Can you help, Subscribers count is not increasing?

There could be more than one reason for not being able to collect Subscribers even after adding the code and setting up the notifications plug-in. Checking the count of subscribers from the Dashboard can be used to monitor an increase in the subscriber count.

The reasons could be simple. And when checked carefully, they can be taken care of with simple changes.

1.Service worker file :

The service worker file is an important file required to collect subscribers and send notifications. Even if your website has another service worker file added, PushEngage service worker may not work (only one service worker file to be added to a website) In such cases, there could be a workaround which the PushEngage team can help you with (mail

To know more details about how to add the service worker file to the root folder of your website or to complete the required settings to get started, click on this Link.

2. Opt-in rules set :

If the Opt-in settings are set to Exclude any pages while collecting subscribers, even then the count would not increase. This can be checked in Settings > Opt-in Management > Opt-in Subscription Rules.

3. Subscriber collecting option disabled :

Check if the Subscriber pop-up is turned off under Settings > Subscription Settings > Subscription Dialogbox > Click on the selected style’s EDIT

Lastly, even after making sure that all the settings are correct, if you continue to face the issue, reach us at and we would be happy to help.

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Last updated on November 3rd, 2020

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