Unsubscribe is high. What do I do?

What is it? Firstly, let us understand when you get to see any unsubscribe count. The only time you can see this count is when you send a notification. But this does not mean that the notification caused the Unsubscribe. Rather, the notification collects all the unsubscribed users’ count & only displays it when a notification is sent.

Solution? But, what do I do when I have a high unsubscribe count? There could be more than one reason for unsubscribe count going high. Below are the solutions that can reduce the unsubscribe count :

  • Try to send relevant Notification (sending irrelevant notifs causes the subscribers to unsubscribe from the notifications)
  • Send A/B Notifications to best try & retain Subscribers
  • (In rare cases) If the service worker file gets deleted/edited by mistake, the wrong audience will receive the notification that is sent to a different segment of subscribers.

How do I avoid ending up with high unsubscribes?

  • Avoid sending irrelevant Notifications.
  • Use segmentation to send targeted notifications.
  • Notification sent in long intervals. Make sure that you engage your subscribers by sending regular notifications.

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Last updated on April 21st, 2021

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