Goal and Revenue Tracking With PushEngage

What is Goal Tracking? PushEngage is now live with the Goal Tracking Feature for Web Push Campaigns. As we focus on making the marketer’s task easy we have now launched the Goal Tracking feature which will help to check the … Continue reading

Revenue Tracking With PushEngage

Cart abandonment always brings discomfort to any e-commerce industry. The cart abandonment rate ranges from 69% to 81% across any industry. This continues to grow even when you run several discounted campaign, price drop campaigns, etc. To recover this falling … Continue reading

Price Drop Campaign with PushEngage

Customers are mostly price-sensitive when it comes to shopping. They would add the product to their cart and wait for the price drop. There are many tools that show the price drop history as well. You can now re-engage your … Continue reading

New Parameters in UTM Tracking

UTM parameters are used by marketers to track the performance of the campaign or measure the traffic generated for the content published. UTM parameters identify that refers to the traffic of a website, or promotional email sent using the URL … Continue reading

Image Library For Web Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important tool used by many industries to re-engage users. But the same should be used effectively to update the users or making them aware by sending updates as per their interests. To make it more efficient … Continue reading

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