Create an Additional Income Source from Your Push Notifications

We partner up with the best advertisers in the world including Taboola and Outbrain to serve ads to your subscribers. Generate ad reveneue without ever lifting a finger.

  • Serve only relevant ads with a high CTR
  • No signup fees
  • Monthly payment*

Apply Now & Get Better Returns on Your PushEngage Plan!

How Our Monetization Plan Works

All you need to do is fill out the application form. We'll take care of the rest. But just in case you're curious, here's how we make more money for you.

Step #1: Understanding Your Audience

PushEngage will automatically select and send ads that are most relevant for your audience based on age, geolocation, behavior, interests, and search habits.

Step #2: Sending Push Ads to Your Audience

Every day, PushEngage will send a few ads as push notifications to your subscribers. Whenever your subscribers click on an ad, you make money!

Step #3: Earning More Revenue

We're going to send you the revenue you generate from the ads. You can track every click, every penny in the PushEngage dashboard.

NOTE: Applying for monetization does not guarantee that your account will be monetized. Monetization status is the sole discretion of Push Engage LLC and is subject to review, supension, and refusal based on viability and available spots for the monetization plan.

* Net 60 payment terms, Minimum payout of $10

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