Here are the detailed steps to Install PushEngage on Shopify Store and Enable Browser Push Notifications
1) Get the PushEngage code from your account.   To do this after you create an account in PushEngage, login into your dashboard. Then go to Settings -> Installation Settings.   Take the PushEngage code mentioned in Step 1 of installation.

Use PushEngage In Shopify


2) Now go to the Shopify store as administrator. Click on Sales Channel, then Online Store, and then Themes.

PushNotifications In Shopify


3) Click on Customize Theme, and then Edit Code.


Send PushNotifications In Shopify


4) On the left side you will see a layout.  Edit the liquid.theme

Use PushEngage For Notifications In Shopify

Edit that and put the PushEngage code in that before the  <head> tag.

integrate pushengage in shopify




5) Now configure your PushEngage account in the following way.   Go to Settings -> Subscription Dialogbox Settings.

Select HTTPS as site type, then select Safari Style as dialogbox type, and then select Yes to Quick Install.  Please note, you will need to have Quick Install set to Yes, for the Shopify setting to work.  Here is  a screenshot of how it will appear after your setting.


pushengage integration in shopify


Wait for 2 minutes for your settings to take place.  That is it you are done and you can start collecting Push Subscribers and sending notifications to them.

If you are WooCommerce plugin on WordPress site, you can send push notification using WordPress plugin. Install the PushEngage WordPress plugin and start sending real time notification from WooCommerce website.

PushEngage For Chrome Push Notifications