Can you help, Subscribers count is not increasing?

There could be more than one reason for not being able to collect Subscribers even after adding the code or activating the Plugin. You need to check the count of subscribers from the Dashboard can be used to monitor an increase in the subscriber count. If you see that the subscribers are not increasing despite the setup being completed please go through the below guide to complete the debugging –

Missing Service worker file

The service worker file is an important file required to collect subscribers and send campaigns. If you have added code and not added the service worker file then you will not be able to collect subscribers. To check the service worker please go to You need to replace ‘’ with your website name and check the service worker addition. If you find it missing.

Please navigate » Site Settings » Site Details » Scroll down for Click here for Setup Instruction » Choose Any Site » Download Service worker file and add to root folder.

Once you Click on Setup Instructions, you will land on the below page


Duplicate Service Worker File on website

If your website has another service worker file added, the PushEngage service worker may not work or one of them might get overridden. This is because as per browser architecture only one service worker file can be registered for one domain. In such cases, you can merge the PushEngage Service worker in your service worker file.

To merge service worker Please download the service worker from Settings » Site Settings » Click Here to Setup Instructions » Any Site» Download Service worker

Copy the one line of the code from the file and add it to your existing service worker. Once this has been added please navigate to PushEngage Dashboard » Advanced Settings » Here Turn off the toggle of Enable the service worker registration of PushEngage.

Incorrect Targeting rule for Subscription Dialog Box

If the Opt-in settings are set to Exclude any pages while collecting subscribers, even then the count would not increase. This can be checked in Design » Targeting Rule.

Subscriber collecting option disabled under Popup modals

Check if the Subscriber Dialog box is turned off under

Popup Modals > Subscription Dailogbox > Click on the selected style’s EDIT

If in case you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our support team would be able to help you.

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Last updated on January 15th, 2024

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