Understanding sudden increase in unsubscription number

In this article, you will understand if you are frequently seeing higher unsubscribe numbers and what are the steps to troubleshoot or understand the reasons behind it.

Unsubscription in web push campaigns

Let us understand when you get to see any unsubscribe count and how is it recorded. The only time you can see this count is when you send a notification next. But this does not mean that the sent campaign caused the Unsubscribe. Rather, the campaign collects all the unsubscribed users count from the time a subscriber last receives it & only displays it when a notification is sent.

This is how the unsubscription in the web push is different from email campaigns unsubscription.

Seeing a surge in unsubscribes

There could be more than one reason for the unsubscribe count going high. Below are the solutions that can reduce the unsubscribe count :

  • If you are sending out campaigns after a long interval to a segment or all your subscribers you will be seeing high unsubscribes however if it normalizes after 1/2 campaigns that can be accounted as normal behavior
  • Try to send relevant campaigns (sending irrelevant campaigns causes the subscribers to unsubscribe from the notifications)
  • Sometimes if the service worker file gets deleted/edited by mistake, your subscribers will become unreachable hence causing a high unsubscribe so the setup has to be correct.

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Last updated on January 5th, 2023

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