you publish new content.

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