(Legacy) How to schedule a push notification with Time zone?

A very effective way of advertising to the customers using a notification is by sending them to the customer in their own time zones. The importance of Timezone is seen particularly if you have subscribers in multiple TImezones. This helps in increasing the CTR too.

To schedule push notification you need to log in with your registered account. Navigate to Settings > Site settings > Site Preferences & set your current timezone as a base, without which any scheduling may not work the way it should.

Then, to send a timezone notification, navigate to Notifications > Create > New Notification > scroll down to Scheduling Options > select Later tab > tick the option – “Send Notifications in Subscribers timezone”

Enter all the required details of the notification in the given fields to create a notification. Scroll down to Scheduling Options & check the option – Send Notifications in Subscribers timezone. By selecting this option, the notification will be sent to the customers in their own timezone. After all this is set, click on Schedule Notification

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Last updated on March 1st, 2022

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