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  • Up To 5,000 Subscribers
  • Up To Unlimited Notification Campaigns per month
  • Unlimited Lifetime Clicks
  • Up to 3 Multi Site
  • Up to 10 Custom Segments
  • Up to 2 Multi User Login
  • 15 Days Free Trial
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Sub-Domain Integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Drip Autoresponder
  • A/B Testing for Notifications
  • Send In Customer Timezone
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Integration Engineer
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • Browse Abandonment Campaign
  • Trigger Campaign
  • Price Drop Alert Campaign
  • Inventory Alert Campaign
  • Attributes for Personalization

    Choose Any of the below Features as an Add On

    Custom Package

    • Extra site, segments and user login
    • Drip Autoresponder Campaign
    • AB Testing
    • Trigger Campaign
    • Cart Abandonment Campaign
    • Browse Abandonment Campaign
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    Installation Package

    Get complete installation support including advanced campaigns:

    • Drip Autoresponder Campaign
    • Trigger Campaign
    • Cart Abandonment Campaign
    • Browse Abandonment Campaign
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I look into the Push Notifications product features and dashboard for that you have?
    Please register with a new account here and you will receive an email with login to your dashboard. Click here to see the PushEngage product features. You can register for free notification services of 15 days. During free trial period you can access the product features and dashboard. You can check the pricing for notification services here
    If I have more questions who should I ask?
    Please send us your query through Contact Us page, or email to us at care@pushengage.com
    Which browsers and their versions are supported by PushEngage?
    Supported By PushEngage
    Feature is not Supported by Browser
    Support is not launched for Web Push by Apple
    # Desktop Icon Mobile Icon
    Browsers Chrome Logo Firefox Logo Safari Browser Logo Edge Logo Opera Logo Chrome Logo Firefox Logo Safari Browser Logo Opera Logo Samsung Internet Logo UC Browser Logo
    OS Windows Operating System Logo MacOS Logo Ubuntu Operating System Logo Windows Operating System Logo MacOS Logo Ubuntu Operating System Logo MacOS Logo Windows Operating System Logo MacOS Logo Windows Operating System Logo Android Logo iOS Logo Android Logo iOS Logo iOS Logo Android Logo Android Logo Android Logo
    Version V50+ V50+ V50+ v44+ v44+ v44+ v7,8,9 v17+ v42+ v42+ v42+ v44+ v37+ v5+ v12+
    Basic Support
    Large Image Notifications
    Multi Action Notifications
    Required Interaction
    Appearance The appearance of the web push notification varies on all browsers depending upon the Operating System, Please click here to check all the variations on different browsers and operating systems.
    Can PushEngage be implemented on http websites?
    Yes, PushEngage can be implemented on a HTTP website, and that is one of the advantage of using our product, that you do not need to have a HTTPS version of your website. We will implement this using our Https certificate and the domain your push notifications will be hosted will be https://yourdomain.pushengage.com . It's a part of our feature and you will not charge anything extra even if you have registered for free push notification services.
    Can PushEngage be implemented on https websites, with a url structure https://push.mydomain.com ?
    Yes, we can implement if you have your own Https domain and want to have your web push notifications come from your domain name.
    Do you have a WordPress Push Notifications Plugin?
    Yes , we offer a Wordpress plugin here.You can automatically send push notifications from wordpress on publishing a new post using this plugin.
    How do I get access to my subscribers for Notifications, as I may need them if I want to migrate to a different software provider?
    Please note to export your subscriber ID's you need to be subscribed to our paid plans. If you want your subscriber list, you need to raise a request with your registered ID at care@pushengage.com. Our team will then review the details and send you the export list with all related information.
    I have a large list of email subscribers for my site. Is there a way to tie this list to the subscribers through Push Notification on the website?
    The Chrome PushManager only gives us an opaque end-point for each of the subscriber i.e. a key like 'APA91bHPffi8zclbIBDcToXN_LEpT6iA87pgR'. We do not have the ability to directly map this to a email of an user.
    However, if have the ability to determine the email or any other of your internal mapping of the user at the time of subscription, we provide you the ability to store that information along with the key.
    After I have 2500 subscribers in my free account, what will happen to my account?
    Once you reach a subscriber number of 2500, you will need to upgrade to paid plan to keep sending web push notifications. You can check the pricing here
    Are there any offers for Non-Profits and Start-ups?
    Yes. Please contact us at care@pushengage.com for more details.

    Want custom features and enterprise support?

    Get Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Notifications, 24x7 Phone/Email Support, Custom Branding, Unlimited Multi Site, Drip Auto Responder and much more...