How to go live with PushEngage on a WordPress website?

We offer a WordPress plugin. You can automatically send push notifications from WordPress after publishing a new post using this plugin.

  1. Installing PushEngage Push Notification Plugin
  2. Search PushEngage Plugin
  3. Activate Plugin
  4. API Key For WordPress Push Notification Plugin
  5. New API Key
  6. Insert Key
  7. Installation Complete

1. Installing PushEngage Push Notification Plugin : With the plugin, anyone with the least technical knowledge can use WordPress push notifications. Installing the Plugin on WordPress account is very simple. Open your WordPress Account.How To Install Web Push Notifications Plugin On WordPress Website

2. Search PushEngage Plugin : On the plugin search bar, enter PushEngage Plugin and hit search. It will display the PushEngage WordPress Plugin.PushEngage WordPress Plugin

3. Activate Plugin : Install the Push Notification WordPress Plugin and click on Activate. It will ask for API.PushEngage API For WordPress Plugin

4. API Key For WordPress Push Notification Plugin : For API, log in to your PushEngage account. From PushEngage Dashboard > Site Settings > Site Details > Scroll to Generate API Key. Click to generate API Key. It will generate a fresh API key for your account.

5. Insert Key : Copy and paste the API key into your WordPress PushEngage login section. Below is the screenshot of how to enter the API key.Enter PushEngage API Key WordPress Plugin

7. Installation Complete : Once you enter the API key, the integration of the PushEngage plugin in WordPress is complete. Before sending a push notification, configure all the settings.PushEngage WordPress Plugin Settings

NOTE : If you are using any cache plugin/tool please exclude PushEngage code. Else the Opt-in will not show up.

How To Configure PushEngage Plugin For WordPress Websites?

PushEngage offers multiple features and settings in the WordPress plugin. Before sending push notifications from the WordPress account, you need to complete the basic WordPress push notifications settings. You need to set up 3 basic settings after you have installed PushEngage on WordPress:

PushEngage WordPress Post Settings
  • Auto Push If you want to send a Push Notification immediately after you publish a post, then check this button. For every new post, it will send a notification to all your Push Notification subscribers
  • Allow Post Types
    In WordPress, we also publish articles in other formats like Page. If you want to send a notification for all other post types, then check this button.
  • Use Custom Images
    PushEngage allows you to send images along with the notification. If you want to select your Featured image as the image to be attached with your notification, then check this button.

After setting, if you open any new post, you will see that Send Push Notification is already selected. Another important thing is to flush the cached post by installing PushEngage. If you are changing any settings in your PushEngage account, kindly flush your cache. This way you will be able to see the changes in effect faster.

PushEngage WordPress Post Setting for New Article

The next step is to configure the Push Opt-In. You can do the rest of the settings in your PushEngage account. All the changes made in your PushEngage account will be reflected in your WordPress push notification plugin. You can choose from 7 different push opt-in for your website. Complete the configuration of your Push Notification Opt-In and start getting subscribers to your push notification. You can check the funnel analytics for push opt-in and see which style is giving a higher subscription rate. You can also use the PushEngage WordPress plugin to send web push notifications for the WooCommerce website.

Installing PushEngage WordPress Plugin on HTTPS site

For installting PushEngage on WordPress site, you need download package file. It will be available under Settings> Site Settings > Installation Settings. Under the HTTPS tab you need to download the package file.

Unzip the package file and it will have 1 file – ServiceWorker.js. You need to upload this file in your root folder. The file should be accessible.

Installing PushEngage WordPress Plugin on HTTP site

Check out the below post to help you get the best out of Push Notifications:

PushEngage also supports push notification integration for other platforms. If you are looking to install push notification on Shopify, you can use PushEngage. You can even use the PushEngage WordPress plugin to use Push Notification on the WooCommerce platform. WordPress plugins make it easier to start any e-commerce website.

If in case you run into any issues, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Our support team would be able to help you.

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Last updated on January 5th, 2023

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