Segmentation Of Web Push Subscribers

Segment your user to send targeted web push notifications. Dynamically segment user based on action.

Segmentation Increases Click Rates By 2X

Segmentation Increases Click Rates By 2X

Proper segmentation of push subscribers can lead to 2X increase in CTR. Create multiple segments based on different factors. Start sending customized notification to targeted segment. Segments are created automatically based on user action.

Automatic Segmentation

Start segmenting your users automatically based on url they subscribed from, or where they browsed. Create separate segments and define the rule. Based on the rule, push subscribers will be put in different segments.

Action Based Segment

Segment your push notification subscribers based on user action. Create segment when user clicks on any link or makes any purchase. Dynamically put user under different segments based on their activity. Also remove user from one segment and add to other segment.

Include or Exclude Segments

While Sending Notifications, you can select as many segments want. These may be custom segments, geo location segments, date-based filter, or device type. You can include or exclude segments to come up with uniquely targeted audience. Using this you can also send notifications in time zone of the customers, as well as A/B test messages.

Geo Segments

All the push subscribers are auto-segmented based on geography, that includes City, State and Country. Further we also provide, device, and browser segmentation. Create web push notification campaigns to target push subscriber from specific country or device.

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