(Legacy) How to set Default UTM Settings?

UTM parameter basically enables Google Analytics to tell you where clicks have come from as well as what campaign directed the clicks to your website. This can be used for analyzing regular notifications, A/B testing, Drip & Trigger campaigns. This can be done on your website by following the below steps :

Navigate to Settings > Site settings > Default settings > UTM settings details. Fill in all the required details in this page & click on Update.

The details that you can add are listed below :
1. UTM Source (mandatory)
2. UTM Medium (mandatory)
3. UTM Campaign (mandatory)
4. UTM Term
5. UTM Content

More about UTM : The function of UTM is to help keep track of and analyze the users. With UTM, you’ll be able to know all there is about the traffic that reaches your website, from any link. Doesn’t matter if these links are from Facebook, Twitter, a social media message, or an email, Google Analytics will pick up all the data, and it will show it to you in a very concise way.

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Last updated on March 1st, 2022

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