(Legacy) How To Segment Subscribers Automatically on Page Visit?

In one of our case studies, we have mentioned segmentation has helped to increase the Click Rates by 200%+ and is an essential part of push notifications strategy for any site type.

So, with PushEngage you can segment your subscribers in 6 different ways using the PushEngage Dashboard. Earlier one would need to add 2 extra lines of code to segment the subscribers on page visit but with our recent update you can do it using the PushEngage dashboard and with a single click.

How To Segments Users on Page Visit Automatically?

Step 1 – Log in to your PushEngage Dashboard and navigate to Segmentation

Step 2 – Click on + icon to Create Segment and enter the segment name.

Step 3 – Then add a segment name and click on the Create tab. Select the segment you have created and define the URL patterns.

Step 4 – To segment your subscribers automatically on page visit, enable the checkbox which says “Segment on Page Visit”. No need to change or add anything else on this page.

That would be it and the users will get added to the relevant segment as soon as they visit the page.

In this way, you can segment your subscribers’ on page visits in less than 2 minutes. This feature is available from Business Plan onwards. If you wish to take a free trial you can either contact your Account Manager or let us know by sending an email at care@pushengage.com.

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Last updated on March 1st, 2022

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