How to enable Subscription Management Widget and customize it?

Your visitors can now choose what kind of notifications they want to receive. Using this feature will give your subscriber the liberty to choose to be a part of segments they are interested in and select what kind of notifications they want to receive from you. Using this option to create a personalized experience for your subscribers, you are likely to reduce your unsubscribe rate and increase you CTR.

What Is Subscription Management Widget?

This widget provides an easy option for your users to manage push permissions. They can also opt-in and opt out of the segments. It might take up to 2 minutes to reflect the changes on your site. 

This setting is available in your PushEngage dashboard under Design » Widgets » Subscription Management Widget

How to Customize the Subscription Management Widget?

To customize the widget, click on Edit Widget. You can edit the modal title, permission text, modal background, and text color, toggle switch on and off color using the PushEngage dashboard.

You can make use of the following options based on your Plan Type.

How To Use Trigger Button With The Subscription Widget?

The widget is displayed when the user clicks on the trigger button. The widget can also be managed using JavaScript API. Please check the API docs here.

You can edit the size of the trigger button, select the icon type and colors, and set the z-index and the position.

Suppose the visitor clicks on this to allow the notification. In that case, he will get notifications from all your triggered campaigns (cart and browser abandonment, drip autoresponder, custom trigger campaign, price drop, and inventory alert).

If he chooses to opt-out, he will receive notifications of the other campaign except for the trigger campaigns.

What Are Trigger Button Display Rules?

This is a part of the Trigger Button, and you can set rules to show this widget. By default, the button will be shown across all pages. You can set up the custom targeting rule for your button here to show it on specific pages.

The trigger campaigns are a part of the Premium and Enterprise plan so you will get this option from Premium Plan onwards.

What Is Unsubscribe Option?

This setting allows the user to unsubscribe from notifications. You can edit the optin using the options mentioned in the screenshot below –

If the visitor is not a subscriber, he will get the subscription widget, but if he is a subscriber, he will get the option to unsubscribe from the notifications using the widget.

How to Set Segment Preferences?

This allows users to manage the segments they are subscribed to before or after the subscription. You can customize the widget title, color, etc., using the dashboard according to the theme of your website –

Under Select Segments, you can choose the segments from the dropdown. This way, only the selected segments will appear on the website, based on which the visitor can subscribe to the notification and unsubscribe later.

Segments are a part of the Business plan onwards, so you will not get this option in the free plan but from Business Plan onwards.

What Are Personalized Notification Settings?

This setting allows users to disable or re-enable triggered campaign notifications.

If in case you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our support team would be able to help you.

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Last updated on February 28th, 2024

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