BollywoodKart Gets 15% Lift in Revenue Using Personalized Cart Abandonment Web Push Notifications

Summary of Results

About BollywoodKart

Bollywoodkart is a leading online e-commerce website focused on designer Indian Ethnic collection. It has a wide range of collections from sarees, salwar to designer lehengas and Kurtis.

Their Marketing Objective

One of the common problems faced by all e-commerce industry is Cart Abandonment. We spend a lot of money on customer acquisition but when a customer abandons their cart, it’s a complete loss. As per industry research, the average cart abandonment rate among e-commerce is around 65% to 75% which is a huge loss to e-commerce companies. To reduce cart abandonment is a major challenge for every e-commerce websites. Cart Abandonment Notification is a must have for e-commerce business.

Bollywood cart wanted to decrease its cart abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate.

PushEngage Abandoned Cart Notification Campaign

Bollywoodkart was already using Website Notifications with PushEngage and they were seeing the results of regular push notifications to their customers.   Next thing, they wanted to explore was the Abandoned Cart Push Notification Campaign, since the notifications reach the customer in real time and they are most likely to view it as compared to Emails where open rates are as low as 10%.

Creating Cart Abandonment campaign in PushEngage was very easy, for BollywoodKart.  They used the Events based fully personalized Abandon Cart Campaign, which is pre-built in PushEngage.  Here you can add product name, product price, product image, and different landing page for each user who abandoned the cart and thus provides a personalized Web Push Notification. Bollywoodkart created series of notifications to be sent once user abandons the cart.

bollywoodkart abandoned cart push notifications



BollywoodKart saw the following results in their campaigns

  • Click Through Rate of Cart Abandonment Notifications was about 10%
  • 15% conversion rate was obtained using Cart Abandonment Push Notification
  • Increase in Revenue contributed by Abandoned Cart Notification Campaign, varied between 12% to 15% depending on the month
  • As compared to Cart Abandoned e-mails, Abandoned Cart Push Notification resulted in 4% extra increase in revenue recovery which was lost due to the abandoned cart

Summary of Results with Push Notifications

Bollywoodkart Case Study abandoned cart results

The results clearly showed the impact of running abandoned cart web push notification campaign.

Here is what Vikas Mittal, Head Operations, of Bollywoodkart, said about Abandoned Cart Push Notification:

[tweetshare tweet=”Experience using abandoned cart is very good. In fact, it’s a must for any e-commerce website nowadays. – Vikas Mittal, Head Operations, Bollywoodkart” username=”PushEngage”]Remember PushEngage offers the following unique features in Cart Abandonment

  • You can specify a Frequency Cap, i.e. a limit on the number of notifications received by a given subscriber in a day, to ensure consumers don’t unsubscribe.
  • Customize the notification with fully personalized data, of the product name, product image, price, custom landing URL for each customer.
  • Send a series or drip of push notifications for the same cart abandoned.
  • Set the delay and expiry of each notification

Go ahead and start the cart abandonment notification campaign with PushEngage. Follow the easy steps to create and launch your cart abandonment campaign.

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